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  1. I saw the first one and thought this is so easy, but obviously they are not all from P&P which I know best.
    A. Caroline Bingley
    B. Mrs. Clay
    C. Mrs. Elton
    D. Sir William Lucas
    E. Mary from Persuasion (can’t remember the surname)
    I don’t know the Christian names of B & C either I’m afraid.
    Thanks for this fun quiz.

  2. That was fun! 😁
    A Is Caroline Bingley
    B is Mrs Clay
    C is Mrs Elton
    D is Sir William Lucas
    E is Mary Musgrove

  3. A. Caroline Bingley
    B. Penelope Clay
    C. Augusta Elton
    D. Sir William Lucas
    E. Mary Musgrove

    That was a lot of fun. Thanks for trasing our little grey cells this Monday morning, Amy!

  4. This is such a great idea! My answers:

    A = Caroline Bingley (P&P)
    B = Mrs. Clay (Persuasion)
    C = Mrs. Elton (Emma)
    D = Sir William Lucas (P&P)
    E = Mrs Mary Musgrove (Persuasion)

  5. A. Caroline Bingley
    B. Mrs Clay
    C. Mrs Elton
    D. Sir William Lucas
    E. Mary Musgrove

    Thank you for some fun before I head to work.

  6. A. Caroline Bingley
    B. Mrs. Clay
    C. Mrs. Elton (She irritated me as much as Caroline)
    D. Sir William Lucas but would he be titled on a modern?
    E. Mary Musgrove

    • He could be,non-herititary titles are still handed out, though usually for better reasons than one good speech. Sir Elton John is the first example that springs to mind. And Dame Judi Dench.

  7. A. Caroline Bingley
    B. Mrs. clay
    C. Mrs. Elton
    D. Sir William Lucas
    E. Mary Musgrove

    Now, I’m wondering if this has anything to do with your new book! Thanks again!

  8. My guesses are:
    A. Caroline Bingley
    B. Mrs. Clay
    C. Mrs. Elton
    D. William Lucas
    E. Mary Musgrove

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. A-Caroline Bingley
    B-Penelope Clay
    C-Augusta Elton
    D-Sir William Lucas
    E-Mary Musgrove

    Okay…I had to crack up at a couple of these. Particularly Mrs. Elton and Sir William. Fun!

  10. A: Caroline Bingley
    B: Mrs. clay
    C: Mrs. Elton
    D: Sir William Lucas
    E: Mary Musgrove

    C threw me… I first put Lady Catherine but she doesn’t use nicknames like Mrs. Elton does calling Mr. Knightly… Knightly. This was fun.

  11. Many many thanks to those of you who jumped in so enthusiastically to my little game! I will announce winners/correct answers at the end of the month but didn’t want to wait to express my thanks to those who have answered so far!

  12. I replied directly to my facebook app.

    I still like
    A. Mary Crawford
    D. Mr. Weston
    but I think Ginna’s answers are probably correct.
    B. Mrs. Clay, and
    C. Mrs. Elton are obviously so

    E. I did get Mary Musgrove on my own,
    mistook her for Louisa Musgrove, caught my ownmistake, but had to look up her name.

    LOTS of fun, though!

    P.S. I DO NOT recommend doing this sort of thing on an Amazon Kindle. Friends, please learn from my mistakes!

  13. I can easily get all but C.
    A is Caroline Bingley
    B is Mrs Clay

    D is Sir William Lucas
    E is Mary Musgrove, whose sore throats are always worse than everyone else’s

    Could C be Mrs Grant, sister of Mary and Henry Crawford? Not that Dr Grant was necessarily cute. I don’t think it’s Mrs Elton, although she otherwise meets the criteria, but she only had such thousands as would always be called ten.
    Could it be someone from Lady Susan??

  14. A – Miss Caroline Bingley from Pride & Prejudice
    B – Mrs. Clay from Persuasion
    C – Mrs. Elton from Emma
    D – Sir William Lucas from Pride & Prejudice
    E = Mrs. Mary (Elliot) Musgrove from Persuasion

  15. Okay, it’s late and I will admit that I saw other people’s answers before posting mine and realized I was way off on some of them. Not paying too close attention to small details it would seem.

    My answers:

    A. Good old Caro Bing from P&P. I think “Eliza” just might have called her that if provoked.
    B. Lady Russell from Persuasion (So obviously wrong now that I see Mrs. Clay. Whoops!)
    C. Mrs. Elton—the woman with a penchant for talking while chewing—from Emma….is it strange to admit I want to be her friend?
    D. Huggable Sir William Lucas from P&P.
    E. Missed the whole youngest of THREE sisters and immediately thought of silly Lydia. So clearly Mary Musgrove though.

    Side matter: Amy! I am not a re-reader of books typically, but I just reread The Best Part of Love. It’s definitely one of my favorites and I love that we get to spend so much time with Darcy and Elizabeth navigating their feelings of closeness as opposed to so much angst. Well-written and a pleasure. I may just have to buckle down and buy it since I just canceled my Kindle Unlimited account. Looking forward to your next work!

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