Jane Bennet in January: Dear Diary — 17 Comments

  1. Poor Jane. She needs to stop trusting and believing everyone’s “good intentions”. How she managed to hear Caroline’s treatment of her sister while at Netherfield, is beyond belief. Poor thing keeps making excuses for her letters not reaching the Hursts’ home in London shows how clueless she is. One letter maybe, more than one not likely. Her visit to Louisa and Caroline should have helped her see without blinders, but it took Caroline’s visit to Gracechurch Street to finally open her eyes. If she had just listened to Lizzy, this heartache would have been over months ago.

  2. I really feel for Jane, who is trying desperately to find excuses for the Bingley’s behavior. All of them are guilty of betraying her trusting nature, but you depict Jane’s embarrassment and uncertainty so well! Thank you for this insight, C. Allyn!

  3. Thank you for these lovely diary entries of Jane. They give us a glimpse into what she was thinking after the Bingley’s left. I do think that she was trying so hard to convince herself and didn’t want to admit the truth until the visit to Cheapside from Caroline. My advice would be to get angry and tell herself that no one should treat her so rudely or so meanly…at both Caroline and Bingley. This would have been such a blow to her confidence and self-esteem that anger, even a mild case of it, might have helped to alleviate some of the heartache. But Jane being as sweet and lovely as she is, could not think meanly of Bingley. Only time is going to help.

  4. Jane is too trusting and Lizzy has told her to sit up and smell the coffee and she refuses to listen. Jane, it is one thing to think nicely of people, but when they treat you unkindly, don’t you think that would make you think? Jane is an ‘enabler’ to use a modern term and if she and Bingly do not have a stern, (but kind) nanny for their children, those kiddo’s will turn out to be as wild as March hares! Although I have always wondered about that term!

    • March Hares: during the mating season (March) male European hares are are reputed to run and jump around like crazy trying to find mates. They run, jump, box with other male hares, etc. There is some question about whether this is something hares really do, and their mating season can stretch out to other months, but the expression (which was Mad as a March Hare originally) has been around in English since about 1500. Lewis Carroll used this expression to create the March Hare who was at the tea party in Alice in Wonderland. (He also had the Mad Hatter, which is another English expression and refers to the results of hat makers using Mercury salts when making felt for hats. Mercury salts are extremely toxic and cause brain damage and bizarre behavior).

  5. From Wikipedia (for those who are curious as the term “wild as a March hare”)
    A long-held view is that the hare will behave strangely and excitedly throughout its breeding season, which in Europe is the month of March (but which in fact extends over several months beyond March). This odd behaviour includes boxing at other hares, jumping vertically for seemingly no reason and generally displaying abnormal behaviour.

    Here in West Texas, we just have jack-rabbits which curiously enough look like a European hare.

  6. Poor Jane!! She is too kind and trusting at times (well, all the time!), and I’m sure that it was a bit of a wake-up call for her to experience Caroline’s poor treatment.

    At least we know that there is happiness with Bingley in her future!! 😀

    Thank you for a lovely diary entry; I enjoyed getting to know Jane a little better! 😉

    Susanne 🙂

  7. If only Jane had listened to Elizabeth she would have saved herself from wondering why Caroline hadn’t replied to her letters and known her for the manipulative person she was. Luckily we know that it all comes right in the end 😃

  8. Jane is such a lovely character, that she deserves a loving husband…whether it’s Bingley or someone else. Caroline on the other hand…she is such a mean-spirited person that I feel sorry (to an extent) for any person who marries her. Is 20,000 pounds worth it to marry such a woman? Actually, I would love to see Caroline remain a spinster.

  9. Oh, Jane, how sad! She really wants to believe the best in all people, even to the extent of finding an excuse for their rude behavior. Caroline is such a Regency ‘mean girl’ who could have told Jane nicely that Charles was not interested in her, but decided that humiliation and rudeness were better methods. Even after that behavior, Jane still tries to see the best in Caroline (thinking that Caroline was “trying to let me down kindly”). Thank you for this insight into Jane’s thoughts.

  10. I liked these entries and would like to see Jane have more backbone. Reading her diary entries when she meets Bingley again and what she really thinks about Wickham would be nice. I do wish she had drawn Bingley’s attention at the theater, but I know you were staying true to the storyline.

    Unfortunately, if Caroline was a spinster wouldn’t she live with Jane and Bingley? Even though, Jane could possibly give her an introduction on how Caroline should treat her and her family members. Drop a few hints as to why she may still be a spinster and how her brother Darcy so loves her sister, Elizabeth.

    Just a few thoughts.

  11. Jane dear, now that you wee what Caroline is truly about, perhaps you might ask your Aunt Gardiner to send a note to Miss Bingley, thanking her for her call. You might write on as well. Perhaps your uncle might write to Mr Bingley in behalf of your father, with some bit of business regarding Netherfield and inviting him to communicate with him in Gracechurch street since that is where you are and your frequent correspondence with Longbourn would be certain to gain him the most up-to-date information about conditions on his leased estate. I feel sure that this plan, or something in a similar vein, will make him aware of your presence in London and then we shall see what he does next. I know it is a step you might not have taken in the past, given your concerns for propriety and wishes not to impose yourself upon his notice. But dear girl, I know that you suffer, and i believe with all of my heart that he suffers equally. The only way toward your future happiness is a meeting between you two; and the only way to ensure that such a meeting occurs is to make him aware of your proximity. AND the only way to do that is for you to show enough of your heart’s desire for him to understand. Come, my dear, if you cannot act for your own benefit, do so in order to relieve Mr Bingley of his pain, I know you can do that!

  12. The poison sisters could not have stabbed a more kind and innocent angel than Jane. I would not know how to console her but would try distraction with projects and visits and letters to be written or passages from books to be shared.

    And I agree that Jane and Bingley must wake up before they have children. Certain behaviors cannot be tolerated.

  13. Oh, Jane. She sees good in people even when it’s not there. It is a shame that she did not see the duplicitousness in Caroline. It would be great if she could confront Charles, but at that time,,, She should try meeting available gentlemen her uncle knows.and distract herself.

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