In Darcy’s Arms — 23 Comments

  1. Had this happened in Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Darcy and Elizabeth might have come to an understanding instead of the multitude of misunderstandings that hung about their relationship. Lizzy and her temper causes her downfall – literally.

    • Exactly, Carol! But then the story would be over and we wouldn’t have all those delicious misunderstandings to suffer through with Elizabeth. 😉 Thank you for commenting.

  2. Now if he just explains his relationship with Wickham all difficulties will be resolved and they can get round to actually loving each other 💖💖💖. I enjoyed this Katie, thank you.

  3. That was lovely and I can only imagine the scene they would cause once back at Longbourn! I wonder what Mrs. Bennet and Mr. Collin would have to say about the matter!

  4. What a great story to read on this wonderful day in April. Thank you. Yes, I think we need a follow-up please.

  5. Did she sit down to eat in wet clothing? Lovely scene in which he carried her home. I do wish some of these scenes could be expanded as I would like to read “the rest of the story”. Thanks for sharing.

    • Good point about the wet clothing! I dashed this off in between doing a thousand other things and missed that little faux pas. Ah, well, let’s assume she dried off in front of the fire for a bit first.

      I hope to do a follow-up short story soon, and will post it when it’s complete. Thank you so much for the comments. x 😉


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