Chapter Twelve – A Journal, Several Portraits, and a Bedchamber or Two — 33 Comments

  1. Am I the only one who was shrieking like a fangirl by the end? HE BELIEVED THEM!! 👏🏻👍🏻😍🎉🎉🎉 hurrah! Yay! Ellie and Tom are having that drink! Will it end in a kiss?
    Did anyone get the Back to the future reference? Brilliant Leslie! I smiled rather cheekily when I read it, so brilliantly funny! Ohh why is Elizabeth not getting fonder of Darcy? And the part with her shared bedchamber with Darcy, that was a nice aspect to add to the chapter! Now who will return to 1813? Will it be Ellie or Elizabeth?
    Oh no now we have to wait another week! 😳😫😱

    • Woohoo! You liked my Back to the Future joke. I wrote it and then when I went back through I thought of it and added it in. I’m glad I’m not the only one who liked it. 🙂 Elizabeth is a Regency girl. They kept their feelings pretty much to themselves. She’s not going to go broadcasting it. She isn’t unaffected by him. I promise! Thanks, Sophia!

  2. Oh yes Leslie! I too appreciated the BTTF reference! I’m so happy to know that Tom will help although goodness knows how. At least they are having that drink and ….well I’m just wondering where Ellie is going to sleep if there are no available guest rooms? Hmmm she may have to share with Tom 😱😱😱.
    Hopefully the fact that she asked Darcy to deal with the Wickham problem before she came back might mean he will discover his plans BEFORE he gets to run off with Lydia or at least before they got very far. Although how Lydia will be persuaded not to marry him is anyone’s guess (well it’s actually yours Leslie😂😂)
    I believe that Elizabeth is actually in a fair way to being in love with Darcy already so that’s one good thing. Another is that Ellie doesn’t seem to be indifferent to Tom either 😍😍.
    I’m glad that Caitlin is still able to help you with this Leslie and please don’t apologise for the length of chapters as I am sure I will be able to cope.
    I hope learning from Tom all the details about Lydia will give them some ideas on solving this and can’t wait for next week. If I think of any ideas I will let you know of course.
    Thank you so much Leslie 😘😘😘

    • There are rooms not on the tour, but the guest rooms from Elizabeth’s day are. I probably worded that badly. Nevertheless, we’ll see where Ellie is in the morning. 😉
      We’ll find out what’s going on with Wickham in a little while. We just had to convince Tom what was going on and take care of a few things first.

      Caitlin was great to message me about the chapter. My good friend and beta Suzan Lauder is giving the chapters a quick proofread so I have an extra set of eyes. She’s awesome like that. 🙂

      Thanks, Glynis!

      • I’m so glad that Suzan is helping you as I know from experience that reading something yourself you tend to read what you meant to write rather than what is actually there 😱.
        I think my comment about Ellie and Tom was more wishful thinking given the size of Pemberley.
        I am definitely in awe at your imagination as I really can’t see how they are going to resolve this, but I am hoping that with Tom’s actual presence now that somehow things are settled with Elizabeth back with her adoring (and adorable!) Darcy and Ellie with an equally adoring and adored Tom!
        Right that’s the ending sorted so if you can just fill in the middle bits???😂😂😂😂

  3. I have to say… it is very strange to have Tom Darcy calling on his mobile to order tea, instead of pulling the bell… Thank you for a long and lovely chapter 🙂

  4. Ellies car Mildred could be her DeLorean.
    Time travel is such a good fantasy, but I always wondered: when someone from the past comes to our time and learns about it, will he or she remember this when going back. How can you remember something that has not happend yet?

    • In some respects you wouldn’t remember though. The time could be changed because you behave slightly differently. It’s complicated, isn’t it? Thanks for reading and commenting, liziris!

  5. I like long chapters so never apologize for that! Oh yes, I caught the BTTF reference as well! Ellie has to be inside Mildred when the sky goes all funny so that is her car for time travel. I do think Mildred has a strange sense of humour though! LOL! I love the bed!!!! Forget the hangings over it as I would love to own it!

    • That was one of the best pictures I had of a bed and it’s from Chatsworth. I have to hunt for some that would be fun, but I do love using my own when I can. Mildred does have a pretty warped sense of humour. She got them to Pemberley or at least a part of it 😉 so she’s done a good job. Thanks, Carole!

  6. Goodness, so many modern references that went flying above poor Miss Bennet’s head, everything from Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein to Back to the Future!

    And Tom has agreed to help, and I admire him for asking for his one condition which seems quite fair, especially from a historian’s perspective.

    At least they’re finally having that drink, albeit in the kitchens of Pemberley. 😉

    I can’t wait to see what happens next!! Thank you so much for writing and sharing it with us here! My Wednesday mornings are all the brighter because of this story!! 😀

    Susanne 🙂

    • I couldn’t resist some of those modern references. She’s in a different time, so that’s bound to happen. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it, Susanne! Thanks for following and commenting!

  7. Ellie owning a DeLorean, if so she’s been hiding her wealth. Of course, her poor Mildred could be her cheap version of the DeLorean. Tom and Ellie’s time is so different from Lizzy’s Regency period that I’m sure she is constantly in embarrassment, especially when he refers to her marriage to Fitzwilliam Darcy. Just thinking about causes her to blush. When Elizabeth goes back to her own time, hopefully Wickham can be exposed before he harms the Bennets. Death is a viable option to consider. He has to have more enemies than Darcy. Even Elizabeth can destroy him now that she knows what happens to her stupid, foolish sister and she could end his traitorous ways with young silly women. Love this story. I’m anxious to see how you’re going to get Elizabeth Bennet back to her time and how she becomes Elizabeth Darcy.

  8. Elizabeth (should I say, her ghost) is the engineer of all this, isn’t she? She”found” Ellie at Pemberly for a reason, me thinks. 😉 Perhaps to save Lydia?

    Loving this but it’s torture to have to wait a week for each new chapter!!!

    Oh, and Tom? Swoon.

    • It’s possible Elizabeth’s ghost is the engineer. Ellie could be there for any number of reasons. She could be there to save Lydia, or Elizabeth could have targeted Ellie because she was meant to be with Tom. Who knows? Isn’t Tom dishy? I’m having a lot of fun with him. He’s geeky but cute. Thanks, Mary-Kate!

  9. This is my favorite sequel currently on this site. Can’t wait for the next installment! It’s too bad you have to go it alone now with the story, but it seems to be working.

  10. Loved the Back to the Future reference. Nice memories of those movies.

    Both times Ellie went back in time she was unconscious – asleep the first time and knocked out the second. So will it happen when she goes to sleep tonight aftef spending time with Tom?

    Could be very awkward if she “ends up in bed” with Tom and then Elizabeth is there when Ellie disappears.

    Cannot wait until next week.

    So when Darcy and the real Elizabeth do get back in the same time, will she remember any of this and if so, will she share it with Darcy?

  11. You must be a genius to keep who is speaking about what and when! One quick question: you used the name Alfred Einstein. Did you mean Albert? Forgive me if you intended someone else.

  12. I have saved up a number of chapters to read together so will be posting comments today. Interesting that Elizabeth would not sleep in the bedchamber of her marriage. But I understand how strange it might seem. Tom and Ellie seem to have a better understanding of each other. At least now he is not considering locking her up in the loony bin. Thanks for this chapter. I am looking forward to the next few. I, also, am wondering if all memories of time travel will be erased when each is restored to where they belong permanently.

  13. Oh my goodness, I just found you a couple days ago on twitter and have reading the chapters ever since. I love the story. Please say there are more chapters? I’m already thinking this needs to be turned into a movie. Thanks for this!

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