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  1. I thought we will learn more of the scandal this time but you like to tease us, Jane. This is a rather short instalment compared to the previous one. I hope you plan to continue posting the story here when you have finish writing it. I can’t wait to find out who is the woman implicated in the scandal. Is it Darcy’s mother, Lady Catherine or some other close relative of the Darcys?

    • I am an awful tease, Luthien, but part of the reason is to do with the fact that when I’m writing I tend to go backwards and forwards with my plotting and ideas- and ultimately, I don’t want it to be rushed or for it to come to a conclusion before it’ really finished. thank you for the encouragement!

        • Kelli-it will most likely be A Jane Austen Jewel Box – Mrs Darcy’s Ring and other stories – I plan to write some shorter stories to go with this one and put them into one volume. If I can get it out by July or August, I will be happy!

  2. Well, you’ve certainly left us hanging and I’m definitely convinced that the Wickhams are not there to help anyone but themselves. Mrs. Bennet, Lady Catherine, and Caroline Bingley are all available to make any hint of a scandal turn into something much worse! I’m eager to see what’s next… but I’m not sure what’s the right way to convey the sentiment that I hope the rest of your writing of this story goes smoothly, and quickly!

  3. Kathy, I shall let you know as soon as it’s finished – I want to do some editing on the oieces I’ve already written too, but I think it will be finished by the end of next month, all being well! Thank you for all your support!

  4. Delightful as always, Jane! I am so pleased you will be publishing this story and can’t wait to add it to my collection or to find out the answers to it all!

    Thank you for sharing – just lovely writing, beautiful story. You have made my Wednesday get off to a fab start. 😀

  5. Oh, you tease! I am on the edge of my seat, wondering about these “French cousins” and their “mother” who has been writing to Lady Catherine. The missing necklace. Lydia and Wickhead who should be thrown out of Pemberley forever. Argh! I hope you write faster. XD

  6. June, I’m sorry to be a tease, but the truth is I want to write it as well as I can, and with so many threads now I want to make sure it’s all working together. I will do my best to get it written as fast as I can!

  7. Oh, dear. I shall sadly miss these posts. It will be difficult to wait for the release to see what happens with the Darcys and the ring. You have left us all hanging from tenterhooks. What torture! I am eagerly and impatiently anticipating the rest of the book. But, I know the wait will be worth the while. You must let us know when the book is released. I believe you stated there are 6 more stories and with each being as interesting as this with intrigue and possible scandal involved it should be a wonderful read. I am looking forward to devouring and savouring the book, “Jane Austen’s Jewel Box”.

    Thank you so much for the tantalizing glimpse into your new, upcoming work. It has been a treat.

    • Yes, Deborah- I hope to write some shorter stories/novelettes to go with this one, and will put it in one volume, I think, unless it grows so big it will have to be in two. I will let you know as soon as possible-thank you for all your support!

  8. Sigh. I have to wait? Waiting to get to the end of a story is so hard. 🙂

    Loved the “pity you will never marry” comment. Imagine Lady C making me giggle instead of wishing for some I’ll to strike her mute. No, that wish was reserved for Lydia this time. Will that girl ever learn?

    I am looking forward to Darcy hearing about the ring and hearing of the scandal.

  9. Jane, I am so sorry to have come to the end of this enchanting, mysterious story, but thrilled to know that it is growing into a book. Please let us know when it is finished, and I will order it. This has been one of my favorite adaptations ever. I can’t wait for the book and for all these fascinating mysteries to be solved. Thank you for a lovely read that piques our interest and makes us smile.

  10. Aaaargh! Jane, while I appreciate your wanting to get the whole story written asap, I want to know all the answers now!!!! Only joking, as “last part for now” leads me to believe you may post more later.

    So, Georgiana’s walk was just a walk with Antoine and Louise (sigh of relief) but Dave McKee will be disappointed there’s no kidnapping after all! One nasty thought just occurred to me as I’m typing this. Are they actually brother and sister at all or is their relationship something else entirely?

    Poor Lizzie, still not feeling able to tell Darcy about the ring. Maybe the delay will give more time for it to turn up, but probably not. It maybe just me but is the loss of the ring, the French cousins and the mysterious Darcy relative all entwined together?

    Aaaargh! (again) Lydia and You Know Who at the ball! Something indiscrete was bound to happen. Now Mrs. B. knows about the mysterious relative and is bound to blab about it. She and Lydia both seem to be pathologically incapable of keeping secrets.

    Poor Miss B. had no partner for this first dance and although Lady C. is not who you’d call one of my favourite characters, it was rather satisfying to see her give Miss B. a bit of a setdown regarding not being married by now.

    Thanks so much for these past weeks of delightful anticipation, Jane. I’ll look forward to reading the rest as and/or when it comes out, not forgetting the other tales in the series that you mentioned right at the start. We don’t get nearly as many stories based on Jane Austen’s other works as we do on P & P so it’ll be good to read them.

    • Thank you, Anji-you’re very kind! I shall let you know when it’s all done-I plan to write the other stories to go with it, but hopefully they’ll be not quite so long. Thank you for encouraging me so much!

  11. Jane! Hit out of the ballpark! So many questions I have. But I can be patient as I know the prize after the wait is quite worthwhile!!

  12. Oh dear, Darcy invited the Wickhams to a ball at Pemberley?! I hope for his and Lizzy’s sake that it doesn’t blow up in his face. I can’t imagine Wickham feeling he owes Darcy anything. I so want to see the scandal exposed, though – and if it happens to be in public, later the Darcys can just say that it was all a deliberate ruse for their guests’ entertainment! It’ll be the new “thing”. lol

    Thanks Jane – happy writing!

  13. Monica, yes-I hope Darcy doesn’t live to regret that! : ) I like the idea of the scandal being part of the entertainment! Thank you.

  14. So many mysteries to rattle around in our brains…will look forward to the release of this book. Must know what happens! Don’t trust Wickham, Lydia and Lady C. And not sure about those cousins, but can’t imagine that they are going to turn out evil now that Georgiana has fallen in love with Antoine. Can’t have her heart broken and her spirit crushed a second time. Am really sorry that Wickham is there to upset Georgiana just by his presence. Does she know he was invited? The ring is a HUGH mystery. With every action I keep thinking…Ok, is it caught in Georgiana’s fan or her shawl or in one of the gowns Lydia looks to wear? On my mind constantly. Great episode. Thanks

  15. Ah Jane, I hate to see these posts end as I’m so enjoying the mystery! I do, however, liked the idea of more than one book! Flesh it right out and two books would be wonderful!

    As for Georgiana, I do hope that her heart does not get broken and that the Valois family are not part of the deceit. That would just break her confidence in herself which is not completely set yet. True, Elizabeth didn’t have much time to tell Darcy about the ring, but I hope that it can be weaved into the story as part of the ‘scandal’ and it being on someone’s finger? Or I have hope for Anne getting fed up with being ‘invisible’ in her mother’s eyes when she talks that she saves the day!

    Thank you so much for this ‘sparkling’ story! Looking forward to the book(s)!!!!

  16. You certainly know how to hook your audience, Jane! I am disappointed to have to wait to find out what happens, but I forgive you because I know you will make it worth the wait. And I like that the story will get the time and attention it deserves. I hope your writing goes smoothly in the next few months!

    • TLeighF-thank you-I do really want to get it into good shape. For me, good writing has to go through several edits and polished as much as I can-so glad you understand! Thank you for your support.

  17. Oh my……my heart is breaking into pieces. It took my entire will + several re-reads of all the posts of this series, just to hold on to this one. But you just killed me my dearest Jane. It is a big exercise in patience you are teaching me my friend. I read “Searching for Captain Wentwoth” in 2 days …. It took me that long because I had to get some sleep in. “Project Darcy” was read in 4 days as well as “Mr Darcy Secret” Well, I must wait….Anxiously I shall. Cannot wait Jane. Hugs & thanks for sharing your gift with us!!!

  18. Ada, I’m so sorry to do this to you, but it’s because I want it to be the best writing that I can do. I wish I could write quicker-unfortunately, my life seems to get in the way-but I shall let you know as soon as it’s finished to my satisfaction!

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