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  1. My sister. She is Marianne, or was Marianne. She was constantly running on huge highs or low lows. It was exhausting, but so beautiful because she was so unguarded with her heart and feelings.

  2. In those online quizzes that you see from time to time, I usually test out as either Elinor Dashwood or Anne Elliot, which I reckon to be about right. My sister would probably be a combination of Marianne Dashwood and Elizabeth Elliott. Our relationships with our father were very much like “the Elliot way”.

    I’d prefer to have the more outgoing personality of an Elizabeth Bennet, but without the prejudice of relying on First Impressions!

      • Haha, Anji! Autocorrect creatively revises my sentences every day 😁. It’s fascinating that you see similarities in your life not only to the personalities of the characters but, also, to the relationships they had in Austen’s stories! My family has a lot of P&P-like characters (for good and bad, lol), but you made me think about how some of the interactions *between* my relatives also reflect that story…♡

  3. Is there a character who is completely indecisive, uncomfortable with new people and shy? That would be me.
    I’m not as familiar with the other Austen books so based on P&P I think I would have to be Maria Lucas as I would not be half as afraid of Lady Catherine if Elizabeth were there!

    • Love your reflections, Glynis!! I always thought Maria Lucas was such a sweetheart — she just needed time to become more courageous 😊. As for other Austen characters, both Anne Eliot (when she was younger) from Persuasion & Harriet Smith from Emma were indecisive and relied on the advice of others. To me, they seemed shy in comparison to some of those around them. Both also gained a little more courage by the end of their stories! 💗

  4. Great article Marilyn which had me thinking. I always thought I was like Elizabeth and I have some of her traits. I never like having to conform to certain expectations, however like Jane I don’t like to disappoint family and friends. A bit socially awkward like Darcy and reserved upon first acquaintance. An overall positive outlook kind of like Bingley I suppose 🙂

  5. I am new to this site and I’m very excited to read your books. I tell people who are not familiar with Austen that one of things I love about her is that her characters are timeless. I think that Anne Elliot is most like me, well that I can relate to. (Always putting myself last and helping others while longing for true love)

    • Monica, first of all, welcome to the site!! I’m glad to have you here and really hope you’ll enjoy my stories 😉 .
      As for Anne, she’s such a beautifully written character and, I agree, Austen’s creations are timeless!

  6. I’ve been heavy into Austen-style self-analysis for many years. I’ve never been able to pin myself down to just one character, because I see major aspects of at least two, sometimes more. My best single person summary of myself would be how I imagine Georgiana Darcy to be. I tend to have the innocent heart and worldview of Jane Bennet – assuming the best of everyone, almost entirely incapable of recognizing deceit in others, and so trusting as to be sometimes dangerously gullible. But on the other hand, I also have all the social awkwardness of Mr. Darcy, with a devastating habit of tripping on my tongue and unintentionally offending people without realizing it, causing an almost crippling shyness in most social situations.

    • Amanda, as someone who loves introspection, I commend you for your deep self-analysis! I’ve always felt it takes a lifetime to strive to understand ourselves, and even then it’s probably not long enough 😉 . FWIW, despite their flaws, Georgiana, Jane, and Mr. Darcy are such beloved characters…and to be a combination of them is, IMO, a gift!

      • Thank you. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Jane aspect of my personality, even though it’s gotten me burned a few times. I just wish the world would live up to those expectations more consistently. I keep hoping the world will grow to the point that my expectations of the people I meet will prove to be more accurate. Some day.

        It was the Darcy side of me that caused the most trouble when I was younger. At first, I was horrified that I might perhaps resemble Lady Catherine. Until I considered again and realized that what I was seeing in myself was NOT Lady Catherine’s condescending, rude, and sometimes intentionally hurtful way with words. It was such a relief to discover that what I thought was the Lady Catherine in me was actually just the well-intentioned social awkwardness of a man we all admire, despite his habit of sometimes speaking without thinking it through first, misrepresenting what it was he intended to say.

        • One of the many things I love about Darcy is that he was smart and reflective enough to genuinely learn from his mistakes. To be able grow like that and to be able to revise not only his behavior but his opinions is — I think — the mark of a true adult. 😉

  7. The character I was most like in my youth is Georgiana Darcy. Not wealthy, but shy and musically talented. The character I wish I was more like would be Elizabeth Bennet with her quick wit and her ability to forgive. I am also a bit of Elinor Dashwood. Practical and steady. Perhaps we all see parts of Jane Austen’s characters in ourselves and that is what makes them believable. Human characteristics remain constant throughout history though circumstances change dramatically.

    • Meg, I think you expressed your thoughts on this beautifully!! And I agree with you — Austen made her characters believable enough that we recognize ourselves in many of them. I’ve never read an author who excelled at understanding human beings the way JA did 🙂 .

  8. I wish I could truthfully say that I’m more like Elizabeth Bennet (because who doesn’t want to be more like her?), but I think I’m more like Charlotte Lucas. Practical, level-headed, and a person who tries to be a good friend to others.

    • Pam, I really found Charlotte to be a wonderful friend. Without her insight (as well as her sister Jane’s), I don’t think Elizabeth would have learned as much about herself or been able to see Mr. Darcy as clearly. I think we’d all be lucky to have a friend like Charlotte in our lives! xo

  9. In the online quizzes, I usually get Elinor Dashwood or Fanny Price…occasionally Anne Elliot. I also have my Mary and Charlotte moments. I would love to be an Elizabeth or a Jane, but I’m more a background-type person and don’t tend to do well in the spotlight. I think that Elinor is actually pretty accurate; I’m definitely a “suffer-in-silence” type who takes on the responsibility for everyone around.

    Love this post, Marilyn!! Thank you for the generous giveaway!!

    Susanne 🙂

    • Susanne, it’s always wonderful to get to hear your thoughts on one of my posts! Thanks for taking the time to comment 😉 . As for Elinor, I’ve always appreciated her — not only for her stellar qualities but, also, for the way she balanced Marianne’s traits in S&S. I found myself being so *grateful* to Elinor for being there for her sister…and helping Marianne to mature!

  10. I think I am most like Elizabeth. I am quick witted and find humor at other peoples folly. I have no patience for lazy or whinny people. I am slow to forgive and beat myself up when I judge someone charter incorrectly.When wronged I do not forgive or want to have any interaction with that person again.

    • Kathy, the qualities you describe sound very Elizabeth Bennet-ish to me!! And I am totally with you on beating myself up if I misjudge someone…but if I *haven’t* misjudged them (and they’ve wronged me or someone I care about), I don’t hesitate to cut them out of my life forever 😀 . Perhaps that’s also Mr. Darcy-like of us??!

  11. Both books look delightful. I’m going to download free “Samples” from Amazon as a reminder to buy and read e-book copies One of These Days. If I win the contest, I plan to read them next, right after the biography of Albert Einstein! <3

  12. I’m not sure if commenting on my character identification is required. I, of course identify with Mr. Darcy. Whether I deserve to or not Is Entirely A Different Matter. 😉

    • We’ve never met in person, John, but I’m willing to believe that if you relate most to Mr. Darcy that you are, indeed, deserving of it!! You’ve always been kind and thoughtful in online discussions, which I consider the mark of a perfect gentleman!

  13. I’ve taken a bunch of Which Austen Heroine Are You? quizzes and I always end up getting Fanny Price! Which is sooo disappointing, lol. I also feel I have a bit of Catherine Morland in me, mixed with Elinor Dashwood. I would love to be an Elizabeth type, but as much as I love her as a character, I know I’m nothing like her.
    (Not entering BTW, just love this conversation!)

    • Melanie, LOL!! I totally get what you’re saying about Fanny… 😀 …but she’s actually got some incredible qualities. To be compared to someone who has such steadfastness, strength of character, good sense amid a household of messed-up relatives, and more self-knowledge than anyone in her environment…that can’t be all bad! xoxo

  14. I think I can relate to Mary Bennet — uncomfortable in company and always with my nose in a book. Add in some Charlotte Lucas practicality and I can see why she was attracted to a friendship with the much livelier Elizabeth. I also relate to the very responsible Elinor. And I understand Darcy and his attitude / behavior.

    • Linda, I can relate to the responsibility of Elinor as well and understand Darcy’s reserve… As for Mary Bennet, ohhhh, how I wish I could play piano more like Georgiana instead!! 😀

  15. I’m a female Mr. Darcy. I was prideful and prejudiced before being humbled in my 20s, and I’m a much better person today due to that experience.

  16. Although I wish I was an Elizabeth Bennet, I have always related most with Anne Elliot and Mary Bennet so I would say I a mix of them.

  17. If I could mix Elizabeth and Elinor together, I think that’s me. I prefer quiet time alone, but when something must be said, I’m the girl for the job with no qualms and quite enjoy it. But I do like working behind the scenes like Elinor.

    • Anne is such a brilliantly crafted character, Robin!! And I can’t remember from the text when her birthday (and yours) is…but here’s wishing you both a happy b-day whenever it comes up! 😀

  18. When I was 15 I’m afraid I was Lydia, just a whining brat – elopement was not in the cards. When I got older I was more Marianne, looking for fun, hoping to fall in love with someone WONDERFUL. My husband and I didn’t like one another when we met so I suppose we had our Elizabeth and Darcy moments then. Now I suspect I’m Elinor Dashwood. I’m not looking for miracles and I accept the good with the bad, always hoping things will work out for the best.

    • I really love how you could see yourself as different characters at various stages in your life, Lynn!! I think that’s true for many of us (and, I have to admit, I had my flirtatious Lydia moments as a teen, too!) 🙂

  19. I’m probably most like Elizabeth. Marry for love or not at all, love to read, plus many other qualities. I’m definitely an obstinate, headstrong girl as my mom so often called me. (I’m pretty sure she NEVER read P&P, either.)

  20. I think I’m a combination of Elinor and Emma. I am very good at keeping a secret even it is killing me and I think I have Elinor’s practicality. Emma – because I can be a bit of a know-it-all and I’m not always right, but rarely wrong.

  21. Anne Elliott , the first time I read this I automatically identified with Anne, because I too had been “ persuaded “ at a young age to give up what I thought was the love of my life. Years later he and I connected and even married, it didn’t work out for me like it did for Anne. Maybe it would have if he had been more like Captain Wentworth.

    • Shannon, I suspect many of us wish we could’ve been with a man like Wentworth.❤ Alas…
      FWIW, that you were able to meet up again with the long lost love from your past and give a relationship a try is notable. If you hadn’t, you may have always wondered if it might’ve worked. xox

  22. I would LOVE to be Elizabeth, but being tall and blond, Darcy wouldn’t give me the time of day, although I dearly love to laugh. I can identify with Mrs. Gardiner who looked after the girls and encouraged them and was no doubt a mother hen to her own brood. She seems like a nice motherly, go to for advice kind of person, which I also think I am. I also can be sweet like Jane, but once I’m crossed my Lizzy temper flares. As I’m big into music, I’m not sure which Austen character I would match except maybe Jane herself who practiced every morning and copied out new songs for her collection whenever she was able. Now that would be fun!

    • Jen, although I’ve never had the pleasure of hearing you play in person, I have no doubt that Darcy would’ve been impressed with your musical ability! Blond or not, you would’ve caught his attention 💗. After all, he was so proud of his sister’s playing that he bought her a big beautiful piano!! 😊 xo

    • Taswmom – I really love both of those characters, though!! Perhaps they don’t have Elizabeth’s quick wit & humor, but they’re still very intelligent, thoughtful, practical and kind 😊.

  23. I feel that I am most like Darcy. I do not have the talent to converse easily with people I just met. Some people may think that I am aloof and proud but actually I’m quite shy.

    • Luthien,
      I can understand that 😉 . It’s hard to feel completely at ease with strangers… I know some people who can do it, but I think it’s more common to feel a bit reserved. xo

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  25. Hi Marilyn,
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    • Lynn, you are so lovely to have purchased and read all 3 books! I’m just thrilled to know you enjoyed them — thank you! That just makes my week ❤❤. And you’re still going to get a prize! I’ll message you 😁.

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