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  1. Thanks Maria for the excerpt and for all the giveaways from everyone at Austen Variations! I always enjoy reading “missing scenes” or variations of my favorite novel Pride and Prejudice. –Leslie

  2. thank you very much Maria for this variation!!! I’ve highly appreciated this scene! hope to read more soon!
    Happy New Year to everybody from Italy!

  3. I loved it! Thank you for such a wonderful missing scene. Colonel Fitzwilliam had me chuckling, even though Darcy was suffering. Duty and good manners versus what he wants is always a problem for him. If Elizabeth could see him here she would realize he detests all social occasions. What a fun way to start my morning! I already have the ebooks, audiobook and the magnet with the blue fairy wren. Thank you all for your generosity.

  4. I love this! It is so Darcy. Except for Henry Tilney, Jane Austens men are always clueless. Must come from living with a house full of boys. As great writing and this would be a good chapter in a variation.

  5. A wonderdul glimps into our favorite brooder. Too bad for Darcy that he feels such obligation. The ball shall be interesting indeed.

  6. Lovely little scene, Maria. Darcy is sooo uptight about mixing in company and missing Elizabeth and the Colonel is good value as always.

    I’m in the UK so not eligible for some of the prizes. I already have The Darcys of Derbyshire as ebook and audiobook and if Susan’s book is Mr Darcy’s Proposal, I already have that as ebook and audio, too.

  7. Love, love, love. So Darcy: hating a ball, hating to be matched with a woman not his choice, and thinking of Elizabeth who is so right, but so wrong. Cannot wait to see what happens at the ball. So wish his aunt knew Elizabeth and matches her to another man to see Darcy fester under the strain. Cannot wait for the next chapter.

  8. Hi, i live in Costa Rica, I really enjoy read the things all of you share. Thank you and keep going with the site.

  9. This really showed Darcy’s self-imposed punishments from his allegiance to his family and duty. He REALLY needs Elizabeth to loosen him up! I’m looking forward to how he contemplates a future Twelfth Night ball that he attends with Mrs. Elizabeth Darcy!

  10. A truly exceptional story, Maria, except for some grammatical error here and there. I would so love to see how the ball goes. Thanks for sharing Darcy’s side of the story to us.

  11. I loved the interaction between cousins! Such fun, always. ‘She showed me your letter to scold me for my penmanship. What an elegant hand you have, by the bye’ 😀 Wonderful!

  12. Well Elizabeth shouldn’t feel so bad now that Darcy has stated he can ‘tolerate’ his own cousin! Always love the interaction between Darcy and the Colonel. Thank you!

  13. Ooh I can’t wait to see what happens at the ball, and what Darcy’s costume will be. Poor guy – I can see why he doesn’t really want to go but I’m hoping he’ll have a tolerable time.

    I’m just catching up on Jane in January but my tardiness means i don’t have to wait to read Part II 🙂

  14. I giggled at this : “The port decanter caught a glint of sunlight and tipped its hat at him from across the room.” Teasing, teasing decanter 😉 I also loved the line about the Colonel’s penmanship.

  15. My reply seems to have gone astray. In trying to be so proper Darcy does paint himself into many a corner. I do wonder what costume he is assigned? But his partner does seem a safe one and as a future member of the family he will have to learn to interact at a minimum. Thanks for this “missing” scene.

  16. You can’t help but love an irritated Darcy, and the Colonel has such a knack for bringing it out in him. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if somehow, some way Elizabeth and Jane were at the ball? However I guess if this is considered a missing scene and not a ‘what if’ the ball will only serve to heighten Darcy’s attraction to ODG.

    Looking forward to more,

  17. Unless it’s a cloak of invisibility, I cannot imagine any costume that Darcy would feel comfortable in at a ball, so I feel his pain. I’m a romantic and I’d like Col Fitzwilliam to arrange for Elizabeth to be there and have her name drawn. (I live in Canada).

  18. I can’t imagine what costume Darcy will be given that he is going to find acceptable. And I’m SURE there’s some mischief afoot with the choice of partners… Darcy seems all too easy to manipulate….

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