Lizzy Bennet’s Diary: Chapter Three by Cassandra Grafton — 32 Comments

  1. Lots of little ironies in here that reveal some new aspects of Lizzy. Amusing to read about her blindness to Mr.Collins’ attentions! Also, the delicious irony of the fact that, like her sisters, she is pursuing a redcoat. I like that she resents what she calls Mr. Darcy invading her senses. What I especially enjoyed is that you are writing a different Lizzy — someone based on the script rather than on the book. Some very subtle distinctions here!

    • Thank you, Monica.

      Yes, it was quite strange at the time, how Lizzy evolved in this story. The film tended to show subtle hints of her ‘attraction’ to Darcy even though she wouldn’t acknowledge it openly, which of course isn’t present in the book.

      I love the irony of her having an eye on a redcoat too! 😀

  2. Thank you so much for this excerpt from Lizzy’s Diary. L has absolutely no clue. “That man’s touch forever unsettles me… perhaps it is our mutual animosity discharging through our very fingertips?” She thinks it’s the opposite of what it really is,,,attraction. Silly, silly girl. And at this point, “Strangely, I find myself deeply unsettled – the removal of the party from Netherfield leaves me with a sense of loss; my lowness of spirit I must attribute to Mr Bingley’s removal and its impact upon Jane, for there is naught else that could affect me so.” Except, perhaps, that her soul mate just left (but she has no clue, or if she has an inkling that it’s D she’s in denial).

    Yes I agree that Collins offering for 2 women in 2 days is ridiculous and left me speechless as L says so eloquently above. I also love her relationship with Jane and how it is broadened here and we see the depth of their trust of each other and the depth of their affection and dependence upon each other.

    it was great that E’s thoughts on a marriage to Collins would be considered a “nighmare” . It made me chuckle as that’s also how I thought of it.

    Enjoyed it. A great way to start my Friday!

  3. Thank you, Deborah. I really appreciate your taking the time to tell me what you enjoyed and share your thoughts!

    I love Lizzy being so utterly clueless and failing to recognise that these feelings and sensations might mean she actually fancies the man!

  4. I enjoy being able o actually tell the author what I enjoy while reading. I have always wished to be able to do this. And now I can. 🙂

  5. Thanks Cassandra for another insightful chapter.

    I am enjoying this glimpse into the scripted, movie version of Lizzie.

  6. Another lovely addition to Lizzy’s Diary series. I really enjoyed going on a ride through various emotions as she recounts her experience at the Netherfield Ball and the aftermath when the Bingleys and D left for London and Mr Collins’ proposal.

  7. Mutual animosity…indeed! And, yes, it is D’s fault that he invades her thoughts and it is only Bingley’s removal that brings her so low. 🙂 Such a silly girl. (Perhaps she did inherit something from her mother? 😉 )

    Thank you for this chapter.

  8. Enjoyed this 3rd chapter, Cassandra. I love how Lizzy doesn’t even realize what her feelings for Darcy are but that she will write about them in her journal. It is also great reading about everything through her eyes.

    It was an eventful time for the ladies at Longbourn.

    Thanks for the lovely chapters. I am anxious for next Friday!

  9. Wonderful chapter! How well Lizzy deceives herself about why Darcy’s touch disturbs her so. And I loved this line: “Charlotte always was poor at numbers.” I love the wry wit of it! Perfect for Lizzy.

  10. ‘…but he is blinded by prejudice for his friend and the way D has portrayed the facts behind the true story.’ I think someone else is ‘blinded by prejudice’ and it’s almost painful to read…in a good way, of course! Love being inside Lizzie’s head like this. Can’t wait for next Friday!

    • Thank you, Carole. I am pleased you are enjoying it!

      I really did want to explore Lizzy’s ‘faults’, if you like, in this story because there is so much acknowledgement of Darcy having to change to become worthy of her and I believe she had a fair bit of changing to do too!

  11. Lovely insights with irony! Oh, Elizabeth. I have been ill so have just decided to curl up with this DVD version of P&P. Saturday night TV has little I like (other then Ripper St. on BBC) so this will fill the time. Thanks for the insights into our heroine’s mind.

      • Thank you. In watching this version of P&P, I took special note of how almost all the gowns at the ball were indeed white. (Hadn’t really noted that before.) And looked to see how many were or were not wearing gloves. And noticed (quirky of me) that when using the CC option (sometimes the British accent is not clear in what they are saying) that instead of saying “music playing” every time there was a moment of silence it said “birds chirping”. Funny how that struck me this time and I have watched it oh so many times. Happy Mother’s Day to all.

  12. Fun chapter! Lizzy is so clueless! Really, none of the characters know themselves like they think they do, except maybe practical Charlotte.

    • Yes, I know! Perhaps this should have been called Clueless instead! 😀

      Thank you for reading and commenting. Hope you continue to follow Lizzy’s progress!

  13. Got a bit behind on reading the various works here on Austen Variations. “Life, the Universe and Everything” kept getting in the way! Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this chapter, Cassandra, and the insights into Lizzy’s thoughts on the ball, the touch of D’s hand (love the “mutual animosity discharging through our very fingertips”) and Mr. C’s proposal.

    Now off to read Chapter 4.

    • Thank, Anji! Comments always appreciated and know exactly what you mean re that pesky thing called real life intruding!

  14. Loved this, I read JA primarily because she is a social psychologist based firmly in reality. her work reveals depths and understandings of humane nature but also of the fragility of society and it’s complexity: in other words she notes the little and the big things, your writing does the same. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Paul! I really appreciate your comment! I’m currently co-writing a book with a friend which has Jane Austen herself in it. She’s very difficult to write, as you can imagine, but it’s her understanding of human nature which is really coming through to me!

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