Chapter Seven – From Lambton to King’s Cross by Caitlin Williams and L.L. Diamond — 36 Comments

  1. I like the idea and some of your writing but so far have really find Ellie distinctively unappealing character. She comes across as totally self-centred, bemoaning about her ex walking off with the coffee machine that she sounds more like a modern day Lydia than an Elizabeth. Where’s her empathy for Lizzie?

    On a more positive note, the idea of the ‘curse of pemberley is a intriguing.

    • I think everyone is a little self-centered when they first get dumped. Ellie has to grow and learn just as Elizabeth did in Pride and Prejudice. Not that anyone said she’d be exactly like Elizabeth. Empathy is there. We just need her to forget about her troubles for a while and grow.

  2. Oh heavens Ellie, first you killed Elizabeth and now Darcy? You really really need to fix this or I will have nothing to read! I rely on my D&E stories! Ruby is obviously a descendant of Mrs Reynolds and if she is in a nursing home she is obviously from a time a lot closer to Elizabeth. So you girls need to get to Lambton and pray that Ruby is still alive AND capable of sharing any stories about Pemberley and Darcy. Hopefully Mrs Reynolds survived the fire! I have no idea how you are going to fix this but can’t wait to find out! (maybe Leslie or Caitlin is open to bribery?) I’m not saying I am desperate but I woke at 5.30 and instead of going back to sleep 💤 I had to check my phone and read this chapter! And now I have to wait again for next week! You really shouldn’t be encouraging me to wish my life away like this ladies (maybe I will forgive you though if the girls do manage to find a solution sometime this year 😐) Same time next week for now???

    • I’m so flattered you chose the chapter over sleep! We’ll get a little more in-depth about the fire soon. I promise! Ellie just has to figure a way to return before too long.
      As far as bribery, I’m afraid I’m going to have to disappoint you. There’s no room in the calendar for another day and Caitlyn and I both have children to chase around, so we have a 4 week cushion that is precarious at best, so we don’t have the chapters to post more. I’m sorry! Thanks so much, Glynis!

      • Oh well! It’s probably a good thing that you are incorruptible as I haven’t enough money anyway! Really I’m impressed that you both find the time to write at all with children around. So we will say no more about it and just wait patiently 😂😂! (in the meantime I am re reading Unwavering Trust for the ……th time so don’t think I am just sitting here twiddling my thumbs 📚😍)

    • I didn’t mean to kill Elizabeth! I thought it was all the most utterly bizarre dream I’ve ever had. Who knew that when I got home, I’d find Elizabeth in my flat? I’m working on fixing it, but you could give me some idea of where to begin because I honestly don’t have a clue!

      • I’m sorry for the accusations Ellie, I perfectly understand how it happened. So, I think the answer may lie in Pemberley? Or at least in Lambton. I really hope that Ruby can help you and Elizabeth or at least give you some facts that will show you the way. Good luck and keep me posted.

  3. Curse on Pemberley and anyone related to its owner. Elizabeth lost in time, Pemberley’s wing destroyed by fire, Darcy died in the fire, and then Georgiana in childbirth. Seems that Ellie “killed” more than Elizabeth by throwing herself under the carriage wheels. Yikes. She changed the course of history of the Darcys. Hopefully something happy happens with trip to Lambton. Maybe Ellie should just take Elizabeth back to Pemberley. Anxiously awaiting the next chapter.

    • Carol. Yes, I think a trip to Pemberley is just the thing. But maybe they’ll be a slight detour first…Thanks for reading.

  4. Poor Darcy, to learn that Elizabeth was so close and of her death at the same time. He must have been heartbroken and a shadow of himself. I know, it’s my (romantic) imagination. But I am sure the girls will find a way to return Elizabeth to the 19th century. Maybe the doorway to the past is at Pemberley. We cannot leave poor Darcy in that state (I do worry for him). And maybe you could name the book “The Enchanted Portrait of Elizabeth Darcy” or “The Lost Shadows of Pemberley” or “Seeking Fitzwilliam Darcy”.

    • On second thoughts, I do have a question for Elizabeth : What does she think of walking around in trousers, or how does she feel about it? Or with her hair down? Isn’t her modesty offended? And isn’t she offended by Ellie’s extremely rude language or simply amused? (I for one would have been totally appalled and would have expressed my disapproval)

      • I have but a few moments to respond, Nathalie, as all my thoughts are directed towards today’s events and I can be concerned only with finding a solution to my current predicament.
        As regards the trousers, a revelation! Warm, comfortable and pockets for securing handkerchiefs and letters from disappointed suitors.
        As for Ellie’s language. I confess to only understanding half of what she says, perhaps that is a blessing.

        • That is truly sweet. I feel like a child on Christmas day to be talking to Elizabeth Bennet (and I don’t even feel silly…!)

    • I like your suggestions for names. Thanks so much. Added to our list. Yes, poor Darcy would have been devastated.

  5. OMG, shocking that Darcy died in a fire! Would the Fitzwilliam family know more about the fire? Of course, Mrs. Reynolds should know something. Could the house be haunted by Darcy’s restless spirit? Had he heard of Elizabeth’s death and become hopeless? In sadness, drinking and accidentally setting the house on fire?

    I look forward, with baited breath, to how this all will be worked out in the coming chapters.

    • Oh, Patty. I so want to tell you, but I can’t spoil the surprise. Thanks so much for reading. Next week is full of revelations.

  6. Oh my, it seems that Ellie’s killing Elizabeth changed everything! Poor Darcy, I bet after he found out Elizabeth had died, he kind of lost interest in life. And now our lovely Pemberley is thought to be cursed! So bad! Ellie, you must fix that! You ruined everything! I hope Ruby Reynolds has lot of answers. You know, the only problem about this story is the posting schedule. Now we need to wait a whole week for more!

  7. If history has been changed there is not going to be a Tom Darcy at Pemberley for Ellie to find and question. I am thinking that our Fitzwilliam Darcy was so despondent that he got drunk and was careless with the fire in his study late at night. Sad that a curse then seemed to follow the family. And dear Ruby Reynolds…obviously a descendent of Fitzwilliam’s Mrs. Reynolds. She would have kept notes about the family and just maybe these Household Journals were passed down. But how to reverse the “throwing” oneself in front of a carriage. Suicide is such a selfish act. That person never considers how others will be affected…unless the person doing it is a vile criminal whose life has been a series of psychopathic attacks and murders, etc. My thought is a question as to whether it is possible for Ellie to time travel back to before her suicide and then to act differently.

    Thanks for the chapter. Knowing you are chasing children around makes me that much more grateful that you find any time at all to write. Been there, done that and never had time to watch TV much less read many books…unless it was children’s book.

    • For me, school is my saving grace to write! That or when I can find a quiet moment. Caitlin’s are a bit younger, so I know she has to really work for her quiet time more than I do.

      Ellie really didn’t commit suicide really and truly. You have to consider that she thought she was in a dream. Who thinks they’ll travel back over one hundred years like she did. I think anyone would find it too bizarre to be real. As for whether she can travel back to a certain time. I don’t know. We’ll just have to see. Thanks, Sheila!

  8. Do you know how many chapter are there to the story, Leslie? I know you two are still writing, but do you have an idea?

  9. Wow, so many twists and turns in this story–I love it!

    E&E need to figure out what’s going on and how to reverse the curse cuz Darcy can’t die at only 30! And without his Elizabeth!

    And the “curse” on Pemberley must also be reversed.

    I can’t wait to see what happens next! Thank you, ladies, for an awe-inspiring chapter and story!

    Susanne 🙂

  10. OMG!!!! Leslie & Caitlin, what have you done?! William died in a fire?! Oh poor man!!!!
    I do wonder if Elizabeth and Ellie needs to go back to what is left of Pemberley to access a sort of time door?
    And Ruby Reynolds, she must be related to the housekeeper of Mrs Reynolds of William’s time obviously! 👍🏻👏🏻 I do wonder what she will be able to tell?

    Ellie, what is your next theory to get Elizabeth home? Besides talking with Ruby Reynolds?
    Elizabeth: what are you most enjoyed of the 21st century?

    • My Dear Sophia,
      ‘Tis a strange new world. I have found many things to appreciate, and things to disapprove of.
      I greatly enjoyed being able to hear music at the touch of a button. Though the cacophony of sound that greets my ears on occasion is not always pleasant, it is a revelation nonetheless

    • Theory? I’m making this all up as I go along! I’ll be seriously chuffed if something finally works, though.

      • Ellie, my goodness I’ll be surprised if you don’t get some very interesting information from Ruby – and then you need to get to Lambton to reverse the curse and the bad idea of killing Elizabeth!

        Elizabeth, I can understand your pleasure in music, what do you think of your time adventure with Ellie? What world do you prefer?
        Personally I think you and Ellie should get you back to William at Pemberley so Ellie too can find her match

  11. I love the fact that Elizabeth and Ellie have distinct voices appropriate for their respective eras. Does one author write the dialogue for Elizabeth and the other write it for Ellie? Or how do you work together? I think the clue to reversing the tragedies lies in Elizabeth’s diary and Tom Darcy, after all there is a portrait of Elizabeth Darcy hanging at Pemberley, so the problem had to be resolved! Can’t wait for more!

    • Yes, I think the answer lies at Pemberley.
      As for writing, we both write each chapter, passing it back and forth until we’re both happy

  12. As I’m sure Ellie and Elizabeth are saying ‘this can’t be happening’ I know I am! Darcy and Georgiana both died tragically and by all accounts so had Elizabeth Bennet. Yes, I’m thinking something happened on the grounds of Pemberley before Ellie made it to back to Lambton and set in motion this timeshift. For didn’t Ellie think she saw ‘Elizabeth Darcy’. I’m trying to recall if was raining or misting during that scene. Here’s another title suggestion, though I do like the ones Nathalie suggested, ‘The Mists of Pemberley’. I’m wondering if Elizabeth has been able to keep her mouth closed as she is taken around London! LOL!

    • Ellie has been saying that from the beginning. I think Elizabeth is a little overwhelmed at the moment. Give her some time to let it all sink in and realise what she has and could have. Thanks, Carole! We’ll put that title with the rest 🙂

  13. Please don’t say you’re going to be so cruel as to dangle Ruby’s name in front of us and then let Eliie and Elizabeth discover that she’s passed away?

    Some (OK, a lot of) sad stuff here. Fitzwilliam Darcy and Georgiana died young, far earlier than they should have; a bad enough aura and enough unfortunate events around Pemberkey that folk say it’s cursed.

    Let’s hope the two Elizabeths can put things right eventually!

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