Jane Austen Fan Culture-Guest post from Gaby Malcolm — 5 Comments

  1. Wow, I love the idea of The Joy of Jane! I can already feel that it’s going to be great.

    The 95 P&P was the jumping off place for me, into Jane obsession, but not until I re-watched it several years later, just on a whim. I’m not as much a fan of the 05 version but I love rhat it inspired more authors to write Austen-inspired work, and added much to the continuing popularity of it.

  2. Gaby. Thank you for this post. I do have the book sent to me by Sophie. I fell in love with P&P through the 2005 movie while in my mid-forties by my hubby. It is funny, but prior to the introduction, while researching hubby’s family tree I found he is descended from the D’Arcy’s about 9 centuries ago. I am looking forwrd to seeing the documentary when it is finished. Unfortunately, I will not be in Bath, but have a wonderful time there.

  3. Really enjoyed this! Thank you for posting your article! Hope you have a great time in Bath!!!

    And Maria, thank you for bringing us Dr. Malcolm’s Austen Fan Culture info and point of view.

  4. Jane has been a fixture in my life since 9th grade and the 05 version is by far my favorite film. I will say “lost in Austen” is such a hoot that I love rewarding it also! The Joy of Jane is such a wonderful project and to be a part of it sounds delightful. Alas, I can only dream of being at the festival but do enjoy!

  5. I have enjoyed reading this, it is so interesting how people come to know JA. I was 35 when I first saw the 1995 mini series and fell in love not only with PP but I started checking out other writers as well like Mrs. Gaskell. I have always thought before this that the classics would be too far above my head to understand, Jane changed all this for me and I am forever grateful.

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