Lizzy Bennet’s Diary: Chapter Four by Cassandra Grafton — 27 Comments

  1. Loved the depiction of Rosings, Cassandra, and also Lizzy’s snide comments about Darcy. A fun chapter.

  2. I again enjoyed getting into Lzzy’s head. You make it feel ass though we are really looking into excerpts from her diary as events unfold. I like how you brought her thoughts on Wickham’s sudden change of affection towards Mary King after she received her inheritance. Lizzy is so blinded by her prejudice. At least her her heart isn’t involved (and she admits it to herself). I also enjoyed the detail you put in where Lizzy records her thought “I walk and walk for miles every day, keen to escape, though from what I know not”. Is it as I think….D that is affecting her without her knowing. I also like that we hear how she actually feels about D, not how D thinks she feels.
    This was fun. Really looking forward to next week’s excerpts. Her thoughts on the Colonel’s disclosure, the proposal & her rejection as well as Lizzy’s thoughts on the letter. I am eagerly anticipating next Sunday’s post.. Thank you so much for this.Oh, & I agree with Monica….I love “Lizzy’s snide comments about Darcy”

    • Hi Deborah

      I think you are right, in this particular adaptation I believe Lizzy was portrayed as not being indifferent to Darcy, though she doesn’t realise it or understand it yet. I think because they had to condense the story so much, the script writer and director must have felt it necessary?

      Thanks for commenting again!


      • I believe so too. It made the story flow and not feel chopped up, so that if you didn’t know the story you could follow it, unlike the 1995 version of Persuasion with Ciaran Hinds. If you didn’t know the story it was difficult to figure out . Much as I was fine with it my husband was lost asking questions.

  3. I don’t remember the militia leaving Meryton before Lizzy left to visit The Collinses in Hunsford. I thought in the book, the regiment left after Lizzy and Jane came back to Longbourn. I could be wrong because it’s been several years since I last watch the 2005 film version and the screenplay adaptation could be different from the novel.

    Anyway, I love how you channel Lizzy’s witty observation and sarcasm in the diary. I’m looking forward to read her response to D’s proposal in the rain.

    • Hi Luthien

      Yes, unlike the novel, in the 2005 screenplay, the regiment left before Lizzy went to Hunsford. There is actually a mistake in the script as well at that point, for Lizzy says they have left ‘for the north’ and of course earlier it says they are off to Brighton (as per the book) – which is on the south coast.

      Pleased you are enjoying Lizzy’s scribblings!

  4. So she almost called him “D” out loud. Amusing to even think about that happening. I agree with others that Lizzy doesn’t realize how she is affected by Darcy in more serious ways, just that he annoys her. Want to tap her on the shoulder and say, “And, just why do you think he shows up during your walks and at the parsonage?”….DUH! Here I think Charlotte had more clues than our Lizzy.

    Thanks for the chapter and your notes about the changes in the script and the action.

    • Thank you, Sheila! Yes, still clueless, isn’t she? Charlotte definitely had her eyes more open!

  5. This was such a fun read, Sandra! I laughed aloud at Lizzy’s description of Lady Catherine — especially the “precarious nest” of her hairstyle 😀 — loved that!

  6. Love Lizzy’s musings on D practicing his communication skills on Anne. “She would perhaps be better for practicing the art of silence upon, and in that he is fully versed and without need of exercise.” Great quote! Made me laugh. 🙂

  7. Delightful reading! Lizzy is quite logical and practical about her feelings for Wickham – aside from believing his tale of woe, she’s pretty clear to herself that she’s not worried much about falling in love with him, and clear in her mind that she’s not disappointed he moved on. I never noticed the amount of time that Lizzy spent on her trip to Hunsford, but noticed in this diary that she hadn’t experienced any of Mr. Collins’ tedious sermonizing until almost a month after her arrival.

  8. Well spotted, Kathy!

    In reality she would, of course, have been to church every Sunday. In the film, it is so condensed, she visits Rosings on the day of her arrival and D and the Col also turn up, whereas in the book she has been at Hunsford for over two weeks before they come to visit their aunt.

    I have tried to keep the dates as consistent as I can with the actual book timeline (bearing in mind these are diary extracts rather than a back to back, day to day, account). That closing paragraph matched the film better than it does this attempt to also align it with the book, so I have tweaked the wording and hope it now reads more logically. Thanks for pointing it out!

  9. “I walk and walk for miles every day, keen to escape, though from what I know not.” This line says it all…Lizzy is restless and I think subconsciously missing ‘D’. Loving the diary entries and Lizzy’s thoughts. At least she noted that Aunt Gardiner seemed pleased that Wickham’s attention went elsewhere!

    The pictures are delightful and add to the story!

  10. So many little “chuckle” moments in this, Cassandra, that I won’t be tedious and comment on them all, but Lizzy almost calling Darcy D to his face and her comments on Lady C.’s hairstyle are two of my favourites.

    Can’t wait to find out why Lizzy is walking in the rain, (am I wrong in remembering that she didn’t have a coat on?), her reaction to D’s proposal and the “almost kiss” that followed.

  11. Thank you, Anji!

    She does have her coat on when she runs off from church in the rain (she loses her coat when she visits Pemberley later on). Yes, lots happening in the next chapter! 😉

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