Longbourn Dragon Entail Ch 3 — 15 Comments

  1. Oh, I want this to be published so badly. I am still not reading these posts as to not spoil the book. Please tell me that you will be publishing the hardcopy at the same time as the ebook. I already know that I am buying the hardcopy first.

    • I’m just about at the halfway point in writing this one. Hoping to have it finished and out in April. If all goes according the plan, the paperback will be ready very close to the ebook.

  2. I am not very patient either and am so looking forward to reading this in it’s entirety.Thank you for posting. I love April. Very clever. A deaf speaker eh? Lizzy will kick herself for being blind to it.

  3. Keep your chapters coming. April is very smart for such a small dragon. Can’t stand Collins or Wickham. Smart, Elizabeth should listen and take note. Another appetizer for Longbourn.

  4. Love the name April. My husband got me a silver toy poodle when he left to go in the US Airforce in 1966. Her name was Jewel of April (April for short). Story is great. Will it be out soon and will the book be out at the same time? Maria please write faster.

  5. Catching up…

    Elizabeth…Be afraid, be very afraid!!! There are just too many who don’t like or trust Wickham; ones you know you should trust – Aunt Gardiner and then April and Rumblkins. You should not allow Darcy’s opinions to sway you to like (or trust) Wickham just because Darcy’s words and actions don’t suit you.

    Thanks for this chapter. Looking forward to the release.

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