Longbourn: Dragon Entail Ch 6 — 9 Comments

  1. Pemberley is smarter than her human. She wants what she wants, and that is Elizabeth. Smart Dragon. Now if only Darcy gets his act together. As I said before – Collins and Lady Catherine might taste like chicken. If Longbourn won’t get rid of Collins, maybe Pemberley can practice teething on Collins’ throat gnawing on the jugular a bit too hard. Whoops – too bad! Elizabeth won’t have to marry Longbourn’s heir anymore, because he’s dead.

  2. Haha…I like Carol’s solution! My goodness what a motley crew Lady Catherine and her dragons make! I don’t blame Pemberley for being so difficult! Darcy! Do something about it now!!! Maybe send Walker with a message as to how Miss Elizabeth tends to teething dragons for a solution?

  3. I can’t wait to see the reunion between Pemberley (and Darcy) and Elizabeth. I am looking forward to reading how these dragons respond to Elizabeth. I somehow had the impression that Pemberley would “outrank” every other dragon, but certainly Rosings and Lady Catherine are not acting that way. I was happy to read a chapter with no Mr. Collins. I also would be happy to read that Pemberley eased her teething on him.

  4. Well Maria, I say you should go with popular opinion and allow Pemberley to gnaw on Collins. Also Darcy needs to get Elizabeth to help him. SOON! Pretty please?

  5. Awww–loved seeing little (or not-so-little) Pemberley again! She wants her mama, poor wee itty (or not-so-itty) thing!

    Loved this look at some of Rosings dragonkind!

    Wonderful!! Can’t wait to read more!!

    Susanne 🙂

  6. Aww poor sweet little Pemberley!!! Stuck in a cavern with grumpy, bossy Rosings and Cait and dealing with a bossy Lady Catherine! And poor Darcy trying to cope with all of them, keep the peace between everyone especially Cait and Walker. I’m hoping Pemberley’s requests for Elizabeth might mean a visit is coming but I worry Bennet will try to set it up as Lizzy can go to Hunsford but only if she’s married to Collins. And then there’s whatever mischief Wickham has cooking. Lizzy definitely needs to get away from him and Collins!

  7. This community does not seem to be a happy community. How are you going to get Elizabeth at Pemberley estate? And what to do about Longbourn? Killing off Collins only takes care of getting the nuisance out of the way. Someone still has to take care of that dragon and not from afar. Thanks for this chapter.

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