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  1. I read it as “Pemberley by the Sea” and have gone back and read it over again. I have vacationed on the Cape when my two brothers-in-law played baseball there in the “70s. Beautiful and quaint in many areas. We boated out to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard and I own a piece of Scrimshaw from before whaling became illegal.

    Now, to your son’s accident: I, too, became very teary eyed while reading about that experience. Thank the Lord, he is almost fully recovered. I do believe in miracles. I own 3 books from true life death experiences: one is a young boy’s as told to his family. I sent the information about how it happened to my two children and their spouses, as they go to the beach and have a one-year old and a 1.5-year old. I never realized that sand castle building had that danger so wanted to make sure they are careful. So your story may have prevented others from the same tragedy.

    Thank you for sharing. I am sure it continues to be a very emotional event to even think about much less put into writing. God bless. And I am so glad you got to buy your house in your dream location.

    • I’m so glad you sent your children the information about the dangers of sand. I never knew about it before that day.

      It’s hard to disbelieve in miracles when you see one every day around the house. Actually, we’re going on our second miracle now – my son insisted this fall that we adopt the 10 week old kitten with less than 3 weeks to live, and she’s now a happy 6 month old – not long for this world, but she’s having a good life while she’s here.

  2. I read TMWLP&P just last week, and very much enjoyed it. I assumed that the lab was a real place you’d worked, it seemed so real.

    If I can ever afford it I’d live by the sea, probably in West Wales. I live in a coastal town in the UK but it’s docks rather than nice beach. It’s still good to be close to the sea though, the smell of it and the sun on the water is like balm for the soul, and I’m lucky that it’s within such easy reach. I’m glad you’ve got your own Pemberley by the sea, like Cassie and Calder did.

    As a parent myself, the part about your son’s accident is scary to contemplate. The human brain is an amazing thing, and I am so glad that he made such a miraculous recovery.

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  4. Abigail, thank you for sharing such a personal story. I am very glad that your soon is that walking miracle . Ya’ll have truly been blessed.

    My special place, my refuge, is 10 acres of family land in the hills of southwest Mississippi about 20 or so miles from Natchez.
    When I go there, it refreshes my soul. Corny I know but it does take the stress out for awhile .

    I hope to be able to live there full time soon instead of visiting once or twice a year.

    Again, thanks for the window into your world

  5. I heard somewhere that it is the places closest to us that we don’t know the best. I think it has to do with the fact that we take them for granted. Thanks for a look into what move you. 🙂

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