Inspiration for Mr. Darcy’s Noble Connections — 5 Comments

  1. I’m so glad this turned up again, as I had not read it last April! I was enchanted when you described touring the gardens with Darcy and Elizabeth’s commentary accompanying you! What a creative and wonderful ability you have with words! I loved this first chapter and will have to purchase the book at my first opportunity! Thank you too for the beautiful photos!

  2. I have read this book two times already. LOVED the moor scene and also really liked Carlisle wooing Elizabeth and Darcy experiencing real jealousy. And today with this old blog coming up I enjoyed seeing the photos which inspired the settings in the book. I always have to concentrate very hard to get the words into images when an author describes, clothing, furniture and/or houses and rooms. Thanks for all your books. You are truly blessed in your talent with words. I love being in the minds and hearing the reactions when the characters are in each other’s presence. And the physical reactions – stomachs twisting, hearts lurching; oh, my. I am presently re-reading From Lambton to Longbourn but now my appetite is whetted to re-read this one -again. I am sure I will in the next few weeks.

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