Lizzy Bennet’s Diary: Chapter Nine by Cassandra Grafton — 24 Comments

  1. Another great chapter. As usual, way too short and left me wanting more. Cannot wait for next week, but will be sorry for this to end.

  2. Really enjoyed this installment. Thank you! I thought that Elizabeth mention of the preciousness of Darcy’s letter, and her aunt’s letter that tells about Darcy, was so touching. I realized she has no other way of remembering him, without other images available to her. It makes her remembrances in her journal all the more important. Her speculation about having to meet Darcy’s future wife is also sad. I’ve always wondered how Lady C got the scandalous falsehood information – who would have told her? Was it just speculation from Charlotte?

    • I used to wonder about it too, Kathy. I believe it came from the Lucas family who, with Jane and Bingley now engaged, may have hinted in a letter to Charlotte at the likelihood of another engagement to follow. Bearing in mind the general neighbourhood’s perception of Darcy’s pride etc, it seems a rather wild speculation!

      Thanks as always for commenting – much appreciated!

  3. Dear Cassandra,
    I have not commented yet on your beautiful posts, but since this is almost the end I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed “Lizzy Bennet’s Diary”. I look forward to your next chapter, however I’m sad it will be the end. I would love for you to keep writing Lizzy’s diary. Thanks, –Leslie

    • Leslie, thank you SO much! I am so pleased you have been enjoying these extracts and the glimpse into (my interpretation) of Lizzy’s thoughts and feelings. I hope you enjoy next Sunday’s finale!

  4. It is always a delight to receive another chapter, and I always regret when I come to the part where it ends! I thought it very close to the original in the feelings it evoked. I am thoroughly enjoying this more personal look at Lizzy’s inner life. Here we get the softness that she doesn’t always display in public, and we don’t get the sheer bitchiness that some of the amateur fanfic authors indulge in. We get the real Elizabeth Bennet, the Elizabeth we love and respect. This is just like being a confidant, and privy to her inner thoughts and feelings, and I love it. Normally I dislike stories written in letter or diary form, but you have won me over by the excellence of each chapter. This has been a wonderful experience, and I thank you for making this a very pleasant summer.

  5. Thank you, again, for sharing your excerpts From Lizzy’s diary. I liked Lizzy’s sense of when she spoke of Bingley leaving Caroline in town because he was afraid she would scare off all the birds. That had me chuckling…Lizzy seems to needs to be needed, hence, even though she thinks Darcy is lost to her she feels a bit better concentrating on Jane. By admitting to herself, ” Instead of satisfying my need for him, the hunger inside grows stronger, and I suspect a lifetime would be too little to spend in his company.” and “how shall I feel when Mr Darcy himself takes a wife?… It pains me to think on it” she is finally admitting to herself how deeply she feels for him; I would guess very much as he felt for her for so long.

    The lines, “His serious air and countenance were in vast contrast to how he was at Pemberley and much more in accord with his silent attitude of earlier days” and “his silence today hints at a reluctance to be near me. Can he no longer bear to be around m” she does not realize that it is her presence and feeling he is unworthy of her making him act so. He doesn’t want anyone to see his vulnerability and emotions.

    Poor Lizzy not being able to sleep, but after the verbal assault she had a great deal to think about. And walking, well walking is a sort of therapy for her, helps her put thoughts in order.

    But you leave us with the wonderful culmination of her entries next week! I am so looking forward to it, but will, at the same time be sad, as it will be the culmination of your posts.

    • Deborah, you have been amazingly supportive, and I cannot thank you enough for that and for always leaving such great comments. I am glad you found the bird comment funny!

  6. Yes, I too, especially liked this sentence, “Instead of satisfying my need for him, the hunger inside grows stronger, and I suspect a lifetime would be too little to spend in his company.” So touching. And I laughed at the same phrase mentioned by Deborah…”scare off the birds”…yes, scare off his love-bird! I do so like to read these thoughts, hearing the angst and regrets and misunderstandings make it so much more satisfying when they do, finally, come together. So looking forward to next Sunday (my birthday, so I consider this a gift – to be able to read with please the HEA).

    Thank you.

    • Sheila, thank you so much for sticking with this story and commenting. I hope very much you enjoy the finale and that it is therefore a welcome birthday gift!

      I can promise a HEA and just hope it is to everyone’s taste!

  7. Enjoying the deep, sometimes unexpected, insights! Love the details of daily life. Hope this becomes an ebook & very much looking forward to next week!

  8. Another satisfying chapter, Cassandra. You had me chuckling at the description of Caroline Bingley scarring off the birds. 😀 I too am looking forward to the very last chapter next Sunday but I thought initially you planned for twelve chapters.

    • You are absolutely right, Luthien, I did say 12 when I did the initial post here. That was my mistake, as I thought it was 12 (I wrote it some years ago). When I looked into it a bit more, I realised it was 10!

      I do hope you enjoy the final chapter and thank you for commenting, I have really appreciated it!

  9. The birds get one look at the feathers in her hair and they would take off afraid for their lives! Another fulfilling chapter Cassandra. I love how you portray Lizzie’s love and concern for Jane and then her elation at Jane’s happiness! Thank you!

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