Jane Austen’s Jewel Box – Elizabeth Darcy’s Ring – Part Four – Jane Odiwe — 39 Comments

  1. Oh, I am so glad Fitzwilliam had a chance to set Lady Catwitch straight. Sad that Anne heard even part of her mother’s preposterous claims but even if it was due to anguish, the fact that she left the room was fortuitous. Now really would like to read what Lady C. does…she is not one to let it rest. I am surprised that she didn’t return to Rosings but since she stayed, trouble will ensue. I am sure that she will think she has an audience and can make her claims known somehow at dinner. Where will she be seated? Pity anyone near her!

    Caroline!!!! How dare you snub Lizzy’s offering of her hand! That woman lost but now she is just looking to embarrass Elizabeth somehow. Between her and Lady C. I am sure that the dinner, the service and the conversation will all be up for criticism and snide remarks.

    “Pemberley never felt such a home as it does now, and it is all due to my dearest, loveliest Elizabeth.” This remark by Fitzwilliam is soooooooooo sweet. Giving Lizzy all his support in front of the people who mean the most to her. Lovely.

    So who sits next to whom? What is served? (I am always aghast at how many courses they ate and the various wines – an education for me.) Conversation is going to be the main area of interest, as I said with Caroline and Lady C. trying to make Elizabeth uncomfortable if not downright embarrassed. What jewelry does Darcy gift Elizabeth with on the occasion of this ball? More family jewels, to which Aunt C. objects?

    Great Chapter. Thank you. Can’t wait to read the next one. So hard to wait.

    OH, and I hope the sun shining into the room Lady C. moved herself into gives her a nice warm welcome. “This must be a most inconvenient sitting-room for the evening, in summer: the windows are full west.”

    • Sheila, I am sure that between them Lady Catherine and Caroline will cause some mischief- I can see them as allies, can’t you?
      Yes, I think conversation is the way to go with dinner-and I think Lizzy’s bound to have something on the menu that disagrees with Lady C. I like your idea to give Elizabeth more jewellery-that will really set the cat among the pigeons though perhaps I could save that for the ball!
      Lady C is going to wish she hadn’t been moved, I think-she’s just trying to be as awkward as possible!
      Thank you so much for your lovely and thoughtful comments-I shall give them much consideration!

  2. Ooh, that nasty, presumptuous, rude Caroline! Such nerve, to snub her own hostess. I hope Darcy himself gives Caro a lecture – along with the left foot of fellowship.

    Aunt Catherine is so deluded. Will you show us the letters she wrote to these supposed French cousins? I still think they are all planning mischief and great harm. Is the French male “cousin” a fortune hunter who will be kidnapping Georgiana on Aunt Catherine’s orders? The mad-woman of Rosings is about to strike!

    Thank you for the new post!

    • Isn’t Caroline horrid, June? I think there’s a lot more of that behaviour to come…
      Aunt Catherine is a horror! It may well be that the French cousins are quite innocent and don’t really know their aunt…it is, after all, only their mother who has corresponded with Lady C. Still, as you say, the mad woman of Rosings is about to strike!

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  3. Ah, but will Lady C abide by his rules? It remains to be seen, I guess. At least Darcy told her in no uncertain terms that her behaviour toward Elizabeth was totally unacceptable and laid down the aforesaid rules. The image of the purple pouting trout is priceless! One thing I you could add, Jane, is Lady C being haunted by the ghost of her sister that night, as I would assume that it was in those rooms that Lady Anne passed away.

    Caroline also needs a good kick up the backside. Did her brother notice her rudeness? Does he have the backbone to take her to one side and give her the same sort of tongue lashing that Darcy gave his aunt? Darcy’s support of his wife with that beautiful compliment should certainly have shown Caroline how the land lies but will she take notice?

    I can see more fireworks coming at dinner; Lady C and Miss B combining to make snide remarks and Mrs Bennet making some totally innapropriate remarks especially about the couple she saw in the grounds.

    Regarding the French cousins, how did Darcy find out about their arrival if he went straight up to give Lady C the telling off she deserved. Did he meet up with Mrs Reynolds on the way? She obviously told Elizabeth about them.

    Thank you for another lovely instalment.

    • Anji, you are right to ask that question…I fear Lady C may not be on her best behaviour except when Darcy is around! I love the idea of a haunting-perhaps Anne can let it slip at the dinner table, thereby embarrassing her mother and getting a little quiet revenge. I agree, Charles need to put his foot down with his sister instead of letting her get away with it!
      Darcy was informed before he left on estate business-I mentioned it in an earlier chapter-glad to see you are keeping me on my toes!

  4. Another wonderful chapter. I love Darcy’s words after Caroline snub, “Pemberley never felt such a home as it does now, and it is all due to my dearest, loveliest Elizabeth.”. I certainly hope Charles puts Caroline in her place. with that comment Darcy shows Elizabeth worth and let’s Caroline know he values his wife. I wonder what Caroline has up her sleeve for this visit.

    I am glad Darcy put Lady Catherine in her place but what other subterfuge is she going to try against Elizabeth. I wonder if she and Caroline are going to put their heads together against their common enemy to try and cause trouble. I wonder what veiled insult Caroline will state at dinner and what trouble Lady Catherine will cause. I can’t wait to see the interaction between Mrs. Bennett and the two.

    I’m also wondering why Lady Catherine decided to have her self moved to the old mistresses chambers. Does she plan to search the room herself to see if anything was overlooked that her sister had? is Darcy going to tell misses Reynolds to move her out of that room back to the room she was in or another room on that side of the house? After allwas presumptious of her to move herself.

    Since the Bennett carriage past the Darcy carriagethe Bennets should have already arrived. with all the uproar did Mrs. Reynolds forget to mention that?

    I agree with the ladies above in wondering what those supposed French ousins are about and if they really are cousins or imposters. Is Lady Catherine going to pay them to do something to try to force Darcy to denounce Elizabeth…

    I wonder if Darcy will give Elizabeth the necklace, bracelet , and earrings to go with the ring for the ball. I am eagerly awaiting the next installment. it is sure to be an interesting dinner especially if Mrs. Bennett mentions the couple she saw kissing and Elizabeth blushes. Caroline is sure to notice and say something. April 4th can’t come too soon. I’ll be on pins and needles until then.

  5. I see I’ve been caught out! Yes, you’re right about the Bennets-I shall edit immediately!!! Of course I put it in to make sure you were paying attention… : )

    You are quite right, I am sure Lady C and Caroline will make a formidable pairing- poor Lizzy-but our heroine is made of stern stuff and not easily broken!
    I am looking forward to writing Mrs Bennet’s many faux pas- I think this dinner could be ripe for some amusement-
    Thank you so much for your considered and kindly thoughts-and for catching an error!

    • Anytime. :-). It is easy to omit something. That’s why I always had my college papers and now my class’ newsletters and report cards proofread. I invariably leave out something and errors are found.

      Lizzy will behave admirably and with Darcy supporting her they will be a formidable couple against all foes. His love and support will also sustain her, especially when Lady C is at her worst. She may even smile when Lady C tries berating her…boy would that infuriate Lady C.

      • After all her courage rises whenever someone tries to intimidate her (sorry was in a rush and forgot to adding to my last post)

        • I keep doing that too-thinking of a comment to add and then hitting the send button.
          I often write a whole book before I find all the errors-I usually try and read my docs on different formats-like my kindle and I didn’t do that this time-
          Lizzy and Darcy will be fine, I’m sure…when a few little problems have been ironed out! : )

  6. Oh, poor hateful Caroline. She really should learn when to quit. I could just hear her thinking “as if that chit could ever be dignified.” And what will happen when she realizes there is a single gentleman in the house? She may find an ally in embarrassing Lizzy when she meets Lady C. However, will her connection to trade be discovered? That would put nearly the whole house beneath Lady C. The possibilities for more interesting fireworks are so fun to consider. 🙂

    Loved Darcy speaking up to Lady C, but I think he will have to repeat himself at least once more when he throws her from the house. Lady C obeying anyone’s rules save her own, which she probably modifies was she sees fit? Not possible, is it?

    And Darcy’s open support and love for his wife…precious. Imagine the modification Caroline felt upon hearing that!

    Thank you for the lovely story. My only complaint…it was too short. I wanted to keep reading. 🙂

    • Eileen, I wondered if it was a bit short but I didn’t want to overwhelm in a blog post-maybe next time I’ll make it a little longer!
      That’s a nice idea-Caroline throwing herself in the path of Monsieur de Valois-or perhaps she should have another character interested in her-perhaps one she doesn’t like? Either option would be fun to write. And I love the idea of bringing up her ‘trade’ roots – I’m pretty sure Jane A didn’t refer to which trade it was-I’ll have to think of something suitable for Lady C to snort about. Thank you for your thoughtful response and kind comments.

  7. Great installment! I think that Lady C would have little alone time with Lizzy to cause much mischief. Darcy always seems to be where he is needed most. The very thing I love about your Darcy! 😉

    • Oh, Cindy, I feel your words may just have taken me to a new plot point-perhaps he won’t always be there…
      Thank you for stopping by!

      • Oh no! Well, in that case, I am sure that Lizzy will handle herself admirably… and maybe Jane will grow a backbone. lol!

  8. I think the dinner will be Mrs Bennet’s opportunity to completely mortify Elizabeth. Lady C will hold her tounge at the dinner table after all Darcy will be watching her, but after when the men separate will be when she has her opportunity to lash out. Imagine Mrs Bennett learning there is an eligible gentleman at the table 😉 will Caroline take an interest in him too? After all she is getting desperate, and with her dowry she could be of interest to him. Dinner could be a good opportunity to see a bit of interaction between Kitty and Georgiana, Kitty is a follower and Georgiana would be a good model to follow…

  9. Ann, I think that’s a wonderful idea-as much as I love Lizzy, she will have to suffer a little before the end and I’m afraid there are at least 3 ladies who will help in that endeavour! Mrs B is bound to put her foot in it, and I feel Lady C and Miss B will most likely take advantage of such ammunition-plenty of food for thought, if you’ll excuse the pun!
    I think Miss B will be very interested to learn of the French cousin-now, I wonder, is he rich or is he poor?
    That would be good if Kitty and Georgiana can be friends- the latter will be a wonderful influence.
    Thank you for all your thoughtful comments and ideas!

  10. Well, neither Lady Catherine nor Caroline Bingley are happy about Darcy’s choice – it wasn’t Anne and it wasn’t Caroline – so I would like to see the two of them attempt to thwart Elizabeth.

  11. Another great chapter! Darcy is right to try and nip Lady Catwitch’s domineering attitude in the bud! Unfortunately, Lady C humilates her own daughter in the process. Sometimes, she reminds me of Lydia…selfish, self-centered and oblivious (at times) to the feelings of others. Now wouldn’t that upset her being compared to Lydia…la!

    Yes, Caroline is not gracious in defeat. I think Bingley should mention at dinner something of his business, possibly a new venture, that would mortify Caroline in front of this French cousin of the Darcy’s? I think it should be deliberate on Bingley’s part for something she said (snide remark) or for her blatant flirting. Lady C may not mention any of the 3 things Darcy demanded but she will still get her hits in. I am liking Anji’s idea of her meeting the ghost of her sister…

    As for Mrs. Bennet, she will open mouth and insert foot, but I do think she might have it in her not to see her daughter humilated. I think a surprise defense (not sure what) by Mrs. B on Elizabeth’s behalf would go a long way in Darcy’s eyes and others.

    By all means, write a longer post next time as I’m sure you would get no complaints from any of us!!!

  12. Carole-thank you for your very kind comments and great ideas!
    Yes, Lady C is rather like Lydia-always wanting full attention and selfish, as you say. I thought she wouldn’t care about what she said in front of Anne-clearly, a lot of Anne’s problems stem from her upbringing by her overbearing mother!
    Caroline will be trouble, I’m sure. Yes, that’s a good idea for Bingley to talk about a new venture-
    Mrs B will have her say but perhaps Lizzy will be able to turn things round-after all, she will be expecting her mother to be tactless! Gosh, hope I shall remember all these possibilities…

  13. Well done, Darcy! 🙂

    I like the idea of LC snooping around in Lady Anne’s old rooms (well, I don’t, but you know what I mean). Maybe there’s a secret compartment somewhere that she knows about, that Darcy and Lizzy don’t, with maybe a letter or something she never sent.

    As bad as LC can be, I don’t know that she would team up with Caroline against Lizzy. It’s possible of course, but I always thought LC would find Caroline presumptous (a bit of the old pot & kettle, I know) especially if Caroline was trying to use arts and allurements on Msr French Cousin, whom LC has suddenly decided would be perfect for Anne. Or maybe Anne will run off with him? And Mrs Bennet is always good for a snafu.

    So many possibilities! 🙂

    • Oh, shades of Northanger, Monica! I love the idea of the letter!
      Yes, Lady C would unwittingly join in if she does at all-I’m looking forward to her discovering that Miss B is not quite as high and mighty as she she appears…
      So many possibilities, thank you for your great suggestions!

  14. Oh my, this is a house party “perfect storm!” The mysterious French cousins will be flabbergasted and surprised and wondering whether this was normal behavior in an English country home!

    I’m sure after dinner, the Darcys will be wondering what possessed them to invite any of these unpleasant folks to their home and they’ll plan never to repeat that mistake again. Darcy was terrific in standing up for his choice of wife and for Lizzy herself, but I’m hoping that Lizzy will soon show off some more courage — she needs to gain the upper hand with all these misbehaving guests! Or, she has to give up on the idea that Lady C is worth placating and having a cordial relationship with.

    • Yes, I think the cousins will be wishing they hadn’t answered Lady C’s invitation, though I’ve. Afeeling they are acting on their mother’s instructions.
      Darcy will be at the end of his tether after having to be so polite to so many disagreeables-that is if he makes it to the end of dinner!
      Definitely, Lizzy is not one for suffering fools for long! Thank you for visiting and for all the lovely thoughts you’ve had on it all.

  15. I love the scenes where Darcy confront his aunt and set things back to what it should be. Lady Catherine can be very difficult to deal with. In the end Darcy has the final say as he is the master of Pemberley. I’m sure the next chapter will be as brilliant as this instalment.

    • Neither can I, but Jane did say the next chapter would be posted on April 4, so my guess I’d after midnight. Could this be a belated April Fool’s early post?

  16. OK, will try again later. Thanks for getting back to me. I had received an e-mail stating that it was now posted.

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