Know your Phaeton from your Curricle, Part 1: Guest Post by Hazel Mills — 14 Comments

  1. Hazel! I am so excited to see your post and even more excited to hear this entire talk next month! Thanks for posting a portion of it so I can get a preview! 🙂

  2. What a wealth of information, Hazel. I really enjoyed your post (no pun intended). I’m looking forward to the next stage.

  3. Hazel, I have been working on a sequel to Mansfield Park. It seems to me that Fanny and Edmund Bertram have some sort of a horse drawn conveyance so they can easily visit Mansfield. I have been thinking they would have a gig somewhat like the Crofts have in Persuasion. Does this seem reasonable to you?

  4. Really interesting question Janelle. As a clergyman on a smaller income Fanny and Edmund may well have a gig in which to travel, but the Bertrams may not be so simple. At the end of the book we know that Fanny’s new father-in-law is so happy to have her as a daughter that Jane tells us “After settling her at Thornton Lacey with every kind attention to her comfort, the object of almost every day was to see her there, or to get her away from it.”. It may well be that Sir Thomas may have given them something a little more up-market to make those trips more comfortable. I think the choice is yours depending on how you justify it!

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