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  1. Oh the angst – both you…and Mr. Darcy. I don’t know what to say. Jane Austen certainly had the ability to write from the male view point. The letter you refer to is so moving. But most of P&P is not from Darcy’s viewpoint; part of the reason that I enjoy the JAFF books written from his viewpoint, i.e., Pamela Aidan’s three books & Kara Louise’s books. I trust you will make a good decision. I have never been disappointed in any of your literature. And I wonder why your publishers wanted this change…just because he had more at stack? The author I am reading at present, has him very bitter towards Elizabeth at this point. This is a huge denial of Darcy’s hopes and dreams. He has never experienced anything like this in his life. Although he did have to watch Wickham get some favors from Darcy’s father, Darcy still had everything he needed as far as worldly goods and power of position and attention from the ton, etc. So now to encounter a woman who did NOT give recognition to what he offered; how ignorant can one person be. Surely, she had more intelligence than what he witnessed in this denial. Where was this coming from? Even with Wickham influencing her, could she not see Darcy has so much more to offer? Looking forward to reading your decision on writing.

  2. Abigail, I liked both point of views. Its nice to get both sides of a situation. Reading both versions it is hard to say which I liked better. What ever you decide to do I know will be great and I look forward to reading it 🙂

  3. ~”She could have been a doe, poised on the brink of flight, held in check only by the gossamer threads of good manners.”~

    *Sigh* Love that sentence!

    It is good to know that even seasoned authors have that gut wrenching feeling when you hear that from an editor/beta. I recently heard that one a story I am writing, and I have to tell you, I chickened out and talked the beta into doing one single POV on the next story. That comment did help me really focus the scene POV’s in the one I am working on though.

  4. Is this an old post? I’m sure I’ve read the Darcy POV before. It’s interesting to see from both points of view. I liked them both, but the Darcy POV gave me shivers, so using this scientific method, I deduce that you made the right decision over which to use 🙂

    • Yes, this is an old post. I’m moving over a few of my favorite posts from Austen Authors so that they’ll all be in the same place, but I’m also finding it interesting to read them again from my current standpoint.

  5. Again, the first time I’ve seen this post. Since I have reread your books multiple times I recognize both points of view. Now I’ve got to go back into your books and figure out which ones these belong to because this will bother me until I do. The date of the original post will be helpful in determining which book it is though..

    • I did the exact same thing Deborah, did a word search on my kindle! I only looked for the Darcy POV, but that was from Mr Darcy’s Letter

      • Yes, it’s from Mr. Darcy’s Letter, and I managed to put in parts of both points of view. This post is an old favorite post of mine. Starting a new site is giving me the opportunity to choose the best of the old one, and I’m glad it’s giving newer readers the chance to see posts that would otherwise have been buried in the backlog.

  6. I am learning to pay attention to the dates as you have many others you have moved over and commenting on them makes no sense. But I do read them. At this point, I have read so many books and/or novellas that they are beginning to blend together, i.e., my comment on Chapter 16 of the Darcy Brothers last night. I will not make any comments past midnight in the future but will wait for morning and clearer thinking. LOL

    • The dates are a little confusing since we’ve started the process of bringing over our favorite posts from Austen Authors – sort of a “Best of” anthology. After this first deluge, we’re going to be bringing on the old posts at a slower rate, just 1-2 a day, so as not to overwhelm those readers who get notified via email every time a new post is made. I only have a couple more posts in the queue, but there are plenty coming from other writers, and it’s delightful to have new readers discovering and commenting on old posts I thought were dead and buried!

  7. Ironically, I am re-reading this book, Mr. Darcy’s Letter, mentioned above, so that I can post a review on Amazon. I enjoy re-reading your books for whatever reason.

  8. Both POV’s are great but Darcy’s is something else! Who knew that our beloved stoic Mr. Darcy had a poet’s soul? I’ve found that I enjoy books from a male POV recently. For some reason getting to experience what they feel makes a story feel complete. Of course dual POV’s are great too.

  9. To Ceri…I looked on my NOOK…but I run after thirteen 4 year olds 50 hours a week….so, I wasn’t as diligent as I should have been. Thanks for queuing me in.

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