Jane Bennet In January – What If Jane Spoke Her Mind? — 34 Comments

    • Jane remains a true lady – she never really says anything bad about Caroline. She just tells the truth and when Bingley says he’ll speak harshly to his sister, Jane remains true to her nature and asks him not to do that. Thanks for reading and commenting, Carol.

  1. All those wasted months!! Thank goodness Jane finally allowed her feelings to show and Bingley realised what a ***** his sister was. Thanks for this scene Susan.

  2. Jane is always a lady. The most daring thing she did was to speak her mind, even though I wish she had lost her temper in a ladylike manner!!

  3. Maybe a little peeper in Jane’s response would have been good – even though she is so gentle and kind. But the only thing I really wanted was an immediate request (impulsive, of course) from Mr Bingley for a courtship! Loved it; and thank you for the sweet scene!

  4. I keep remembering Mr. Bennet’s comments about the couple after their engagement is announced. They are just too NICE. If they didn’t have a conversation like the one described above I believe life would soon have forced such. If nothing else the event of children would have made them take some stands about behavior. Caroline deserves the harshest reprimand.

    I also keep remembering conversations between Elizabeth and Jane. It took Jane a long time to admit that Bingley’s sisters were not all that warm in their admiration of her or in their behaviors towards her.

    But thank you for this excerpt which is a reflection of what we readers would have wished Jane would have said and Bingley to have admitted to in this tale.

  5. Delightful! I do think that Jane would not be a door mat for Caroline once married though. Jane, in her own sweet way, would give her a polite but perfectly understood set down!

  6. this was lovely. You did a good job of filling in things that Miss A neglected while still being true to the things the author did describe. I loved seeing Jane get the nerve to speak openly about her feelings. Susan, please write another book. I liked the first one and all your contributions to the group. Another novel, please.

  7. How beautifully written is this scene. I would’ve thought it would take more prompting on Jane’s part for Bingley to give her answers. I always thought Bingley was amiable but a bit dense. I hope he Gives Caroline, ‘what for’, but I somehow doubt it.

  8. I admire Jane for speaking her mind, yet her kindness and generosity allows her to do so truthfully yet gently, without direct rebuke which would hurt Mr. Bingley. This is a conversation that she will not regret,unlike Elizabeth’s conversation with Mr. Darcy on the same topic at Rosings. 😉

    Thank you for a delightful vignette!!

    Susanne 🙂

  9. Good for Jane! I feel like even when she’s being direct, she’s still so reserved, but that’s just her nature. Perhaps now she’s spoken out and gotten good results, she’ll always be able to tell Bingley how she feels. I don’t think she’d let Caroline push her around again and the best revenge they can give to her is to be blissfully happy and completely oblivious to Caroline’s opinions.

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