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  1. I just wanted to say that I don’t read all the JAFF that comes out, but I never miss any of Mary’s books. “Another Place in Time” is an original, fresh, clever look at the story of Darcy and Elizabeth, and I enjoyed it immensely. Mary must have done an incredible amount research as she takes us on a tour of early 19th century London. This is a “don’t miss it” for every fan of P&P.

    • Wow, that is a very positive endorsement, as I, too, don’t read all the JAFF that comes out and do read reviews to help me select those that might stand out. I have to read all below before my final decision but this will help in deciding whether to buy or not.

  2. YAY, Mary!!!!
    Just wanted to say CONGRATS and wish you a very happy release day!!!
    I love reading time-travels, and ANOTHER PLACE IN TIME sounds just fabulous 🙂 .
    Wishing you all the best!

  3. I preordered it for NOOK and can’t wait to read it. I’ve enjoyed all of Mary’s P & P Variations and so I know this will be no different, except for the story of course.

  4. if I could travel through time, it would be back to the Roarin’ 20’s……..I know that it was hard times, but the fashion looked like it was so much fun…………LOL!!!
    thank you for the giveaway & congrats to Mary & continued success!!!

  5. Forgot to day that if I could travel back through time it would be yo regency era England. Love the dresses, but not when the empire waist was popular

    • No empire waist – So you would be a true contemporary of Jane Austen when she was a young woman when waists were much lower.

  6. Definitely going on my TBR list….Darcy and a sci-fi twist….I’m hooked…
    Also enjoy a good mystery and your Shea stories are great…

  7. Thanks for the shout out, Mary. It is always a pleasure reading and editing your works. I am quite thankful for Austen bringing us together.
    I wish you much success with Another Place in Time! 🙂

  8. Congratulations on your new book!

    Well, if I could time travel just to look at things in the past then I’d probably go for Georgian/regency period as I’ve read lots of books set then.

    This may seem a bit weird but I’d also like to travel back further to see some dinosaurs!

    • Hi, Marita. I would love to go to a play at the Globe Theatre. Much Ado About Nothing would be a good play to see. If I lucked out, I might see Elizabeth’s barge go up the Thames.

  9. Ooooo, I love a good time travel romance! Can’t wait to read this one!
    If I could time travel, I think I’d like to visit the 1950’s. My mom was a teenager then, and she had so much fun during that era.

    • Hi, Pam. My 3 older sisters were teenagers in the 1950s, and they watched Dick Clark’s American Bandstand every weekday. They even went to Phila. one time for the show. Their 3 younger sisters were their dance partners. I agree. I was fun.

      • Living just west of Philly and being a teen during the end of the 1050’s and into the 60’s I had that show on every day after school, but the fashions – Yuck! Girls did not wear slacks or jeans to school. Dresses, garter belts and stockings with seams, rollers in your hair every night, and few had air conditioning at that time – give me the modern day appliances, please.

  10. I don’t always like stories where an original character is interacting with established main characters, but just like when I read and adored Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict and Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict by Laurie Viera Rigler, I think I will be proven wrong! This sounds like a very enjoyable story.

    Honestly, I am not sure where I would like to travel back to. Tough question.

    • I really enjoyed the Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict. Rigler did a good job getting a modern woman’s reaction to a time she had idealized.

  11. Mary, I am always thrilled to see any release coming from you. I am intrigued by Another Place in Time. Congratulations!! Ps…I have read all the Patrick Shea. Love them. Even if mystery is not your thing, they are worth a look.

  12. Congratulations on your newest book, Mary! I love time travel so this is right up my alley.

    If I could time travel anywhere . . . I think it would be a toss up between traveling back to meet Jane Austen (and to see if she based Mr. Darcy on a real person!) and going back to early 1930s Hollywood, where the stars and dresses were so glamorous.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  13. If I could go back in time, I would go back to when my husband and I first got married and taken a few more risks before we had responsibilities.

    • Hi, Jennifer. That sounds like a wonderful idea. I’ve always been very conservative. I’d take a few more risks myself. I think I’d learn to drive a motorcycle.

  14. Congratulations and best wishes. To go back in time would be wonderful since things were simpler, kinder and pleasant. I grew up in the 1950’s so that era would suit me fine.

  15. Congratulations on your new book Mary. I love your work and own one that I can get my hands on. If I could travel in time, I would have love be a live witness to Jesus’ preachings in Samaria or anywhere else he preached.

  16. Hi. I really enjoy your books! I am not sure were I would want to time travel (also being a lover of certain modern conveniences) but I guess I would like to see my dad again so I might go back to talk to him..

  17. I have given time travel a lot of thought over the years. After reading so many books from the past I always longed to be part of their worlds. Jane Austen makes me long for the time of true manners. At the same time I see obstacles they imposed. Then I think of the1930’s when my grandmother was growing up. Though her family was coming out of the great depression the stories she would tell of her childhood were mesmerizing to me. If I could, I think I would love to spend that time with her.

    • I would like to spend time with my grandmother as a young girl. She had a hard life. I would have liked to have known her when she smiled. She had a beautiful smile.

  18. I am so excited for this new book! I have loved all the other stories, so I just know I will love this one.

    As for where and when I would go, that is hard. I would want to go and meet JFK & Lincoln. But more personally, I would like to go back and spend a day with my grandparents. That would be amazing!


  19. Mary I adore all your books and am looking forward to reading this one too. There are so many periods in time I would go back to just to see what it was like. I would go back not that far, I would go back to when my parents were children to see what they were like. So just a quick hop to the 1940’s for me. I would also get to meet my grandfather on my dad’s side who died in the 2nd WW and spend more time with my other Grandfather who died when I was 7. That would be absolutely perfect …

    • Hi Melanie. Always good to hear from you. I would love to spend time with my grandparents as well. My father’s parents died when he was a boy. I’ve always been curious about them. Also, I would like to travel back to Omey Island, Ireland, where most of my relations came from. It was a hard life. If I had to walk one day in their shoes, I might just stop whining. 🙂

  20. Love time travel stories and this is connected to P&P so it can’t fail. If I could travel in time I would go to the future when space travel has been perfected and travel the Universe, as long as my husband can come too

  21. Congratulations, Mary. I am excited that you have a new release as I always enjoy your books. I look forward to reading this one too. Nothing original or new about my time travel…I would love to go back to Regency England and meet Jane Austen. I would be fascinated to have tea with her and converse about her writings. The most difficult thing would be knowing of her untimely death and wishing I could do or say something to prevent it.

    Wishing you much success on your new release!

  22. A little while back you posted that excerpt that left me eager to read this one. Now it’s here.

    Congratulations Mary on your new book’s release!

    Oh, and I would travel to so many eras if I had that opportunity. I’d have to do lotto to figure it out b/c so many times in history appeal to me.

  23. What an interesting question. I have always feared if I went back to the past I would have been the lowest of the low servant but if I could go back and be anyone anywhere I think it would be with Renoir/Manet/Monet/Cassett at the start of Impressionism. It would be fascinating to see them paint.

  24. Congratulations Mary! I always enjoy your books and time-travel stories are such fun. Of course I’d like to go back and check out Regency England (and I’m totally ok with empire waists). Seeing Jesus would also be amazing, of course. Or ancient Rome, or Revolutionary War era Philadelphia….I could go on all day lol. Hopefully the time-trave fates would give me sufficient time to pack a small carry-on bag first 😉

    Happy launch day!

    • Hi, Monica. Revolutionary War Philly – terrific. I’d also like to be a fly on the wall when the British occupied NY. I’m reading a bio of Geo Washington. Love the guy. As always, thanks for your support.

  25. Happy and succesfull book release day Mary! I hope you’ll have many of this exciting/ fulfilling day in your active literary career. I loved “Becoming Elizabeth”, and therefore I’m looking forward reading another gem of this fiction genre.
    If I could step in the time machine, I’d like to meet the 1st Duke of Wellington. He’s my paragon of virtue and my standard of what a husband should be. And I would deploy my best intelligence and efforts to make him my beloved consort for eternity. [sigh!]. 😉 No, I’m not “lost”; just read too much romance books. 🙂
    My best to you.

  26. Congratulations, Mary ! I love time travel stories. Some of my favourites are The Time Machine by Wells, Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict and Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict by LVRigler. i ‘m looking forward to reading Becoming Elizabeth Darcy and Another Place in Time.
    As regards your questions, if I could travel through time, I would go to Regency England… but just for a while, I’m sure I’ll miss my computer. 🙂
    Now I’m reading A Killing in Kensington. I must say it’s wonderful!

  27. Not to be cliche… But I would go back to regency England and would like to live as a daughter of a wealthy country squire. That way I could enjoy some freedoms growing up before I have to learn how to navigate the tangled web of the Ton 🙂

    • Lauren, The time capsule might be crowded. A lot of people are going back to the Regency Era. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  28. Def liking this time travel variation ! Well Done Mary =)
    To answer your query “where would You go if you could travel through time?”
    ahhh… nice imagining moment !
    I am so immersed in reading England’s Regency era books, I would actually like to travel to experience it for myself… England’s Regency era. Yes. My final answer =))

    • Henry VIII – Hopefully before Anne Boelyn when he wasn’t so grouchy. 🙂 Thanks for joining me in my celebration.

  29. I always enjoy Mary Lydon Simonsen’s books, but among my favorites are those she sets in different locations and different time periods. Darcy on the Hudson, Mr. Darcy Goes to War, and Mr. Darcy’s Angel of Mercy are cases in point. I just finished the latter and it was delightful!

    It is difficult to pick just one time period for me to return to; as an English major and teacher of the same for over 30 years, I would find it fascinating to return to Shakespeare’s England, or Chaucer’s, or Dickens’ or Miss Austen’s. Each has its own attractions, for sure!

    • Hi Regina. You’re like me. I’ve read so much history on so many different eras that it would be hard to choose. I would like to see a play at the Globe and be in the crowd during Victoria’s Jubilee. I would love to visit Italy in the Edwardian Age and run into Lucy Honeychurch.

      Thanks for your compliments on my books. I love to move D&E around, so glad you do too!

  30. I can personally say that reading your time travel books cured my wanting to visit the regency era. And this is from a girl who grew up on a pig farm! But, I’d still like to meet my great-great grandma! Congrats on the novel – another winner!!

  31. If I can go back in time, I would go back to the time before my father-in-law passed away due to cancer, back to when he was alive and my husband’s family was happy. I wouldn’t want to change anything or even interact with my husband – I don’t want anything to mess up our own meeting later in life – if I could just be an invisible fly on the wall that would be good. I say this because I have never met my father-in-law; sadly he passed away three years before I met my husband. His absence is much missed by all, even I who have never met him.

    If I get lucky to win a copy, may I please request for a paperback as I don’t own an e-reader?

    • Thanks, Grace. I would like to meet my father’s parents who died when he was a boy. Your comment on the paperback is noted.

  32. Congratulations on your new book. Looking forward to reading it.

    I loved your “Becoming Elizabeth Darcy” — and I cannot forget the humor in it, as Beth discovers the lack of hygiene in the regency era. That would be me!!! So if I went anywhere in time, it would have to be short enough so that I couldn’t have to deal with the worries of plumbing and cleanliness. I’d also have to visit during pleasant weather. (How un-adventurous is that!?) But those concerns aside, I think I would be fascinated to see parts of the US before it was all built up and populated, when there were just pioneers arriving and settling down. Maybe San Francisco in the 1800s or New England in the pilgrim times.

    • We are on the same page. I’d like a short trip to the Regency Era, but I want my cell phone and flush toilets! And who likes rainy weather when you’re on vacation. I’d like to see pre-Revolutionary Boston and sit in a few of the rebels’ meetings. So glad you enjoyed Becoming Elizabeth Darcy b/c I enjoyed writing it.

  33. Congrats on the release! I look forward to reading it, as I have enjoyed your other Regency books. If I could travel in time,I would be tempted to go to the future and see how my kids (who are currently 6 and 3) and grandsons (assuming there are any) turn out. But that would be a little risky because maybe things don’t look so good in the future (climate change and all that). So maybe going back is safer. I think the time right after the American Revolution would be pretty interesting to watch our country being born. I agree with Ceri that seeing dinosaurs would be pretty awesome!

    • Thanks, Leigh, for joining me in my celebration. So glad you like my stories. I really enjoy learning about the Revolutionary War Era. I have two shelves in my bookcase just for those books.

  34. That’s a deceptively hard question! I’m a historian by education so I really like studying the past, but I’m thoroughly attached to modern conveniences and medicine. If I didn’t have to stay any longer than I wanted to, I’d actually like to bounce around history and get the answers to various unsolved questions: what really happened in Dallas in 1963, where the Templar fleet really went, what killed Tutankhamun, what Abraham Lincoln sounded like giving the Gettysburg Address, the chain of events that lead to the deaths of the Romanovs, where and when the first people got to the Americas. Oh! And how far the vikings went and what they did when they “discovered” America.

    • Hi MeriLyn. You sound like me. In Another Place in Time my main character wonders if a tube of Preparation H for Napoleon would have had an impact at the Battle of Waterloo. What if Henry VIII hadn’t divorced Catherine, would we have the legacy of Elizabeth? And so it goes.

  35. I’m delighted that you have a new Pride and Prejudice story to launch. As you know I love your novels and would add Another Place in Time to my wish list. Congratulations and keep on the good work.

    If I’m lucky, I would like to travel to Regency era and experience the life that I read in so many novels of the era. I don’t plan to stay there forever since I can’t do without modern conveniences and my independent living.

    • Hi Sylvia. We’ll have to book a flight in the time capsule to go to Regency England. You’d look great in those A-line dresses. Thanks for dropping in.

  36. Oh I can’t wait for this one Mary! I love the idea of Mr. Darcy getting some expert JA advice in winning Elizabeth! Then to have a modern woman for the Colonel? Bonus! Congratulations!

    As to where I would like to time travel to…that’s tough…Georgian, Regency or Edwardian times would probably be my first 3 choices in England of course! Hopefully, into money too!

    Thank you for the giveaway too! I just got a Kindle too!

    • Hi Carole. I’d like to visit the Edwardian Era as well. With the railways in place, I could go all over the UK. Fun!

  37. This book has taken an interesting plot , Mary. I have so much curiosity as follows the story. I had enjoyed with “Becoming Elizabeth Darcy” and “Another Place in Time” sounds great 😉

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy.

    • I love writing time travel b/c the modern character can make wisecracks. Something I’m pretty good at. Thanks for stopping by.

  38. Mary have read all your books and enjoyed them all. This sound intriguing and can’t wait to read. Will it also be on audio. I just discovered reading and listening at the gym. It was wonderful on the treadmill. It turns the page an everything. Felt like a queen. Hehehe

    • Hi, Charlene. Thanks for your support for all my books. Audio? Not yet. I’m also writing mysteries, and going back and forth between the two genres has me confused enough!

  39. Gosh, time travel AND a P&P variation. Sounds intriguing to say the least.

    As a committed Jane Austen fan and unapologetic sci-fi geek, I’d really like to read this one. Many people can’t understand how I can be both but if I had a TARDIS like The Doctor from Doctor Who, I think I would have to go back to Regency England to see what life was really like then. Not as romantic for the lower classes, I would imagine.

    Then, I must confess, I’d also have to come back forward in time to the 1960s with some sort of recording device. Then I could rescue all the missing episodes of the aforementioned TV series that the BBC wiped. (Sorry, geek REALLY showing here!)

    • I’m not a Dr. Who follower. I didn’t realize there were lost episodes. That would make me nuts! Thanks for joining me.

  40. There is so many time periods I would travel to it is hard to choose one!

    Definitely Jane Austen time, Imperial Russia in 18th to early 20th century and more.

  41. I’m so glad you are posting on this new site and sharing all of these great books that are coming out. I did to know about your mysteries, can’t believe I missed that! But as an avid reader I keep a wish list going a d my wonderful husband often surprises me with the newest release. I just put you new book on the wish list so can’t wait to get it. As for traveling back in time, I would want to go to a time when women had more rights and respect but life was not so complicated or so crazy. I’m thinking 50s. To be an adult then not a kid. Thank you for your wonderful books you are amazing.

    • For the same reasons you mentioned, I think it would be a good time to be a woman during WWII, a time when woman took over men’s jobs and showed they could do it.

  42. If I could travel through time…wow, too many choices! I think I need a Tardis!

    England and Scotland during any of several eras; ancient Rome; my home well before it was colonized…that’s a start at least!

    • I’m of 100% Irish ancestry, so I’d like to back to see my relations. They were dirt poor–literally. So it would be quite an eye-opener. Thanks for stopping by.

  43. If I could travel through time, I would have to check out the future—what will it be like? We sometimes romanticize history, but I don’t think I would actually like living in the past… However, a short visit to Jane Austen’s time would definitely be welcome 🙂 .

    Fortunately for me, we have books like this one to virtually make the journey—I can’t wait to read it! Thanks for offering this giveaway.

    • Thanks, Novella. I don’t think I would want to visit the future. Things are so complicated in 2012. But you can go and let me know.

  44. If I could travel back in time, it would be to when my first child was born (so about 18 years!)… all so I could live every moment again before he leaves for college :-(.

    Amy Z

  45. I must confess that I have always thought that I was born in the wrong time period. I have felt that I belonged in the Regency era; however, I don’t wish it because I don’t want to be “below stairs” and that is my fear! Thank you for the giveaway. Your book sounds like a great read.

    • I know what you mean about being “below stairs.” Coming from a long line of Irish peasants, I would have probably been a scullery maid!

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