Lizzy Bennet’s Diary: Chapter Five by Cassandra Grafton — 30 Comments

  1. Very nicely done. So true to the characters. Lizzy is finally admitting to a caring for Darcy. She is making progress in acknowledging her feelings. Looking forward to next week when she makes the trip to the Peak District with the Gardiners. Yes?

    Thank you so much for sharing. I am enjoying this immensely.

  2. This was a very good journal entry! Lizzie’s recounting of the time just after the proposal but before she read the letter something that I had hoped you would include, as well as her ‘willful misunderstanding’ of the tension between them just before they parted.

    • Leslie, thank you!!!

      I tried so hard to keep the diary ‘real’ in that it wasn’t just a replay of conversations or dialogue but a real, gut emotional feel of the person writing the entries. As such, I felt the reaction to the day’s happenings would fall onto the page first, then given a breathing space, a bit more order would come to the process of recording events.

      I hope it works as that is how I have continued!!!

  3. I have yet to finish reading this…life is interfering with pleasure at the moment…..but, I have to mention how interesting it is that he is no longer D but Mr. Darcy. 🙂

  4. I just watched the movie the other night, so now I have to start again with the diary with the visual images in mind. Thanks, Cassandra.

  5. I repeat these words for every Chaper comment, but it rings true

    Lovely. The movie reels through my mind as I read.

    • Thank you, Carol. I find it hard not to visualise it all as I write (even when I am not writing against a screenplay). Sometimes it results in far too much detail, but I hope it’s working okay for this diary!

  6. I really enjoyed this chapter! (Actually I’ve enjoyed all of them…) Lovely artwork!

    I’m glad that Elizabeth’s self-examination is so thorough now — not only is she embarrassed and mortified that she was wrong about Darcy, but that she realizes how her accusations hurt him. I’m looking forward to reading how she acknowledges/grows her feelings towards Darcy!

    I also think that you’ve depicted her experiencing an important realization about her parents’ failings. Before, it seemed her family’s behavior was just run-of-the-mill kind of embarrassing and mortifying (and excusable — it’s her family, so she can feel defensive for them), but now it’s clear there were real and painful repercussions for her parents’ neglect, and she see’s the train wreck coming in their inability to provide Lydia with any proper guidance or discipline.

    • Absolutely, Kathy! She really has her eyes open now to how her family is not just something she can shrug her shoulders about and ignore. (And she can’t ignore Darcy either!)

      Thanks for commenting, much appreciated!!

  7. I hope you’re planning to publish this as a book. It’s such a lovely read, love the deep insights and details.

  8. It’s an enjoyable chapter, Cassandra. I love reading Lizzy’s real thoughts, secrets and opinion which she may not willingly share with Jane especially concerning Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley. Your thorough examination on Lizzy’s raw emotions on receiving Mr Darcy’s insulting proposal, her introspection of his character and her admittedly prejudiced opinion of him are excellently written. Well done! Looking forward to reading her surprise encounter of Darcy in his home.

    • Thank you, Luthien! I really appreciate your taking the time to read and to comment! Much appreciated!

  9. “and I became conscious of his closeness, our eyes fixed upon each other. It was overwhelming, and then I thought I heard him whisper something as his head inclined towards mine; I could not move, and for a mere second I was certain his intention was to embrace me…

    Surely I was bewitched – for how else can I account for my reaction? Is it wrong to put these words on the page? My breathing is restricted as I relive the moment – why, of all that has passed this morning, does this one memory persist in intruding? For with his wounded eyes locked upon mine, had he acted, I suspect I would have allowed it to happen! How my cheeks burn and my heart reels beneath my ribs – it must be the shame of it; I cannot otherwise account for such a severe reaction.”

    I remember so well when I first viewed this movie in the theater thinking, “Oh, no, he’s not going to kiss her?” that is not what Jane wrote – the sexual tension was so palpable!!!! You have Lizzy thinking about there here…yes, there is attraction but she is in denial. Nice long chapter and so well written. Thank you.

  10. Well, I know it doesn’t happen like this in the book, but it was impossible to ignore the underlying sexual tension as portrayed in that scene on film!

    Glad you enjoyed it, Sheila, and thanks for the continued support!

    • You are too kind, Jane, but thank you for taking the time to read and comment! Appreciate it so much!

  11. Excellent, excellent chapter, Cassandra. How many changes in feelings did our dear Elizabeth go through in these daily recordings? I loved following her many thoughts as she refused the proposal, then read the letter and brooded over it continually.

    As I have stated before, I am amazed at your ability to get in the minds of the characters and so aptly convey their thoughts. You have quite a gift. You also write in the language of Regency times as if you lived it. It is beautifully done.

    When Lizzy speaks of Mr. Darcy’s handwriting and then compares herself to Mr. Collins, that was priceless. I laughed out loud on that line.

    Two parts that I especially liked are as follows:
    ‘I suffer an unaccountable physical ache beneath my breast, which shows no sign of easing.’
    ‘So strong was the wave of emotion this memory evoked in me as I lay upon my pillow, it brought unbidden tears to my eyes,…’
    Lizzy was definitely touched by Mr. Darcy’s reaction even before her anger began to subside. She mentions his eyes many times…the pain in his eyes, his wounded eyes locked on hers and that his eyes haunt her.
    Those are telling statements and it was wonderful how you entwined them with the rest of the diary entries.

    Thank you for such an enchanting chapter. I’m eager for the next!

    • Thank you, Janet. You are very kind. I am so pleased you are enjoying the story – yes, poor Lizzy went through a lot this week, didn’t she?!

      I don’t know why, but I liked the idea of her focusing on his eyes. Possibly because we all know Mr Darcy had an appreciation for Lizzy’s by return!

  12. What a lovely long chapter, Cassandra. It was everything I’d hoped it would be. I, too, remember the first time I saw the film and noticed the “almost kiss”. Although it wasn’t in the book, I thought it fitted well in the context of this dramatisation. I think that when you’ve finished posting all the chapters, I’m going to have to go back and watch the film again and read along as I go.

    I noticed that “Mr Darcy has reinstated himself of his own accord” before I actually got to the bit I just quoted and thought “OK, what’s happened to D?” Then it occurred to me that Lizzy’s feelings about him were indeed beginning to change and her subconscious had decided he was deserving of more respect than she’d been giving him.

    Looking forward to the trip to Derbyshire and Pemberley and how Lizzy eventually realises she’s fallen for this exasperating, sexy, enigmatic, honest and trustworthy gentleman.

  13. Thank you, Anji, for taking the time to come and leave a comment! I really appreciate it!

    I am pleased the chapter worked for you. I felt it would be impossible to leave out the ‘almost kiss’, even though it’s not in the book. I suppose if I were writing this based entirely on the 95 series, it would be the same as thinking of leaving out Mr Darcy’s appearance after his dip in the lake – also not in the book, but integral to the adaptation!

    • 1995 without the wet shirt scene? It’s unthinkable now, isn’t it, but do you remember what a controversy it stirred up when it originally happened?

      • Yes! I also remember Andrew Davies getting into ‘hot’ water when it was being filmed for using the word sexy when describing some elements of the story. The press, typically, blew this all out of proportion!

  14. Oh the pain both are feeling…the truth itself is painful for Lizzy especially when it comes to Wickham and her family. However, Lady Catherine isn’t anything to write home about either…LOL!!!

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