Jealousy In July: Jealousy and Anne Elliot — 11 Comments

  1. Poor Ava, I can feel her pain. She is not over Eric ass Anne was not over Frederick. Only stating the obvious. Thank you for sharing. This was a great way to start my morning.

  2. Oh poor Ava definitely TMI. Remembering his kisses……. had Captain Wentworth dared to kiss Anne???? I don’t imagine so but then I don’t suppose he kissed Louisa either. This book is on my wish list even though I only read Darcy and Elizabeth books and it is definitely moving up so thanks for this post 😊

    • Thanks! I personally love the angst between Anne and Captain Wentworth. Captain Wentworth probably wouldn’t have dared to kiss Anne, but I can’t help but put kissing in my books! 🙂

  3. Poor Ava!! I can’t imagine what hearing all of this would feel like. Knowing that Ava had a history with Eric should have been enough to shut up both Lacey and Mari. But obviously, they are as clueless as Louisa and Mary in Persuasion.

    (I wonder, though, if Mari is as much of a hypochondriac as Mary was….)

    Thanks for the vignette; I very much enjoyed it!

    ~Susanne 🙂

  4. I really enjoyed Sway! Persuasion is my favorite Austen, so a contemporary version interested me. The excerpt is a great taste of the book.

  5. Just received my copy of the book I won! So looking forward to reading this. I wonder if Lacey is enjoying this gloating of Eric too much, knowing Ava once dated him. Hope to start it soon! Thank you!

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