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  1. What a fantastic idea for each of the stories! I know I’m eager to see what you come up with.

    The beginning of Elizabeth’s ring sounds promising with so many possibilities since already it is know that the Bennets and Lady C. will be gracing the ball. Maybe Lizzy’s ring is lost and a love story of one of the sisters is wrapped around the event? There that’s best I can think up for where this story might be taking us.

    Thanks for sharing, Jane!

    • Loren, thank you-I’m glad you like the idea! I’ve got a lovely book on Georgian jewellery which inspired my writing- the jewellery is enough to make you drool!

  2. I agree with Sophia – a fascinating way to link a series of stories. I’m looking forward to reading the rest, Jane.

    As Lady C is there, what about bringing in a bit of conflict with her? You haven’t said where the ring came from but if it was one formerly belonging to Lady Anne then, to make mischief, Maybe Lady C could claim it was intended either for herself, her daughter or Georgiana, especially as she doesn’t approve of Elizabeth’s marriage to her nephew?

    Sorry I can’t come up with anything better.

  3. Jane, what a unique and lovely idea for a series of stories. This is just so ‘you’ with your love of Georgian and Regency collections of things, from jewellery to accessories to drawings etc.

    This story was a beautiful beginning too – Mr and Mrs Bennet were just hilarious together! Look forward to reading more of this and the other new stories!

    Love the images too. 😀

  4. I love this idea! I watch the Jane Austen Gift Shop on a daily basis to look at the jewlery and the tea pots! Since Mrs. Bennet is concerned about here “paste”, maybe one of her pieces could resemble Elizabeth’s. A good start for Lady C to disrupt the household and force Darcy to confront her ladyship. Can’t wait for the others. Thank you for all of your lovely stories

    • Maggie, I love the idea of Mrs B’s ‘paste’ jewellery resembling Elizabeth’s – lots of possibilities for mix-ups! Thank you for your kind comments.

  5. Oh I definitely see conflict coming, any time Lady Catherine is about, there is mischief and misery brewing!
    I love the idea of the jewelry box, and look forward to reading more!

  6. The picture of E & D in her bed was lovely. You can feel the tenderness they share with one another. And am looking forward to how this ball is going to come off with the Bennet’s, minus Lydia and Wickham, in full attendance. Looking forward to the rest of your story – and the other “gems” to follow.

  7. Loving the pun, Sheila-thank you for your lovely comments. I enjoyed thinking about the Darcys in bed very much, I must admit! ; )

  8. What a beautiful beginning, full of tenderness and promises – and full of laughter with Mr and Mrs Bennet too :). I can’t imagine where you are taking us, Jane, but as usual I know that the journey will be delightful!

    Thanks for a lovely post and looking forward to more!

  9. What a brilliant idea for a set of stories! I love the tenderness you show between Darcy and Elizabeth, and that Mr. Bennet’s sardonic reflections were still touched by a bit of warm memories. Thanks for sharing this, Jane!

    • Thank you, Abigail – I’m so pleased that you like the idea. I really wanted to do something new and just for the blog-it’s such an exciting venture!

  10. The idea of connecting heroines’ love stories with pieces of jewellery is fascinating. I love this promising beginning and can’t wait to learn what happens next. Also the picture of the diamond ring is exquisite. How I wish I own that ring.

  11. Luthien-how I wish that too! There’s something about old-cut diamonds that have a beauty that new ones don’t seem to share in quite the same way. Thank you for your lovely comments.

  12. Loved the tenderness Darcy shows Elizabeth. It was an exauisite short piece and am looking forward to reading more. Perhaps there can be tension between Mrs. B and Lady C. The photo of the ring is beautiful.

  13. What a fabulous concept for a story collection, Jane!
    I just love it 🙂 .
    And the first piece was…dare I say?…a treasure!!
    Thank you for sharing this with us!

  14. Great inspiration for writing these stories! I can just imagine Lady C seeing the ring and having a fit too! The dreaminess of the bedroom and Elizabeth’s thoughts were…dreamy. Being a fan of Kitty, getting her to see what is a true marriage is will help her realize and grow that Lydia’s behaviour is not ladylike. Love the pictures…what is the real name of the ‘Longbourn’ estate that has you in front of it?

  15. What a great idea for a collection of stories. I love jewelry too, though I don’t have much, and definitely nothing like that ring! This is goofy but when you mentioned the 16 stones in the ring I heard Darcy in my head saying “one for each of the children we shall have”. lol Just to freak her out, of course – much as I love them I don’t think even I would want them to have that many children! I look forward to reading more of your Jewel Box series.

  16. I love the idea of a different piece of jewelry for each vignette. Also, your description of the intimacy between Elizabeth and Darcy was so well done. The romantic tension between them fairly vibrated off the page – or should I say screen!

  17. This is a wonderful idea for a book theme! You depicted the characters so well, although it is FRIGHTENING just how well you can channel Lydia.

    You have me terrified that Lydia and Wicky will gate-crash at Pemberley and frighten Georgiana, and Lydia and Mrs Bennet might humiliate Lizzy and Mary. “Put them in the way of other rich men!” I hear Mama Bennet call out to everyone. Oh, but Lady Catherine is there to take Mama Bennet and Lydia in hand. Might I expect that cousin Anne de Bourgh is not as weak as her mama believes, and that Anne may be capable of dancing?

    • June-I love writing Lydia’s character-it’s such fun to be horrid!! Gate-crashing is a fantastic idea and of course, Anne de Bourgh must be there too.

  18. I loved this glimpse and the idea for your stories. I agree with others that there are a lot of possibilities for mayhem with Mrs. b and Lady C at the same ball, especially where expensive jewelry is involved. Looking forward to reading more!

  19. Thank you, this is very lovely and so enjoyable to read. I think it must be a challenge to write about the couples after they achieve their “happily ever after” — but it was so clear that there’s so much to appreciate as Elizabeth and Darcy develop their marriage relationship. I also thought your glimpse into Lydia’s life was just right! She couldn’t reform her flirtatiousness very quickly, and probably had little incentive to do so, married to Wickham!

  20. Kathy-can you just imagine-Lydia in the north with a whole regiment of soldiers! You’re right-it would be too much, too soon, for her to change overnight into a dutiful wife-and there would be much temptation-little Pickersnick, Major Armstrong and Captain Webb to name but a few!

  21. I love your idea Jane! Your story was wonderful and I enjoyed it immensely 🙂 I look forward to reading so much more!
    I love jewellery too, and I cherish any piece I am given by close family in particular. When I went to Bath a few years ago I was determined to purchase a piece of jewellery from around Jane Austen’s time as a momento of my visit and to feel a part of the past era I read so much about. I bought a ruby and diamond set ring which was around 1890 circa. Not overly expensive and not as old as I had hoped however it remains a treasured piece of my visit to your beautiful city.

  22. How I admire the inventiveness of the JAFF authors I read. Pickernsnick – I had to Laugh Out Loud! Now, please, someone educate me. Is it a Regency spelling or the British spelling of today: jewellery vs the American jewelry. I do recognize so many differences in the British vs the American spelling in all the literature I read (not just JAFF) but this word is a new one for me.

    I, also, loved the tender scene with Darcy and Elizabeth in the bedroom. And Mr. Bennett reflecting that he occasionally gets a glimpse of the girl he married was poignant. I am in the generation that needs very much to remember why we married the person we married as some of us mature and grow apart.

    Jane, I am so glad you were inspired to use this theme. The photo of the ring helped put it in our minds. Does this mean every piece in the future will have a photo for us to see? How lovely.

    Lydia’s letter dripped with jealously, in my opinion, but also shows us her continued lack of morals. Hopefully, Kitty will change her desire to want Lydia around in order to have fun. So looking forward to the other nemesis, Lady Catherine, and what her reaction to this ring will be. Is it an heirloom? Will someone try to switch it or will it be lost as other reviewers have supposed?

    I am sooooo glad I stumbled upon the Austen Authors and now Austen Variations after Christmas this year. Every day I have something new to keep me in touch with my favorite world, that of Jane Austen.

    • Thank you so much, Sheila-your lovely comments are so kind! Yes, we spell Jewellery this way in the UK- but whichever way it’s spelled it’s wonderful, I think!
      I am definitely going to work on Kitty-she needs to grow up a little and being away from Lydia will hopefully give her a chance to do this-that’s if Lydia can keep away from Kitty, of course!!!!

  23. I only want to say I loved and enjoyed the short story – my favorite part is your description of Elizabeth Darcy’s bed chamber- the details description in the mirror, the bed sheets, and then Elizabeth and Darcy’s intimate interaction with each other was lovely! to use one of your own describing words – the scene had a “dream-like quality” to it, in a very good sense that is. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Grace, I love writing descriptions of rooms-I could get very carried away and have to stop myself doing it tto much because I know lengthy description isn’t everyone’s cup of tea! I saw a picture in a book of a lovely bed chamber that inspired the writing, and found the mirror online, which I thought was a beauty-so glad you enjoyed it!

  25. I agree, the jewelry is a good premise to connect all the stories. I think Mansfield Park mentioned jewelry the most. Austen’s other works don’t refer to it much, except for Edward Ferrar’s ring. I’m interested in learning more about what was popular 🙂 .

  26. NovElla-yes, Mansfield Park has some lovely references-the amber cross from Fanny’s brother- very like the topaz cross given Jane by her brother Charles. There is a reference to ear-rings in Sense and Sensibility and Marianne wearing a picture round her neck-that I referred to in Searching For Captain Wentworth!

  27. Jane, what a wonderful idea for a series of stories! This first one was warm, tender, and captivating. Love the warm scene with Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam. And the picture of the Bennets and funny and delightful! Thanks for coming up with this brilliant idea.

    Good grief, I’m not sure if I can suggest a logical direction for the story. But since it’s about Elizabeth’s ring, there must be some drama associated with it – and, like other readers, I think the drama might come from Lady Catherine. Perhaps she recognizes it as a ring that belonged to her sister, Anne Darcy, and she wishes to reclaim it for her daughter Anne since Anne was named for her sister, was rejected as a bride by Fitzwilliam, and she thinks the ring ought to stay in the “Fitzwilliam family”. Perhaps Elizabeth even chooses to give the ring to her in an effort to bring her husband closer to his challenging relations. Maybe the ring ends up with Georgiana and she becomes engaged to Col. Fitzwilliam. Who knows? Wherever you take the story, I’m sure it will be a wonderful read. Congratulations again.

  28. I love the idea to mesh Jane Austen’s books and a piece of jewelry for each character. What you’ve written so far is very entertaining and I can’t wait to read more!

  29. Jane, what a delight this was for me. I only just discovered Jane Austen’s jewel box tales. I love this idea to create a story around the jewellery. Just brilliant and so creative. You have grabbed such sweet nuances of these beloved characters, I’ve often imagined Mr & Mrs Bennett’s conversations – you made it so enjoyable.
    Now, I have a thing for the way you describe a bedroom. I can see the softest material, colours and even the bed,just as you describe them. Elizabeth’s mirror and ring alone made me want so much more, the intimate look into what might have been Darcy and Lizzie’s first weeks together are so touching.
    I shall go to part two and wait for more… Wonderful!

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