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  1. I loved the fiery Jane in this passage, because it sounds like she’s been taking lessons from Elizabeth. I always like Jane and the Colonel matching in stories. It’s not that don’t like Bingley, it’s that he ends up needing a mother rather than a wife. He’s too ineffective and indecisive dealing with his hateful sister Caroline.

  2. I love the pairing of Jane and the Colonel. Jane needs someone who can make decisions and the colonel needs someone who has a soft side. As Carol said, and I agree, that Bingley needs a mother more than a wife. He’s too easily led and indecisive. Thank you for this beautiful scene, Maria.

  3. I had never thought of Jane and the Colonel until reading some of this month’s posts on here. The more I read, the more I like them together. I am starting to see how weak Bingley was in not trusting his own feelings and being loyal to Jane.

  4. In my mind, this scene should have been included in the book. We know they are a couple, but we don’t really see them interact as such. I this “what if,” Jane and Elizabeth have the same mother; it stands to reason they both have inherited a part of her personality and the personality of the Admiral.

    I’m alternately in love with Darcy and the Colonel, however, the Colonel seems to be winning out more and more often when he is paired with Jane — or anyone other that Caroline Bingley.

  5. This story and this particular scene as well as the one when the are speaking together in the clearing in the woods are my favorite of the JA genre. Thank you for letting me read this again!

  6. I always enjoy Jane and the Col. together. Bingley is nice and congenial and all that jazz, but wishy washy. The Col. is genial and fun and yet has a strength of character that plays nicely with Jane. Plus then Jane and Lizzy are married to cousins and Caro doesn’t get to be connected in any way shape or form. LOL

  7. I LOVE IT!!!! Darcy is good but always so angsty. Give me a tempestuous, hard-living solder who knows what he wants and is not afraid to say it and take it!

  8. I will always love Bingley with Jane because that is how Ms. Austen created them. However, I do love the Colonel and enjoy stories where he is paired with Jane. Like others before me said, she offers a serene softness to his hard edges. This excerpt that didn’t make it in the book is just what we do need to have though. Having a more passionate Jane showing her fierce loving side (within boundaries of course) shows us that still waters do run deep. Thank you for this!

  9. I love this, especially as we usually never read any passion coming from Jane. I have read other books in which she is paired with the Colonel. And he is one of my favorites. I have this book, read it as a WIP, purchased it and have started to read it again. This blog may just send me back to finish that re-reading.

    Well done. Thanks for the missing scene.

  10. Coincidentally I’ve just re-read this book so what a delight and surprise when this popped up in my inbox – thank you!

  11. Thanks Maria! That was wonderful. As a man, I always thought Mr. Bingley a wimp for letting his sister ( no less) and his best friend tell him who he should love. Jane was to good for him. Now Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam is man to love!

  12. I am glad that the Colonel is NOT a villain (like I’ve read in a few stories). I feel sorry for Charles Bingley, that he doesn’t get Jane. However, the idea of Richard with Jane is attractive. Elizabeth and Jane can live near each other eventually. Does Caroline get her just desserts?

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