Jane Confides How She Fell in Love with Mr. Bingley — 26 Comments

  1. I wonder if Jane and Bingley would have viewed their meeting after such a long separation as a second chance that they had better not squander. How about immediate banns and a wedding at the end of a fortnight. If I was Bingley, I might have seriously thought about Gretna Green. And, yes, it would have been fun to sit in on any of these conversations. Lizzy would have livened up the gathering. Nice, sweet short story.

    • Good way to look at it, Gianna – a second chance not to be squandered! And, according to the timeline given in P&P, they did not have long to wait. They were engaged at the end of September and married before Christmas alongside Darcy and Elizabeth. Thanks for your comments!

  2. A lovely excerpt and I must read this book. I agree I think Jane and Georgina’s temperaments do suit one another and then you have Lizzy to liven things up. Lovely way to start my Monday morning. Thank you

  3. Sweet except. Thank you so much for sharing. I do believe that Jane and Georgiana have similar personalities….quiet and sweet, seeing the good in everyone to the exclusion of their vices. A nice way o start the morning.

  4. I have always thought that Jane and Darcy were similar in how they keep their feelings hidden to those who do not know them well. For those who do know them well, they can be read like an open book.

    I think description wise that Jane and Georgiana look very similar. Their personalities were similar as well to offset the liveliness of Lizzy.

  5. The thing about Jane and Elizabeth (and Elinor and Marianne actually) that always draws me is that I have a younger most beloved sister and the opportunity to sit and chit chat with her now is the sweetest gift. I can appreciate this scene and would have loved to be a part of it!

    • I have a younger sister too, Stephanie. Like J&E and E&M, we are quite different and yet she is my best friend. As you say, time spent together is sweet.

  6. I enjoyed this just as much upon the second reading as when I read it in the book. I have a younger sister and we are best friends NOW. But growing up is a different story.

    Yes, Jane and Georgiana have many similar personality traits.

    • Thanks for reading – BOTH places, Sheila. Yes, I agree that our relationships to our siblings are often very different when we grow up! When I was young, I most of the time considered my kid sister a pest. Now she’s my best friend.

  7. I never had a sister – only a brother. I always wished for the kind of sisterly love and devotion of Jane and Lizzy and so when I had two daughters 27 months apart I was longing to see this closer sister relationship develop between the two of them. No luck. All through their childhood and teen years, and even into college, the older one wanted not much to do with the younger one who wanted her sister’s love and acknowledgment so badly. It so frustrated me.

    But now both are in their 30’s and have finally found that sisterly love and openness to confide in one another that they couldn’t accept when younger. Better late than never and it warms my heart to know that they turn to each other and confide in each other and take care of each other so well.

    • So glad your girls finally got there, Rae!
      I have two sons, 4 years apart. They did play together as kids (Legos bridge across all gaps), but the older didn’t always gracefully accept the younger’s hero worship and wanting to spend time with him. I remember having a talk with him, telling him he should be kinder to his brother, that whether he knew it or not, that was his best friend. And so they are today.

  8. What an enjoyable excerpt. Loved that the forever close sisters included Georgiana in the sisterly talks. The older gentleman, I hope, is Colonel Fitzwilliam. She’s never been exposed to many older gentleman and most would not be acceptable to Darcy. My sister and I did not have Elizabeth and Jane’s affection until we were older and had children. Too bad we were not close during our younger years.

    • It can feel like wasted years if you don’t establish that warm connection until later.

      As for the “older gentleman” Georgiana mentions above, no spoilers here! I hope you’ll find out by reading the book(s). The Darcys of Pemberley and Miss Georgiana Darcy of Pemberley go hand in hand, running parallel. TDOP is more D&E from E’s POV. The other covers the same timeline, but fills in the blanks from Georgiana’s perspective, including her courtship story.

  9. A lovely story–thank you!! 😀

    Yes, I definitely see a similarity of temperament between Jane and Georgiana; both of them need Elizabeth to keep them amused and lively. 😉

    Have a wonderful week!

    Susanne 🙂

  10. i beliee that this scene that you wrote is something that lizzy and jane would have had conversations about with darcys sister and she is a lot like jane genuinely sweet tempered and mild well done great scene loved it sharon

  11. Yes, enjoyed this scene in the book. Though they do seem similar, I think Jane is more reserved than shy and Georgiana needed more confidence…but we know why that was! I have two older sisters who were very close growing up. That has changed somewhat as we got married and had families. Now I find I am very close to my older sister who is 3 hours away and we see each other regularly when she is not in Florida for the winter! The middle sister is in California and we keep in touch regularly but it is not the same.

    • Good insight, Carole. You’re right. There’s a difference between shyness and reserve.

      Too bad neither of your sisters lives closer, but at least we have better ways of keeping in touch across a distance than they did in JA’s day. Lucky for us that she wrote so many letters to her sister when they were apart. A lot of what we know about her is from those preserved letters to Cassandra.

  12. Really lovely excerpt. I wonder if Jane and Bingley’s separation served to make them more fiercely devoted to each other, when they realized that they were being kept apart against their wishes. I would think they would realize that they should not let anyone else stand in the way of their happiness in the future.

    I think that it’s nice to give Georgiana a loving and caring family to be a part of — for her personality, where she seems uncertain of herself, having sensible and caring sisters for guidance and support must be the biggest relief! It seemed like in the original P&P, the Bennet sisters were generally loving of each other, despite their different personalities, so it would have been fun to be part of that family (if you could put up with the occasional chaos).

    • I enjoyed writing a whole book about Georgiana – developing her story, seeing her come into her own, find love and her place in the world.

      I think I would have had a difficult time putting up with that much chaos, Kathy! Although I agree that in general the Bennet household was a loving one. We don’t ever see open hostility or bitterness between any of them. Jane never thinks ill of anybody. Lizzy has her solace in Jane. Mr. B takes his refuge in his library, and Mary in her music. For Mrs B, Lydia, and Kitty, noisy disorder is their natural state of being!

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