Lizzy Bennet’s Diary: Chapter Eight by Cassandra Grafton — 17 Comments

  1. Love, love, love your written story. Waiting Sunday to Sunday is difficult, but so worth the wait. Thank you for the enjoyment of your words.

    • Thank you for bearing with me, Carol, as it is posted. I know a lot of people prefer to wait for an entire story to be out there, so I value your support and comments very much! Not long now, only 2 chapters to go to HEA!

  2. You write with such humor and sympathy, that even the sad parts are bearable. Nothing is ever sadder to me than Elizabeth thinking she has lost Darcy, and the way she can not stop herself from thinking of him. Whenever I watch the movies or read the books, and she sinks into despair, I am always literally yelling out loud at her to have some faith, because Darcy is coming back! I did love the reference to expanding the hen house for the benefit of Mrs. long and Lady Lucas. It was just sublime. Another wonderful chapter, and I totally agree with Carol: it is difficult to wait for Sundays to roll around, but well worth the wait.

    • Thank you, too, Mari for bearing with the weekly posts! I really appreciate your comments and your support for the story. I’m so pleased you like the hen house idea!

  3. Although it pains her now to look at, I love the “Him!” on her dance card! hehe. Hang in there, Lizzy – soon you’ll be saying “Him!” with a completely different inflection. 🙂 I also love that she attempted to draw him.

    To Lydia and Wickham and Mrs Bennet I just say ugh.

    Looking forward to the next installment!

    • Thank you so much, Monica, for commenting and continuing to follow the story! I am pleased you liked the dance card bit and her attempt to draw him. I’d have loved to see her attempt!

      Agree totally re Mrs B and L/W – let us be done with them!!!

  4. Another wonderful chapter, Cassandra. So achingly, beautifully written. I loved how Lizzy went to sit by the pond because ” the gentle quacking of the ducks” was soothing, unlike her “mother’s wimpering squaks”. Animals are truly soothing.

    Well, finally she realizes that she has always been attracted to him at the least when she writes “failed to banish him from these pages when I believed myself to loathe him”. You also show her depressive state throughout and how she tries to rally herself but is unable….”I seek distraction & often find myself doing things I believe will satisfy, but serve me ill”,and “the days hold little interest for me” and “memories too painful to bear….wishing I had never come”. Those are truly the thoughts and feelings of a depressed soul (coming from one who knows those type of thoughts. I am sure we all have been there at some point). And poor Lizzy when she calls herself to task and castigates herself for believing Wickham over Darc y and her gross misjudgement is even worse now that she believes all is lost for a favorable outcome with Ber father coming home and her uncle continuing the search alone.

    Mrs. Bennet hasn’t changed. She looks at the veneer but never what’s underneath to see the cost or quality.

    If we didn’t know there was an HEA coming this would be so worrisome, but we know better. And yes Lizzy why is Darcy doing this? I wonder…..maybe he feels you are worth it?

    Thank you so much Cassandra. I look forward to Sunday mornings…but what to do after the next 2,weeks? Looking forward to the answer from Mrs. Gardner next week.

  5. Thank you, as always, Deborah, for the wonderful support and the detailed comments. You are so kind.

    I am very pleased you enjoyed the chapter even though it’s not exactly ‘enjoyable’ in terms of where Lizzy is at, but I am sorry you have real experience of depressed feelings (me too!) 🙁

    Mrs B is just an adult (and I use the term loosely) Lydia – neither of them is changed by this awful experience. I have no hope for them at all!

  6. Yes. I agree Mrs. Bennet is a slightly more mature Lydia & that neither will change. Sorry you have felt depressed on occasion too. 🙁 but, on the positive side, if you had never felt so, you could never have written such “a real” entry with such true feelings.

  7. You’ve really portrayed this part of the story well, and Lizzy’s frustration and helplessness. I’ve noticed now how long it took for all these events to take place – the long wait for word from when Lizzy left Derbyshire to when they finally had word that Lydia and Wickham were to be married. Then the accompanying difficulty of being shunned by one’s neighbors as the gossip spread was something I hadn’t considered. But the better relationship between Mary and Kitty was a nice touch – all that time, forced together to worry about the same thing was probably helpful for them both.

    I really liked her reflections towards the end of this chapter — revealing that she had also avoided thinking of Darcy because she assumed he had just gone back to his pleasant life after she left Derbyshire. Instead, he really shared in her terrible family experience, much more in some sense, than she did (having to do actual heavy lifting!). She doesn’t need more reason to think highly of him at this point, but this really puts him over the top.

  8. Thank you, Kathy, for your continued support and sharing your thoughts on each chapter. I really appreciate it. 😀

    This was a tricky chapter in some ways because it was so ‘bitty’. I tried to follow the dates given in the timelines I have found for the story but I also had to consider who the film screenplay rolled out, so I wasn’t sure if I had the balance right. It’s nice to know it feels credible!

  9. ‘Rest does not come without a struggle, for it is in the hours of darkness I am most haunted by Mr Darcy.’

    This was one of many lines that I loved. Poor Elizabeth struggling to maintain her spirits without letting on to anyone how heartbroken she is.

  10. This is a great chapter, Cassandra. It is a privilege to experience all these through Lizzy’s eyes and hear her true thoughts on Mr Darcy and other things that matter to her. Looking forward to what she says when Darcy comes back to Longbourn and bring Bingley with him.

  11. Thank you, Luthien! I am pleased you are enjoying the diary extracts and thank you so much for commenting!

  12. I hear melancholy in Elizabeth’s voice; expressing, at last, her love, but then ruing how it will never be! My chest feels constricted in sharing her angst. But this is why I read. Love that and then the turnaround when we finally come to read of an understanding, of love acknowledged and our HEA. You brought us right into the despair. Thank you. So easy to picture the scenes also. Love sitting by the pone – that would be my refuge. Looking forward to Sunday.

  13. Thank you, Sheila. So pleased you could feel her pain (not that I want to upset anyone!) At least we know that HEA is coming; it’s a shame poor Lizzy doesn’t.

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