March Madness–Part 1: Ladies’ Night — 19 Comments

  1. Oh Lord Leslie I have no idea. But I hope they are hiding outside planning to gatecrash ladies night! That would make interesting reading I think. Whatever, I can’t wait for tomorrow as I am loving these little stories thank you 😊

    • At least part 2 is tomorrow! Personally, I think Mary would gatecrash any party, so we’ll see where it all winds up. Thanks, Glynis!

  2. This was so much fun. I believe that not one of the men will fall for her, as a matter of fact they just may duplicate the above scene in their own way. What a great way to start a Monday morning.

    • I suppose it depends on how she catches the men. Mary is a determined lady. I’m sure she’d much rather spend the evening with the men than the ladies 🙂 Thanks, Deborah!

  3. What a fun read!. Love March Madness and this idea of yours.
    I think the girls should warn their men that Mary is on the way. Of course Mrs Reynolds can handle Mary. She needs to be taught a lesson.

    • We have to see if the guys are at Darcy’s house. That was not the original plan. We’ll find out tomorrow though, so not a long wait. Thanks, Christa!

  4. I’m sure Captain Tilney or John Thorpe would do so! Then of course Wickham if there was money in it for him! Oh wait is he married to Lydia? Can’t have that! I think a modern day Lydia would have him whipped! Emma has someone in mind? I can’t imagine Churchill would stoop that low…

    I can just visualize Lizzy being held back! Loved this…more please….I know there is tomorrow but…more please?

    • I thought about it, but it was more fun to let everyone speculate. I’m going to try to do the entire year of themes to the storyline. Next month the theme won’t fit it, but as soon as a theme works I’ll fit it in don’t worry! Thanks, Carole!

  5. Oh, that was so much fun!!!! I recently read a JAFF where, oh yes, Frank Churchilll definitely WOULD have been agreeable to Mary Crawford’s attentions. The author painted him as a bad guy, and did a really convincing job. Poor Jane. That was ‘Death of a Fop,’ by Sarah Waldock. Although, your events would have had to happen before the opening of her book. Just saying. But I’m sure I’m noI the only one who wasn’t really happy with the way Frank’s actions all through Emma?

    Thanks for the smile to start my day. Michelle

    • No, I wanted to like Frank, but he was a bit of a rake wasn’t he? He did lead Emma and everyone else on for most of the story. Thanks, Michelle!

  6. I really hope you’ll entertain us with more 50 Shades of Jane after this month is over, Leslie. The stories so far have been a real hoot. The March Madness stories have also been fantastic.

    So, have the boys gone to the pub, or did Darcy talk them into going to his place instead? If Mary Crawford is on the prowl, let’s hope it’s the latter (for them anyway, though it won’t be half as funny for us I suspect). Going to be interesting to find out and I’m off to find out right now.

    • I plan on continuing the story line throughout the year when the themes fit. Once they’re all done, we’ll see what I have and whether I have the brain to string them together into more 🙂 I’ve never written that way, but it could be fun to try! Thanks, Anji!

  7. Trying to get to unopened older e-mailed blogs today.

    This was interesting. Trying to keep names and personalities straight is a challenge at times. Thanks for the entertainment.

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