Lizzy Bennet’s Diary: Chapter Six by Cassandra Grafton — 37 Comments

  1. Oooooh, delicious, Cassandra! Another lovely long installment to delight my Sunday morning.

    Although 2005 isn’t my favourite version, there are parts of it that I love. The sculpture gallery scene is one of them. The eyes of the bust of Darcy seem to follow Elizabeth wherever she goes. Another is seeing Darcy smiling with and swinging Georgiana round, totally unguarded. MM played that so well.

    So now we know why Lizzy walked back to Lambton. Your idea that it was pre-planned is excellent as I’d always thought that the Gardiners wouldn’t just go off and leave her.

    Your insights as to how her feelings for Darcy have changed, and are still changing, make for very satisfying reading. How much longer before she admits to herself, and on paper, that she’s totally in love with him?

    • I love the sculpture gallery scene too, Anji.

      I am pleased you like what I came up with or Lizzy’s walking back to the inn! There were so many little continuity details that kept niggling at me – I enjoyed having my own go at explaining them!

      It’s about time Lizzy finally admitted where she’s been headed, isn’t it?! 😉

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Anji; very much appreciated!

    • I agree – never could figure out how she was walking back to Lambton alone and no one commented on it when she joined her aunt and uncle. Good explanation. – Well done, Cassandra

  2. Yes, that smile is pleasant. 🙂 Lovely installment… She is good at denying her feelings, isn’t she?

    I know this is Lizzy’s diary, but I have always wanted to know what thoughts were going through the Gardeners’ mind during the meeting Miss Darcy scene. I love the look on Mrs. Gardener’s face in that scene!

    • Thank you for reading and commenting, Eileen. I really do appreciate it!

      I agree, it’s a lovely scene and Mrs Gardiner’s expression is priceless! I think the smile is almost shocking, because I don’t think there has been one up to now (though there is an even better one the next day!)

  3. I loved this diary excerpt Cassandra. Lizzy is so unaware/in denial of her love of Mr. Darcy. Intruding in her sleeping/waking moments, and after so many months; rereading entries; hmmmm….Silly girl. It is good that her animosity has faded.

    I always felt she was truly embarrassed at being spying on Georgiana….and then being caught by Darcy….Love how her walk home was explained….I did the same many times when I was in Germay visitng family in my early 20’s.

    I am looking forward to her entry of her impressions and feelings on the time spent the following day with the Darcys. Although I know some stressful times are ahead. I alo love the why of the Gardiners having a picnic under that beautifully ancient gnarly tree.

    My favorite scenes in this entry, from the movie, is Lizzy’s time at Pemberley.

    I must share a nice ironic coincidence. The quote “What are men to rocks and mountains?” was the quote I found on my phone this morning from my Jane Austen Quote App. What a way to link with this entry.

    Have a wonderful week! Again, thank you for sharing and In look forward to next weel’s entry.

    • Deborah, where can I find that quote app, please? Is it an iPhone, Android or Windows phone app? I’ve looked on the App Store to see if I could get it for this iPad but couldn’t find it and there doesn’t seem to be one for my Windows phone.

      • It’s on Google Play found under Jane Austen Quotes ( searched as such; ended up being #12 complete name being Jane Austen Quoted With Wigets). 185 quotes from her books and letters. Hope this is helpful. Please let me know. 🙂

        • Ah well, thanks for the info Deborah. I only have this iPad and a Windows phone as mobile devices so it won’t work. Fingers crossed someone will bring one out for them eventually.

          • It’s a fun app. Hopefully they will. Keep trying. I also have the app on my NOOK and today the quote here is the same as yesterday’s was on my phone. Am I being told something?

            • Thanks, Stephanie, I just downloaded it for this iPad. Tried the 40 question quiz and was rather disappointed to get only 80%. I can see myself using this app a lot. For those that don’t know, there’s access to all six finished novels, Lady Susan, Juvenilia, The Watsons and Sanditon; plus a quiz, daily quotes and a suggestion for “movie of the week.”

            • Now if only they had that app for ansroid . I am now the jealous one. That is so much better.

  4. I am so pleased you enjoyed this chapter, Deborah! Thank you for continuing to support me, I truly appreciate it.

    I think that’s a lovely coincidence! What a clever phone app! lol

    Yes, stressful times ahead but Lizzy will be sharing her thoughts on the day at Pemberley as well. 😉

    Hope you have a fab week too!

  5. Lovely entry. Oh, I must get that JA quote app. Thank you, again, for a lovely Sunday morning read. I am so picturing all these scenes in my head. How embarrassed she would have been to have been caught spying on Georgiana and then Darcy. Also on the walk home – I keep wondering when I view the movie – What are those ruins she passes? Are they a movie prop or actual ruins in Britain some where/some place?

    • Thanks for your continuing comments, Sheila! Much appreciated.

      I suspect the ruins (which would be real, many fields have the remains of old farm buildings or barns etc left in them) were simply nearby when they were filming in Derbyshire? I don’t think it’s a well-known place particularly as it’s not mentioned in any list of locations.

      I do recall (though it’s years since I listened) Joe Wright, during the Director’s Commentary on the film, mentioning the twig or whatever sticking up as Lizzy comes across the field and saying he wished he’d removed it, but I don’t recall him mentioning where they were, which again makes me think it’s just a random field.

  6. I think you captured Lizzy’s anxiety viewing Pemberley very well and the awkward meeting between her and Darcy on the terrace before she bolts. I also enjoy your explanation of how she got separated and went back alone! I wonder how the screenwriters explained it to themselves! The Aunt and Uncle are great in this movie, their expressions and conversations with Lizzy are well done.

    • Thank you, Kathy; really appreciate your continued comments on the story!

      I loved this Mr and Mrs Gardiner, even though they were cast too old. They worked well together – I loved that Mr Gardiner was always eating!!!

      • There was another part of this movie where Mr. & Mrs. Gardiner were very funny – when they first pull up to Pemberley, and Lizzy laughs when she realizes the tremendous home she’s given up by refusing Darcy, and the Gardiners also stand up and are totally flabbergasted by the house — that has also stuck in my mind!

  7. This is so good! I love how she can’t get him out of her mind, no matter what she does. I should feel bad for her, but i can’t right now lol. Maybe because it’s an echo of what Darcy’s been feeling for an even longer time.

    • Precisely, Monica, I agree! Lizzy needs to suffer some heart-searching and, ultimately, despair – they will both have suffered equally then, and will deserve the happy ending!

      Thank you for continuing to comment and to Tweet! I really am grateful!

  8. Such a good story. Cannot wait for next week’s episode. Love, love, love your writing. Wil you ever publish all chapters as a book to buy?

    • Thank you, Carol, so pleased you are enjoying!

      I hadn’t thought of publication. Because it follows the film screenplay pretty much, I wasn’t sure where I would stand on copyright and didn’t want to upset anyone by breaching it! 😉

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

  9. Cassandra, you write such a ‘wonderfully’ conflicted and tortured Elizabeth! She will not admit just yet that she is in love…yet she notices…’Jane remains in denial of her own heart’. Love it! Looking forward to next Sunday!

  10. Thank you, Carole! Really appreciate your reading and commenting!

    I know – poor Lizzy! But as it’s her diary entries, it seemed only fair to capture her progress in detail!

  11. Cassandra, thanks for shedding light on how Elizabeth walks back to the inn at Lambton from Pemberley and without a coat too. This reasoning makes it believable and certainly helps fill some gaps I see in the film. She is attracted to Darcy but could not put a finger to it but luckily her diary reveal her inner thoughts and emotions on seeing him again.

    I look forward to observations on her second Pemberley visit and news about Lydia’s elopement in the next chapter.

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