All Things Austen — A Letter from Jane to Cassandra (21-23 April 1805) — 18 Comments

  1. Well Leslie I’m surprised Jane managed to write any books when she wrote such long letters. When did she find the time? Thanks for sharing these as they give a fascinating insight into her life.

    • From what I understand, it’s believed she didn’t do a great deal of writing in Bath. Of course, it’s all speculation. Perhaps she was just a fast writer. Thanks, Glynis!

    • I enjoy reading about her time in Bath. Chawton is fun as well, but I don’t remember which cottages belonged to whom. I suppose I can imagine Bath better. Thanks, Theresa!

    • I love it! It’s just a tiny glimpse into her personality really, but I get such a giggle out of some of her descriptions. Thanks, Eva!

  2. I can well imagine where she got all her characters and their foibles from! She was a very sociable person!

    • I bet if we could go back and meet all of these people, we would have her characters or bits of each character in the people she knew. it’s great! Thanks, Carole!

  3. She was such an acute observer of people wasn’t she? I’m nearly finished reading an illustrated selection of her letters. This one isn’t in that selection so it’s lovely to read it. Thank you Leslie.

    • I’m so glad I could get you a different read! An illustrated selection is really interesting. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks, Anji!

      • Hi Leslie, the details of the book I have are:

        Publisher: Collins and Brown Limited
        ISBN: 1 85585 015 X
        Introductions and selections by: Penelepoe Hughes-Hallett
        Published in: 1990

        Don’t know if it’s still in print but I guess our friend Amazon will be able to tell you. I only got my copy very recently from a second hand bookshop near where I was working one day.

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