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  1. 1. Edmund Betram and Jane Bingley: Jane is an angel who would never complain and would probably be very malleable if Edmund directed her behavior (suggested reading, opinions, etc.)
    2. George Wickham and Elizabeth Elliot. Can you imagine the look on her face when she discovers his true connection to the Darcy’s and to Pemberley. Poor girl.
    3. Colonel Brandon and Lucy Steele. He is a tender hearted, classy gent and she is a conniving, insincere wench. No substance. Relentless fawning. Definitely oil and water.

  2. 1. Bachelor #2 and Bachelorette #2 (Edmund Bertram and Jane Bennet) – They are both very kind and careful to observe the rules of propriety. A marriage between them might not be passionate, but I would call it felicitous.

    2. Bachelor #1 and Bachelorette #1 (George Wickham and Emma Woodhouse) – I would *love* to see Emma put Wickham in his place!

    3. Bachelor #4 and Bachelorette #4 (Colonel Brandon and Elizabeth Elliot) – I’m sure Miss Elliot would consider the Colonel to be too old and stodgy for her (though he *does* own an estate), and, quite aside from being materialistic and snobbish, Elizabeth might not be young enough for a man of the Colonel’s predilections…

  3. 1. Who would you match up, with an eye toward domestic felicity?
    Bachelor 2 and Bachelorette 2
    2. Who would you put together just to watch the fireworks?
    Bachelor 1 and Bachelorette 4
    3. Who would be like oil and water?
    Bachelor 4 and Bachelorette 3

    Loved reading the descriptions of the bachelors and bachelorettes.

  4. For domestic felicity — Bachelor 4 and Bachelorette 2 – aka Colonel Brandon and Jane Bennet. They are both just too nice.

    For fireworks — Bachelor 1 and Bachelorette 3 – aka George Wickham and Lucy Steele. Similar to Melissa’s comment about Wickham and Eliz E — Lucy would NOT be happy when she found out the truth.

    Mixing oil and water — Bachelor 4 and Bachelorette 5 – aka Colonel Brandon (again) and Catherine Morland. I just can’t quite picture it…

  5. For felicity I believe several gentlemen would find happiness with lady 2 but I paired her with gentleman 4 because they are bith gentle caring individuals and she needs a steady wealthy gentleman.

    For fireworks, I could see both ladies 4 and 5 causing sparks, but I paired lady 4 with gentleman 3, as she’d hate to have him snicker about her in the pump rooms no less!

    For oil and water, again ladies 4and 5 could be paired with several, but I chose to pair lady 5 with gentleman 2 for a visit to a haunted house must trump the theatre any day and sparring in the mall is definitely not quiet conversation.

  6. I ended up with a slightly different interpretation of the Bachelors & Bachelorettes, but here are my matches
    1. George Wickham from Pride & Prejudice
    2. Edmund Bertram from Mansfield Park
    3. Frank Churchill from Emma
    4. Colonel Brandon from Sense & Sensibility
    5. Henry Crawford from Mansfield Park

    1. Emma Woodhouse from Emma
    2. Jane Bennet from Pride & Prejudice
    3. Lucy Steele from Sense & Sensibility
    4. Elizabeth Elliot from Persuasion
    5. Catherine Morland from Northanger Abbey

    1. Who would you match up, with an eye toward domestic felicity? Colonel Brandon (4) & Jane Bennet (2)
    Both sweet, loving, caring and pleasant individuals.

    2. Who would you put together just to watch the fireworks? George Wickham (1) & Lucy Steele (3)Both with an eye on the main chance, but both a little “sexy” for their day and age.

    3. Who would be like oil and water? Edmund Bertram (2) & Elizabeth Elliot (4)
    These two hold completely opposite opinions of personal worthiness.

  7. For domestic felicity, I think Bachelor #4 and Bachlorette #2 would be wonderful together. He is so strong and caring and would take such good care of her.

    For Fireworks, I would pair Bachelor #3 with Bachlorette #4. She would not be able to keep her mouth shut!

    For Oil and Water, I would pair Bachelor #5 with Bachlorette #2. They are so opposite but she would never say a word.

  8. 1. George Wickham (Pride & Prejudice)
    2. Edmund Bertram (Mansfield Park)
    3. Frank Churchill (Emma, although I first though he might be Willoughby)
    4. Colonel Brandon (Sense & Sensibility)
    5. Henry Crawford (Mansfield Park)

    1. Emma Woodhouse (Emma)
    2. Jane Bennet (Pride & Prejudice)
    3. Lucy Steele (Sense & Sensibility)
    4. Elizabeth Elliot (Persuasion)
    5. Catherine Morland (Northanger Abbey)

    Domestic felicity? Colonel Brandon and Jane Bennet: she deserves a kind, rich man to dote upon her.
    Fireworks? Wickham and Emma or Wickham and Elizabeth Eliot
    Oil and water? Frank Churchill and Catherine Morland

    What a fun quiz!!! Thank you, Nicole!!

    Susanne 🙂

  9. For Domestic felicity:
    Bach#4 Colonel Brandon & Bachlet#2 Jane Bennet (though she may need to learn to play the pianoforte and the Colonel has much practice for tolerance to handle her mother – just send her to visit Mrs. Jenkins)
    To Watch fireworks:
    Bach#1 George Wickham & Bachlet#3 Lucy Steele(I can well imagine the plotting they will do together)
    Oil & Water:
    Bach#2 Edmund Bertram & Bachlet#4 Elizabeth Elliot (He would take exception to her vanity and treatment of others and she would take exception to his lack of fortune and having to deal with the poor!)

    That was fun! Thank you for the wonderful giveaways to go along with this post!

  10. Alright (hands rubbed together and ready to begin)….

    1. Domestic bliss would be easily had by Edmund Bertram (Bachelor 2) and Jane Bennet (Bachelorette 2). Both are so good, so kind, and so handsome. Theirs would be a union of less joviality, but definitely one full of respect and mutual approbation.

    2. Fireworks explode with Henry Crawford (Bachelor 5) and Emma Woodhouse (Bachelorette 1). She’d have that lothario begging on his knees and not even realize he was just under her feet. The fireworks would burst when she mercilessly shoots him down. Tact has never been her strong suit.

    3. Oil and water would be Colonel Brandon (Bachelor 4) and Elizabeth Elliott (Bachelorette 4). He’d admire her beauty, but quickly see through her artifice, vanity, and vapidity. She too would be irritated by his staid sincerity, much as Anne’s genuine goodness rankled Elizabeth all her single life.

  11. Hmm. Took me a while to figure out who was who (without looking at the other comments first!) but then it became obvious!

    Gentlemen (using the term loosely with at least a couple of them)
    1. George Wickham
    2. Edmund Bertram
    3. Frank Churchill
    4. Colonel Brandon
    5. Henry Crawford

    Ladies (again, a somewhat loose definition)
    1. Emma Woodhouse
    2. Jane Bennet
    3. Lucy Steele
    4. Elizabeth Elliot
    5. Catherine Morland

    And then the pairings:
    1. Domestic felicity – Edmund and Jane: the problem is, would they ever agree in anything or woukd they both continually defer to the other?
    2. Fireworks – Frank and Elizabeth: I can’t see her putting up with his continual attentions to her nearest rival, not for one instant!
    3. Oil and water – Henry and Emma: this was the least likely pairing I could imagine from the choices available.

    Thanks for a fun post Nicole. Don’t enter me in the giveaway, though as I already have a paperback copy of your book. If you could split the prizes, though, I’d love one of Janet’s calendars.

  12. This is so much fun. I think Edmund Betram and Jane Bennet for domestic felicity.

    For firewoks I think Emma Woodhouse and Henry Crawford. She would not put up with his sister or conniving.

    For oil and water Colonel Brandon and Lucy Steele. They have such different ways to look at things. As I already have the calendar and all your ebooks there is no need to enter me in the drawing.

  13. 1. #4 & #2 Brandon & Jane Both are kind and gentle souls
    2. #1 & #1 Wickham & Emma Emma would not put up with Wickham’s behavior
    3. #5 & #2 Crawford & Jane Their morality scale would be on total opposite ends.

  14. Thank you everyone for playing! This was so much fun. The names just popped out of my randomizer, so without further ado….

    Congratulations to Meg, Susanne, and Carole! I will be in touch with each of you for mailing addresses.

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