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  1. Really enjoyable! Thank you! Elizabeth showed such poise in talking with The Old Bat. I very much liked knowing about Elizabeth and her interaction with the farm families – it really seems like something that would suit her and contribute to how much the Darcys were admired in the area. (Although what you’re about to relay is going to be really sad.) The new cousins are intriguing!

  2. Wow! I’ve enjoyed this immensely so far. This is going to be interesting. Were the jewels to be Anne’s outright or only if she married Darcy? My guess is the latter. Georgiana and the de Valois’ are going to walk in on a very incensed Lady Catherine & my guess is she will see Georgiana and immediately rail about Elizabeth’s bad manners and about the ring and not noticethe de Valois having entered. And maybe Darcy can come along during this.

    And the situation with Neddie will definitely not end well. you have engage your emotions and we are waiting impatiently to read the outcome. Thank you for writing an intriguing story.

  3. Jane, thanks for another instalment. Once again, I really enjoyed it. I also went back to the first chapter and re-read the end of that. Elizabeth’s reaction to the “seventeen children” was brilliant but at least Darcy was only joking! I think it’s marvellous the way you AV authors are willing to take on board what your readers think and make alterations if you think it works.

    Lady C’s behaviour was everything I expected it to be when she met with Elizabeth even down to her reaction to seeing the ring. Elizabeth showed that she was truly the better bred of the two by refusing to rise to the bait as Lady C was so obviously expecting her to do. Every put down was met by a perfectly polite but equal one and I’m sure Elizabeth will be met by more insults upon her return. I expect she might also be accused of corrupting Georgiana once Lady C notices the condition of her dress and the fact that she received visitors in such a state.

    Now, who are these mysterious French cousins? If they’ve been brought up in this country, calling at such an early hour is surely extremely bad manners (I’ve been reading The Regency Interpreter amongst other things on the customs of the day recently!). Are they expecting Lady C to be there or are they some kind of masquerading interlopers? Probably not, but that’s what crossed my mind when I read it, especially as there’s no mention of them having met this side of the family before or visiting Pemberley. I am intrigued to see where this will go.

    Please let us have some more!!

  4. Anji-yes, Elizabeth is determined not to get cross with Darcy’s aunt, but I feel sure her patience will be sorely tried before much longer! The mysterious French cousins- I wanted to show that their characters do not necessarily abide by the rules of polite society-especially Antoine. Not that he means to be rude, just that he is refreshingly open, eager and can’t wait for the fun to start. I wonder how Georgiana will react to his refreshing ways- a young man who may appear rather different to some of their stuffy neighbours… hmmm….
    Thank you for stopping by with all your lovely comments!

    • That’s a relief regarding the French cousins! My mind was imagining all sorts of things, possibly a la Wickham and Georgiana.

      I also meant to comment on Elizabeth’s obvious commitment to supporting and working with the greater Pemberley community. My imagining expected nothing less of her and I’m so glad yours does as well. Poor little Neddy, I hope Lady C doesn’t give Elizabeth a hard time when she returns home extremely upset, or if she does, then that Darcy will be there and give his aunt a good dressing down.

      • Anji, I’m so glad you’re thinking along the same lines-I imagine Elizabeth would be very hands-on in the Pemberley community, and with her common sense and good humour she would be welcome everywhere.
        I think Mr Darcy might have something to say to his aunt…

    • When I saw the French cousins I immediately jumped to various conclusions, but assumed they were from the D’Arcy side of the family. How fascinating to see that there are French relations on both sides of the family. Thanks for that (as well as the whole story, which is delightful).

      • Thank you, Beth – yes, that would have been more logical, but a lot of English noble families are descended from Norman/French families and the reasons for the French cousins being on the mother’s side will be revealed…eventually. Thank you for your kind comments!

  5. I like the way Lizzie handled lady c. I hope that neither dart air Elizabeth allow her( lady c) to get the upper hand . Lady c definitely needs to be out in her place.

    As for the new French cousins , interesting addition to what I imagine will be a full stage.

    Can’t wait to see where this flows !

  6. “Her jowls wobbling in indignation”, indeed!! Loved that phrase.

    The confrontation with Lady Catherine was excellent. It must have been so hard for Lizzy to stand her ground.

    I’m dying to know more about the French cousins.

  7. Thank you, Monica-you’re very kind! Yes, Lizzy had to bite her tongue once or twice… As for the French cousins – ooh la la!

  8. I am so glad that LIzzie is standing her ground by being firm but polite (I expected no less) with Lady Catherine. I am also glad she did not put her hand out either when Lady C demanded it even though they were interrupted. Now Georgiana has to deal before getting changed! I too at first was wary of these new French cousins thinking Lady C had something up her sleeve but was reassured in your earlier comments. I’m thinking he will help distract Lady C from her cutting comments to Georgiana! Oh the fireworks when Elizabeth returns. She will not suffer Lady C’s rudeness long! Loving this story!

    • Thank you Carole! There may be a little mystery about the French cousins which will unfold as the story goes along, but I feel their hearts are in the right place…unless I am mistaken!! Yes, let’s hope Lady C doesn’t spot Georgiana’s untidiness!!!

  9. It’s too short! LOL I want more, as soon as possible!
    The confrontation with Lady C was wonderful. I don’t think I could have been so poised. I would have taken the bait and railed at her like a fish wife!! I am certain that I see a battle coming, and I can’t wait to see how you write it!
    The French cousins seem suspicious to me. The first thing I thought when I realized that they had never visited before, is that somehow Wikham is involved in their sudden appearance. But that may be my propensity to to hold a grudge.
    I agree with Deborah, I would think the jewels would have been Anne’s if Darcy had married her, but not hers since he did not and that just gets under Lady C’s skin something fierce! (Love it!)
    I’m waiting with baited breath for the next installment.
    Thank you!!

    • Angie-you’re very kind! Thank you for all your lovely comments. The French cousins are mysterious, but whether they know Mr Wickham, I cannot say…
      Lady C is not going to be placated easily, don’t you think?

      • Most welcome! & Yes, I think Lady C. is going to make things as hard as she possibly can.
        She want so bad to see Elizabeth falter!
        I think she will find a way to make even the caring for the farmers child seem like a low born thing to do.

        • Angie-yes, I feel Lizzy is in for some strong criticism from Lady C, and she won’t approve of Elizabeth mixing with the ‘lower orders’!

  10. Oh Jane, I’m loving your story! Your writing style and ideas are delightful! I never thought I cared too much about jewelry, but this may change my mind! As Deborah suggested, I figured the ring must have been left by Darcy’s Mother for his bride, which of course, Lady C. considered was to be Ann. Her ability to counter and yet remain courteous to Lady C. is well done, indeed. And I too love the active compassionate care Elizabeth shows toward the poor on the estate, and am sure it adds to Darcy’s appreciation of her! I can’t wait for his coming back to all that’s been going on with his aunt as well as these very interesting new cousins that have just arrived! Thank you for this lovely story… yes, please give us more!

    • Thank you, Carol-so kind of you to say so! I think Darcy is going to show his appreciation of his darling wife when he comes home, and have something to say to his aunt…if he gets the chance. I wonder how he will react to his new cousins?

  11. Jane I was drawn right into the story. The interaction between Lady Catherine and Elizabeth, the future between Georgiana and Antoine… Really looking forward to the continuation of your story. Thank you very much for sharing 🙂

  12. Lovely. I know I am going to greatly enjoy even a distressing story that involves Lizzy interacting with the tenants. I always like new characters too, Antoine sounds quite charming!

  13. As always, Lady Catherine tries to make Elizabeth ill at ease even in her new home. Looks like the old lady is still keeping a grudge and wouldn’t let go. I wonder how Darcy will react if he learns his aunt tries to intimidate his beloved wife. I’m glad that Elizabeth’s courage does not falter with every attempt to rile her up.

    I would like to learn more about this brother and sister pair who are related to the Darcys. Are they really who they claim to be? If so could de Valois be Georgiana’s beau? Can’t wait to find out more about the French cousins. I love the writing style, Jane.

    • Thank you, Luthien84- hmm, I wonder how Darcy will react? I’ve a feeling he is not going to be best pleased!
      The French cousins are going to be around for some time-their story will come out gradually.

  14. Wouldn’t Lady Anne’s rooms now belong to Elizabeth/be connected to Darcy’s? Talk about a presumptuous and awkward request from Lady C! I look forward to her inevitable sit-down.

    • Jo, I thought about that but decided that they might have too many sad memories for Mr Darcy and that he might prefer to make love to his wife in a room that did not remind him of his mother – LOL! Yes, Lady C has gone too far this time!!!

      • The idea that Darcy mother’s apartments would be part of the Master suite and therefore should be Elizabeth was my first thought also. I know Pemberly is large but I doubt it has 2 master suites….plus how would Catherine know Elizabeth wasnt using them when she told Mrs Reynolds to move her into them? Honestly, given the tradition of the times, I have a hard time buying the idea that Darcy and Elizabeth are not established in the Masters traditional quarters, after all Darcy woukd want only the best for Elizabeth.

        Having said that, I too am intrigued by the French “cousins”. I would guess you plan to have lots of fun writing about them!

        • That was my first thought also, Theresa. How can Lady C. move into Lady Anne’s rooms when the Master Suite was for the Master and Mistress of the estate? The rooms adjoined with a sitting room between them seems to be my understanding of the layout. There would also be dressing rooms off each room.

  15. I found this chapter to be intriguing. Elizabeth acted every part the lady despite Lady C.’s attempts to bring her down to Lady C. level and verbally confront her in a negative, derogatory manner. I would have had her deliberately take a chair not indicated by Lady C. – just to show she is not going to take her dictations. (But that is my rebellion towards Lady C. – can’t stand her.) Then Georgina meeting the cousins and hearing, “We have heard so much about you from our mother who corresponds regularly with your aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Our mother and your aunt grew up together … they are cousins on their mother’s side.” These words make me suspicious about just what these cousins believe about this family, as everything they know up to this point comes from Lady C. through their mother. On the other hand Antoine may be just the personality to spark an interest on Georgina’s part and then to help her in blossoming. And then, again, on the other hand he and his sister may be another Henry Crawford and sister…only looking out for their own interests. (The latter came to mind immediately when I read about their entry.)

    Elizabeth tending to the dying child, Neddy! Oh, I am choked up…if Lady C. jumps in her face after tending to a dying child or after holding him or being present when he dies – wouldn’t you just want to slap her or ask her to leave. I do hope Darcy is there when she returns from that tragedy. She will need him.

    I agree with the others who opined that the ring would go to whomever Darcy married. Georgina and his wife would have inherited all the jewelry from the mother.

    Excellent continuation – waiting with bated breath for the next chapter as so much is up in the air!

    • Sheila-intriguing was just what I was after-thank you. I love the idea of Lizzy taking another chair-I think that’s a definite edit. Yes, there is a whole story about Lady Catherine and her cousin that we know nothing about …
      Yes, poor Neddy-I’m not sure Elizabeth will find this easy to cope with even if she is our favourite heroine! Thank you for all your lovely comments!

  16. Oh, dear, Lady Catherine is in fine form, isn’t she? I hope the new cousins will help Georgiana when she has to face her aunt. This is going to be a very interesting ball. I love the last portrait!

  17. What a lovely treat to read this afternoon! I enjoyed all of it, but my favourite is the part where Elizabeth rushes off to visit the sick child…you could feel her compassion.

  18. I agree with Anji & Carol in Canada that Lady C needs a good dressing down & what is she doing changing her rooms. I don’t think Darcy would appreciate that. I can see Lady Catherine finding fault with Elizabeth for attending to a tenant in dire need….I can only imagine, as was stated before, the fireworks that will ensue upon her return….& if Darcy walked in during lady Catherine’s tirade, and his concern for his wife’s emotional state after being with the dying Neddy, it should be very interesting…..I also agree that Sheila L M that Elizabeth should not take the chair indicated by Lady Catherine as it is her house, not Lady C’s, she should take a chair of her own choice….

    I thinnk the French cousins may be shocked to learn what Lady Catherine’s behavior is and will support Georgiana when she is verbally attacked by Lady Catherine when she walks in. This will be very interesting.

    Do we have to wait until next Friday? I’m loving this story too much to wait….

    • Deborah, I’m getting the feeling that we’re all wishing Lady C gets her comeuppence- I think we know what’s coming! : ) Yes, I agree about the chair-I shall have to change that. I’m so thrilled you’re enjoying it so much-I’ll try my best to get some more done soon!

  19. I think Lady C. bit off her nose to spite her face in demanding Anne Darcy’s old suite of rooms…now she will have the morning sun waking her up and warming the room…you asked for it, so deal with it. So glad Elizabeth was able to make that rejoinder.

    • Yes, Sheila-do you think she may asked to be moved again? I think she might-she really is a horror!!! Elizabeth may not stand for it.

  20. Swoon. If it’s possible to be in love with a story I do believe I’ve fallen. Your writing just leaps off the page (errr screen) and creates such realistic characters. Anxiously anticipating the mixing of the house guests, could you be planning a fiery scene between Lady C. and Mrs. B? I always fancied she might be a bit of a mother bear if provoked. Lady C. failing to acknowledge Elizabeth’s new position in the world and deigning to pronounce her daughter the owner of some of the Darcy family jewels (the nerve!) might just bring out the grizzly. Elizabeth’s behavior in the face of Lady C.’s rudeness is a testament to her love for Mr. Darcy (and good breeding), and her not feeling obliged to be at home to greet her guests a testament to her faith in his love. Very much looking forward to what’s coming – and I think Mrs. Bennet should go with the cut steel. 🙂

  21. I love the idea of a Lady C/Mrs B set-to – now Lizzy is Mrs Darcy, I don’t think Mrs B will hold back. Thank you, Kay for the lovely comments- quite right, the cut steel will be just right!

  22. Oh wow – Lady Catherine is a piece of work. She not only insulted Lizzy, but Darcy as well, saying that Pemberley has been on the decline since his mother passed, as if he has not been a good Master. If I was Lizzy, I could bite my tongue if someone was talking bad about me, but about my husband – that might be a different story. Hateful woman! lol I think she’s over reaching about the jewels – if they were given to Lady Anne, surely it’d be more logical for Lizzy or Georgiana to have them instead of Anne? I think LC just always liked that ring and is chafed because she can’t have it! lol

    I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen when Lizzy and Darcy get home, especially with these new cousins to meet, and the situation with poor little Neddy….

    • Yes, Monica-Lady C is something, isn’t she?!!! I don’t think Mr Darcy will be too happy to hear what she’s been doing on his return-we shall have to see. I think Lady C still hasn’t got over the fact that Elizabeth won him and her jealous nature is in overdrive! How she must hate the fact that Lizzy has her sister’s ring…

  23. It really should be Darcy who puts Lady C in her place. She has given Elizabeth an outrageous series of insults – and got away with them. Lady C will continue her total lack of respect until set down by Darcy. Dinner could be a big showdown. I can see Lady C making some tacky comment about her new room and Elizabeth telling Darcy that apparently there may have been some mistake – could the ring belong to Anne as Lady C insists? Storm clouds brewing on the horizon! Behave or pack – simple choice for the old bat! Which will she choose? I would expect her to stay – easier to cause mischief if nearby. Am enjoying the story!

  24. Dave, I quite agree! Lizzy is in a very difficult situation-as much as she would love to be rude to Lady C and put her in her place, she wants to prove she is the better person in every way. If there’s to be a showdown, and I’m sure there’s one coming, it will be Darcy who weighs in. I love the idea of dinner being the place for a set-to-lots of lovely ideas-thank you for your comments-I’m so pleased you’re enjoying the story.

  25. You’re right in that LC would only take a set down seriously if delivered by Darcy, if then. What a creative challenge for Lizzy to let her know who’s Mistress and yet be the bigger person. Oy. And LC would never leave willingly – too much business to be in and she couldn’t stand to be out of the loop in HER home (I literally dropped my jaw open when she said that, as if Pemberley was ever her home. She wishes.) She’d just make more of effort to do her acting out while Darcy was out of the house.

  26. Monica-I wish I’d seen your jaw drop-I’d have enjoyed seeing that! You’re right-Lady C will not countenance leaving Pemberley, especially as she considers it her rightful home. Thank you for stopping by again!

  27. I don’t understand how Lady Cat can claim that Pemberley is *her* home – Mr Darcy didn’t leave it to her, and she has no right to her sister’s rooms. I think Lady Anne’s rooms are polluted by Lady Cat! XD

    I agree with Deborah that the jewels would belong to Fitzwilliam’s wife. Lady Anne would not leave her jewels to her niece, just as Lady Cat would not leave her own jewels to Georgiana. I’d like to see Darcy give his aunt a setdown on that.

    These French cousins seem very suspicious to me. They arrive unannounced and uninvited, as Darcy would have told his wife and sister about the “cousins” being invited to stay. The cousins and their mother have only heard about Lizzy from Lady Catherine – and where is their mother?? – so it sounds like they came to observe and mock Lizzy. Maybe this cousin should marry Anne, since their mothers are such good penpals. Nope, I do not like them at all. They could even be con artists.

    Thank you for the new post!

  28. June – yes, Lady C has such a cheek, doesn’t she? As for the French cousins, I shan’t say a word-we shall have to wait and see!

  29. I also agree with Jo. Theresa & Sheila as well as others who say thst by taking Anne’s rooms Lady C has gone too far
    Whether the rooms are used by the Darcys or not used Darcy wouldb very upset b very upset that Lady C usurped Elizabeth position as Mistress and moved her own rooms, is ordering his staff around andhow dare she move into the mistresses chambersas if the Darcys are not using them they have significant memories for Mr Darcy and perhaps many of Lady Anne’s personal items have been left there. not to mention the other things we’ve brought up throughout this interesting exchange of ideas

    • Deborah, I quite agree-Lady C is the end! Well, what will Darcy have to say, I wonder? That’s a good point about the personal items-I do hope Lady C hasn’t taken any for ‘safekeeping’! Thank you so much for stopping by.

  30. Great chapter! LC made me so mad! Lizzy should get more than diamonds for putting up with her! It will be interesting to see this develop, and I hope to see LC get put in her place eventually. I agree with JuneWilliams that these cousins seems suspicious. I worry for Georgiana there by herself with the cousins and LC there. If anything happens to her, Lizzy will feel so guilty leaving her alone.

    • TLeighF – yes, I wonder if Lizzy really knows what she’s taken on with this family- but then, she’s had quite a lot of practise with her own dysfunctional family – : )
      I think Georgiana will cope-she’s tougher than she appears…and the cousins may be delightful.

  31. oh no no no no no! If I remember my French history right, the “Valois” were the couple that caused Marie Antoinette ‘s affair of the necklace affair! I think these people are jew thieves and Georgiana should stay far away from them!

    • Grace- that is a fascinating piece of history, but whether these French cousins are related remains to be seen…
      Thanks so much for your comments-they’re really going to set the cat among the pigeons!

  32. Lady Catherine just doesn’t give up does she? Elizabeth’s response to her was what she deserved, but it’s a shame she was called away and had to leave Georgiana to manage. I’m worried there might repercussions. Really enjoying this story. Thank you for sharing.

  33. Thank you, Sarah – like you, I think there will be repercussions – Lady C can’t help herself and is determined to make trouble between our beloved Darcys. Thank you for your kind comments!

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