Longbourn: Dragon Entail Ch 4 — 14 Comments

  1. Please do continue posting new chapters, I am eagerly waiting for the next book in the series. What an unpleasant character is Mr Collins, I wonder what would happen if tried to cage Longbourne?

  2. I know, from reading the first book, that dragons can be as stupid and self-serving as humans. In fact, even more so. What puzzles me is Mr. Bennet’s insistence on listening to Longbourn. If his brother’s letters are correct, the rules are changing. Yet Mr. Bennet denies even the chance this could happen. Methinks Longbourn isn’t the only one who wants Elizabeth to stay in Hertfordshire forever. But he’s kidding himself if he thinks Collins could be controlled by anyone other than Lady Catherine.

    Which leads me to a disturbing thought. If Elizabeth married Collins and Collins tried to interfere with her relationship with Longbourn, I think Elizabeth would be a widow in short order. Is this Mr. Bennet’s long game?

    • That’s a great question Jack. Since a dragon killing a human is a huge problem for the Blue Order, I don’t think that’s what he would be setting up. On the other hand, keeping Elizabeth close, I’m pretty sure he’s looking for that. Afterall, she is brilliant at keeping cranky Longbourn in check and making Bennet’s life easy. She might even be doing the more arduous parts of his job as Order Historian for him now. So losing her would be a big increase in his work load. Thanks!

  3. Interesting comment from Jack on Mr. Bennet’s long game. “…every two weeks on Monday until the book is published.” When will that be?

  4. Or maybe Longbourn could just threaten to singe him if he doesn’t smarten up! Knowing the obsequious toad that he is, he would scurry back to Lady Catherine! But that might cause more problems than they are worth! The suspense of it all! Hmmm…maybe the little dragons could organize a compromise if only Darcy would show up!!!!

  5. Yes, as Abigail said…we know Elizabeth has an attachment to Pemberley, so just may be that it is time for her to somehow renew that acquaintance. Collins gives me the creeps and we must somehow learn that he will not inherit Longbourn as that dragon will not be able to communicate and any of his wishes communicated through Elizabeth would be ignored or misunderstood.

    Thanks for this chapter.

  6. OMG!! Collins hit April! What an absolute arse!!!! And causing Lizzy to stumble and be injured! Who is he to do such a thing?! And to make demands about how Lizzy should behave and the Gardiner children? While he is accurate about Lydia and Kitty that doesn’t give him the right to dictate to everyone else!

    Other commenters bring up excellent points about Mr. Bennet wanting to keep Lizzy close as it makes his life easy. Can’t imagine Lizzy at Rosings having to deal with Collins, Lady Catherine, a cranky cockatrix! Hoping we hear from sweet little Pemberley soon! A convenient letter from Georgiana maybe?

  7. Mr. Collins’ actions against April and Lizzy also call into question Mr. Bennet’s and Longbourn’s authority. Isn’t Longbourn supposed to be responsible for all in his keep and April is part of the keep so by Mr. Collins trying to swat at April couldn’t that be considered an attack on the keep and therefore Longbourn’s authority? And similarly with Mr. Bennet – he’s the historian of the Order how does that look if he doesn’t stand up to Collins as the man tried to injure a dragon and by proxy injured the very daughter Mr. Bennet is trying to marry to him.

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