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  1. Wow! What a phenomenal chapter! Is the woman Lady C? But, Lydia’s letter says it “will lead to the downfall and disgrace of the Darcy name” so does it refer to Darcy’s mother? I hope not! I hope everything ends up pointing to Lady C who found out someone was going to reveal information about herself. Or if she mskes it look like it was Darvy’s mother that Darcy has papers to that effect and/or Lord Matlock does, who will attend the ball. As his estate idn’t far Dsrcy would have time to contsct him with this information and formulate a plan. Oh, my. So now we know why the French cousins are there. Is colonel Marriot the one jilted? And Wickham. Is Lady C paying him?

    Poor Lizzy and Darcy. Lady C is just too evil. And the ring is still missing. I still say Lady C is behind the missing ring and maybe to say it was given to Louise by her birth mother. Maybe Lady C gave it to Louise saying it was a gift. Ugggghhhh! Horrors!

    Thank you for a wonderful chapter. I was entirely riveted and felt it ended too soon, eben though I know it was actually lengthy. The time Darcy spent with Lizzy was again so sweet and shows the intense love I would imagine such a pairing would have. Waiting on pins and needles for the next chapter. April 30th is so long to wait. Anticipation will only make it sweeter when we next read. I can imagine the angst they will feel.

    Is Georgianna in any danger? I am concerned for her. What will William say when she is missing? Is there an ulterior motive in the cousins walking out yo the folly with her or is it all innocence?

    Waiting until April 30 will be interminable.

    • Thank you, Deborah for your very kind comments-I’m thrilled that you enjoyed it! I shall not reveal anything-I don’t want to give anything away!

  2. Well. . My mind is going in circles. Hoping it is not Darcy’s mother. Would prefer lady c .
    Those French cousins seem a little fishy. I am thinking one of them or even lady c have sticky fingers that like shiny objects…..

    Love the scenes with Elizabeth and Darcy. …….

  3. Oh drat it! Just as things were going so well for the Darcys, this has to happen. First the ring and now this. Are the two mysteries connected in some way? It would be hilarious if the baby turned out to be Caroline, but that seems highly unlikely since she isn’t dear to Darcy. I don’t think it’s Darcy’s mother. Could it possibly be that the baby is Lady C’s daughter. Anne? That would be awesome. An early Christmas gift, although this story in itself is gift enough. I love reading this, and am in high hopes that the mysteries are taken care of. I am also hoping that Wickham is transferred to Siberia. It wouldn’t surprise me if he were somehow involved with the ring, the cousins, and the looming scandal.

  4. What a cliff you leave us on after such an intriguing chapter! It would be a great loss to not be able to find out the answers to all the mysteries you have raised! Sounds like a bit of “The Moonstone” along with P&P… a great combination! I too hope it will turn out well… and be a way of humbling Lady C. and that Georgiana will not be deceived again! Glad we don’t have to wait a full week!!

    • Carol, I shall be revealing all before the end of the story but I’m not giving anything away this week. Thanks so much for your comments!

  5. You have us on pins and needles!!! It didn’t bode well when Elizabeth thought “They were her cousins, after all, and what harm could come of a walk with such a pleasant brother and sister. ‘ Now I’m in fear for Georgiana’s poor heart! This is all too convenient though…Lady C in the garden with Colonel M, Lydia and Wickham both writing of some nefarious story and the details given to Darcy in a pub by Wickham. I’m hoping it’s Lady C but thinking it’s Darcy’s mother. As for the ring, Lady C may have Anne wearing it or even herself if Anne refuses the night of the ball? I just don’t think Anne is that spiteful and wouldn’t it be great if Anne is the one to somehow reveal that her mother is behind this whole scheme after seeing the heartbreak she causes at the ball? Maybe she overhead or saw something going on at Rosings prior to their showing up? Why else would Wickham refuse money from Darcy…

    Now on to more pleasant topics…that love note was beautifully written. Please have Elizabeth get a chance to tell Darcy of the ring before the ball and maybe she can advice him of some of the contents of Lydia’s letter so he can tell her about his meeting with Wickham. Keeping secrets will not help either fight this evil that is trying to intrude into their lives!

    I’m so invested in this story and can’t wait for April 30th!!!!

    Thank you!

    • Carole, thank you for your kind comments- I love your thinking, but I’m not revealing where the story is going this week-keep you all on tenterhooks!

  6. “Mrs. Darcy’s happiness was to be short lived…” When the chapter begins with such a statement one should be prepared for trouble, I suppose. But the amount of possible sources of trouble is rather large. Lady C and the Colonel, the French cousins and Georgiana, the ring is still missing, Lydia’s letter, and then Wickham showing up and being so “concerned”(he just wants a front row seat to Darcy’s misery, and, as Carole said, he is probably involved…pass up a chance to hurt Darcy? Unlikely!)

    I, too, enjoyed the love note and wish for E to tell D about the ring and Lydia’s letter. They stand a better chance of standing against whatever the scandal is if they stand together. Who knows, maybe Darcy will find the ring in the pocket of the coat he was wearing that day in the field.

    Looking forward to April 30th.

    • She had gloves on so I hope either it will be found in her glove or Lady C. & yes….I hope Darcys & Lizzy make time to talk before the ball.

        • Yes, they definitely need to talk and plan…so hoping they do.

          Now, do we know if she kept those gloves on the whole time? Perhaps the ring came off as he slipped the gloves from her hands (maybe when they returned to the carriage). He stuffs the gloves in his pocket, the ring falls out and voila is lost. Lizzy too distracted by her husbands attentions doesn’t notice the missing ring and then hastily dons her gloves as they reach the house. She can’t be caught without gloves when the carriage door is opened–hence the rush to put them on. Being distracted–the Bennet carriage is parked in front of them and Lady Catherine may be meeting her mother–she does not even notice the ring is missing. See, it could be in his pocket. 🙂 LOL

  7. Eileen, thank you for all your comments-everything will be resolved in time, I promise-there are reasons for all the trouble!

  8. I’m with Carol Hoyt. You know I’ve never trusted those French “cousins.” I just hope that missing ring turns up soon. Thank you for the new post!

    • June, just remember that first impressions are not always right-though my lips are sealed. Thank you for stopping by!

  9. An intriguing episode Jane! I almost forgot about the missing ring what with involvement of Lydia and Wickham! What are they up to? Who else is involved? A Darcy? True story or a creation of one/two vivid imaginations? And where is that ring? Having us wait until the 30th! Thankyou again for sharing another well written episode 🙂

    • I am merciless, I know-glad you’re finding it intriguing, Lynn! Thank you so much for stopping to leave your comments.

  10. I came back to read it leisurely this time and may I say that the romance between Darcy and Lizzy is just lovely! I know she will feel bad until she has a chance to tell him about the ring, and hopefully he’ll hear it from her first. Although it was his mother’s, I can’t imagine he’d be upset if she lost it – she’s the real treasure, right? 😉

    After reading the mystery part again, I’m leaning more toward it being Lady Catherine and not Lady Anne because it says it happened 26 years ago and Darcy is at least 28. I think it’s a fair assumption that his parents were already married when he was born.

    I know you’re letting us simmer with anticipation, with no hints, I just had to throw my 2 cents in, as per usual.

  11. Oh boy, more intrigue! And stuff that’s more sinister than the missing ring… unless they’re related! (OK, I know you’re not giving anything away…) Of course we have to consider the sources of the disturbing new information – Wickham and Lydia don’t exactly have the most pure motives on their best days. Very enjoyable. Hope our couple doesn’t revert back to their old P&P stubbornness and can help each other through this.

  12. I will be in perpetual torment till April 30th….. Why oh why such long wait my dear Jane? I am addicted to this series. Will you publish it? Such suspence…. Cannot wait :))))

  13. Ada, I’m so sorry for the wait, but I’ve got several writing projects on the go-yes, I’m going to publish it on here in the Reader’s Library when it’s finished and may do a kindle version too. Thank you so much for stopping by!

    • You have several writing projects going on whole I’m usually reading at least 4 books at one time (one on each of my nooks), an audible book, & whatever is on AV. So maybe 7 or 8, do I understand….but it’s so hard to wait. Although, we have no choice. 🙂

      • Deborah, I’m sorry to make you wait. Wow, you read so much-I love reading, but have to balance my time, and usually spend as much as I can writing!

  14. Just when I was starting to let my guard down on those french cousins, I see that I must now be wary of them again. I hope Georgiana is safe out there with them in the snow. My guess is also that Lady C is the lady in question and that man she was talking to could have been the father of the baby. How does all of this fit in with the missing ring, I cannot say. The precious scenes with D&L are wonderful, though I do feel Lizzy’s stress about not being able to tell Darcy about the ring. I keep hoping she’ll find it before she has to tell him, but I certainly don’t want him to hear about it being missing from anyone else. Looking forward to the next chapter!

  15. Jane, are you teasing us with the French cousins? A lot of us have made comments saying we don’t trust them, especially since Elizabeth’s ring went missing. Now, your comment about first impressions above make me wonder if you’re using them as red herrings to some extent? Do they have some nefarious intentions towards Georgiana or are they just having a pleasant walk out? They obviously seem to be involved in some sort of intrigue if Louise is “the heart of it all” as Wickham claims. Is Louise the child that Wickham mentioned? I don’t think Lady Anne can be the mother, otherwise the child would be older than Darcy, but it could be Lady C. Who is Colonel Marriott? Is he the child’s father or the former friend who resented the inheritance? As the old TV series used to say “Tune in next time”. Which can’t come soon enough for any of us, Jane.

    The tender scene between Darcy and Elizabeth was lovely, as always. Please let her be able to tell him about the ring before he finds out from “other sources”. Darcy also needs to know about the contents of Lydia’s letter regarding the French connection. I guess you’ll have that in hand but possibly torture us with a bit more angst in the meantime!

    But where is the ring? Has it been lost, misplaced, stolen or just appropriated by Lady C? We await with baited breath, I’m sure. April 30th seems a very long way away.

  16. Anji, I confess, I am a torturer – my lips are sealed, but I loved your comments and your thinking! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop and comment.

  17. Please don’t leave us in suspense, Jane. I long to know who is the biological mother of Louise. I guess it is either Lady Catherine or Lady Anne but I’m more incline to think it is Lady C. And was Elizabeth’s diamond ring stolen or simply misplaced somewhere? Oh, the agony of waiting until the next instalment on Wednesday is pure torture.

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