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  1. Go Darcy! He’s going to have his work cut out for him, with the coming invasion of the Bennets as well as dealing with Lady C. I’m intrigued to hear more about how Georgiana has developed, and what happens with those interesting new cousins. Really looking forward to reading more of this story! Thank you!

    • I am beginning to feel rather sorry for Darcy-he’s got a lot on his plate, hasn’t he, Kathy? Thank you -I’m so pleased you’re enjoying it!

  2. I absolutely adored this chapter. Mr. Darcy riding towards Elizabeth like a knight in shining armor at the exact moment he was needed. He certainly had impeccable timing.

    I’m looking forward to the fireworks in 2 weeks. I wonder what and when Mrs. Bennet is going to blurt out about the couple kissing and if she will realize who they are and if she will blurt that out too. It would certainly add fuel to Lady Catherine’s ire.

    • Deborah-thank you-you’ve made my day! Ooh, yes, I think Mrs Bennet will have something to say, but will she put two and two together? I’m not sure… : )

      • I mist’ve reread this chapter a dozen times; it’s so touching and hits at such an emotional level. Kudos on having written such an exceptional chapter.

  3. This is great, Jane. I love how this story is developing. Elizabeth and Darcy is passionately in love as ever, Georgiana may have found her true love and the Bennets’ carriage ride to Pemberley. Things are certainly getting interesting and I can’t wait to read your next instalment.

  4. Another great chapter. I can’t wait to hear the “discussion” Darcy will have with his aunt. And what fun there will be with Mrs. Bennet taking on Lady C. Fireworks?

  5. Thank you for a wonderful chapter, Jane! I enjoyed seeing Georgiana gaining more confidence, and kind Mrs. Reynolds always gives pleasure, and the hint of romance with the dashing French cousin, as well! 🙂
    Though sad, the interaction of Elizabeth with the family of the dying son was lovely, and her kindness and reaction couldn’t help but affect one, but I loved the way you ended it with your lovely depiction of the beauty of nature and the uplifting sentence: “It was very hard to understand why life happened as it did sometimes, but the sense of something greater at its heart, a world where such beauty existed, was illuminated in the picture at her feet and gave her hope.” Followed by Darcy coming at exactly the right moment! And as others have said, I wonder how their discovery will play out later, and how Darcy will deal with his Aunt… AND the cousins! Wonderful things to look forward to!

    • Thank you, Carol-I’m sure most people will identify to some extent with life’s sadness as well as its joys-but in my experience even in the toughest times there is always beauty and hope in the world. Also, this is Jane Austen’s world-she didn’t dwell on unhappiness and I was keen to move it on to something lovely! Thank you for your very lovely comments!

  6. Looking forward to the action in the house when Darcy and Elizabeth return. The loving care and romance between them, awww! Thank you 🙂

  7. Oh, so good. 🙂 I especially loved the part when the Bennet coach slows and Mr. Bennet seems to figure it all out immediately while his wife is oblivious! It made me chuckle. Looking forward to the confrontation, learning more of the French cousins, and witnessing the ever babbling Mrs. Bennet say something about what she has seen.

  8. Eileen, thank you for your lovely comments-yes, I’ve got to have Mrs B putting her foot in it at the most unsuitable moment-perhaps at dinner in full company-what do you think?

  9. Hi Jane. Thanks for another lovely instalment. It spans the spectrum from extremely happy to extremely sad and everything in between.

    I’m still not sure abouth the French cousins, especially Antoine. Hope he’s not going to be another Wickham for Georgiana (please not, Jane?). It’d be good to see her find someone to love for herself, especially now that she sees how happy her brother is with Elizabeth. His compassion for Elizabeth after little Neddy’s death was beautifully written and I wouldn’t want to be in Lady C.’s shoes when he has a go at her.

    Mr Bennet obviously saw what was going on with the couple in the distance and may even recognised them as his daughter and Darcy. I guess he may have been trying to snap the blind down to stop anyone else seeing and gossiping. Mrs B. is bound to let the cat out of the bag in front of Lady C. and if mention is made of the empty Darcy carriage, I can see where some of the fireworks may come from!!

    Can’t wait for the next chapter.

    • Thank you, Anji for your lovely comments! Rest assured, I shan’t let anything awful happen to Georgiana-I think she’s had quite enough to contend with in the past. I don’t think much escapes Mr B-perhaps Mrs B might suddenly realise who the couple were and blurt it out loud before she can stop herself.

  10. Put on the boxing gloves for the family fight in the next segment. LOL Or maybe just batten down the hatches for when Mrs. B and Lady C meet.

    I loved the tender moment with Darcy and Lizzy.

  11. Uh-oh, look out, Lady Catherine!

    Poor little Neddy 🙁 “It was very hard to understand why life happened as it did sometimes, but the sense of something greater at its heart, a world where such beauty existed, was illuminated in the picture at her feet and gave her hope. And then she saw him.” I really loved that.

    Still not sure about these De Valois cousins. I keep having visions of Henry and Mary Crawford dancing in my head. lol

  12. Monica, thank you-I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I’m keeping my cards close to my chest about what will happen, but I can see why you might think of the Crawford siblings. Which way will they go?

  13. Jane,
    Wonderful, wonderful part 3!! I look forward to MORE 🙂 .
    And I laughed aloud when I read Monica P’s comment above about having visions of Henry & Mary Crawford when reflecting on the cousins because I got a similar vibe!! Excited to read what you have in store for us next…

  14. I’m starting to wonder if these all too charming cousins might be imposters, with or without Lady Catherine’s knowledge. They’re a little too much like the Crawfords for my comfort. You did an incredible job with all the different emotions in this section – what a roller-coaster!

  15. What a lovely story, Jane! It has everything! Heartache, joy, mischief, irony, the good, the bad and the ugly 🙂
    Looking forward to more! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  16. Count me with the number who are very suspicious of these French cousins. Anyone who comes on Lady Catherine’s bidding is trouble! Perhaps they are fortune hunters… turn them loose on Anne instead!

    Am very glad that Darcy was there for Lizzy; she needed his comfort after losing Ned.

    Thanks for the update!

  17. Wonderful chapter, Jane! It was a roller coaster for sure, but I have a feeling there will be a lot more ups and downs throughout. Thanks for leaving us with that sweet scene between D and E to hold us through the next 2 weeks. I am glad to hear D will step up to his aunt…I am still mad for the way she treated E in her own home and poor Georgie is obviously scared of her. I hope she gets seated next to Mrs. B at dinner so they can drive each other crazy. I am trying to withhold judgement on the cousins and hope for the best. Thanks for taking pity on Georgie!

  18. TLeighF, thank you for your lovely comments-you’re right, there’ll be many more ups and downs to come! Don’t worry about Georgie-she’ll be well looked after, I promise!

  19. Yeah, Mrs. Reynolds to the rescue for Georgiana and Darcy to Elizabeth! Great chapter! We are all so protective of Georgiana after Wickham that we all worry about these new cousins! Yes, Henry and Mary came to mind for me too! Then to add more fuel to fire is Mrs. Bennet who will put not only food into her mouth at dinner when she blurts out what she saw along the side of the road! Shall Mary bring up a quote from Fordyce Sermons? Will this all be before Darcy has a ‘spoken’ with Lady C? Let the fireworks begin!

    • Carole-your comments made me chuckle-I’m looking forward to writing the next part and trying to include all those ideas!

  20. I keep remembering this from part 2, “We have heard so much about you from our mother who corresponds regularly with your aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Our mother and your aunt grew up together … they are cousins on their mother’s side.”…so these French cousins do not sound good to me. I, also, thought of the Crawfords. As much as I would like to see Georgina find true love, as did her brother, I am not thinking it is going to be Antoine. I could be wrong.

    Elizabeth went through so much in this chapter. Tears came to my eyes as she was at Neddy’s bedside. Gratified that Darcy was there for her as she took a walk to relieve her intense feeling of mourning. He is her rock. Yes, Mrs. B. will say something. Laughing in anticipation of Lady C.’s reaction. But Darcy will not allow her to insult Lizzy. And Georgina will observe Lizzy’s wonderful “handling” of Lady C. at dinner, which, in turn will allow her to learn something about social interaction with ogres!

    What a mixture in the household. There is going to be more than one display of fireworks, I am sure.

    Thank you for this chapter.

  21. Thank you, Sheila, for visiting and for your insightful comments! Yes, that paragraph gave a little hint that we may learn more of Lady Catherine’s past-I shan’t say any more but there may be surprises on their way. I’m really looking forward to writing the next episode!

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