Jane Austen Talks Turkey — 8 Comments

  1. It seems the turkey was by this time regarded as a bird one could cook and eat for special occasions. In the letters they are eating the turkey Christmas time; they make a fuss to about it: writing Martha to make it comes — it’s not a negligible food. In the novels, we see Dr Grant is a luxurious for he doesn’t need a holiday — also that Mr Woodhouse while absurd might want to protect this “special” bird. I note the Woodhouses have several. In this era many (for all I know most) people were very lucky to get one hot meal every week.


  2. Thanks, Ellen, it was fun to research about turkeys in Austen…I swear I think it’s fun to research almost ANYTHING in Austen, you know?

  3. I am curious about what Jane’s turkeys looked like. The turkeys on the plates shown with your post are very like present day American turkeys. Are those plates vintage or modern? The wild turkeys I have seen in Minnesota are skinny creatures in comparison and the turkeys available in 1991 in Bucharest Romania were looked more like how I would imagine the wild turkeys would look without their feathers.

  4. Very, very interesting. I’ve never thought of the Austens as caring for turkeys. My daughter, who lives in the country in VA, had a wild turkey park itself in the middle of her lawn where it cared for its chicks. It went nuts when anyone came out the front door, and it was so big that no one argued with her! Hope you had a good holiday.

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