How to Tour Bath in 90 Minutes or Less — 17 Comments

  1. Bath is beautiful, I am so glad you enjoyed it. If you get the chance try and go to Derbyshire as it is beautiful and lots of great stately homes to see e.g. Sudbury House, Hardwick Hall, Calke Abbey and Lyme Park. What did you think of Hampton Court. This is one of my favourite places but I love history especially the Tudors. Thank you for sharing.

    • I was impressed with Hampton Court, too, Michelle. My only complaint was that it cut into my time at Bath, which was my primary goal! My husband and I are planning another trip to England, and he promises to be patient and indulge me in a full Jane Austen tour this time, including Derbyshire!

  2. What a whirl-wind tour! Just to be in Bath for 90 minutes makes me envious as I have never been there. I am hoping to one day. Thank you for sharing the story about your visit and some of the pictures you took.

    • It was both wonderful and terrible, Debbie – a thrill to be there but a nightmare to find out I had so little time. I would wish you an altogether better (and much more relaxed!) tour of Bath one day.

  3. You managed to pack quite a lot in during your hour and a half. I’m impressed. If I’d just arrived in a strange new town, I would have still been in the car park studying the map, dithering.
    Thanks for the post, very entertaining. I hope you get to go and stay for longer soon. It’s a great place to wander slowly around and there’s lots to see.

    • Thanks, Caitlin. Yes, wandering slowly sounds wonderful! I had looked at maps before I got there, so I already had a picture in my mind where things were. But some of what I did see (and what I missed) in my 90 minutes was just by chance.

  4. I am out of breath and grinning from ear to ear just reading your about your adventure! Thank you for the quick tour and hope you get back soon! I just finished ‘The Persuasion of Miss Jane Austen’ this week and absolutely loved it! I love how you mentioned and described Venice in it!

    • Yay! I’m delighted you enjoyed this post, Carole, but especially that you loved TPMJA! Tell all your friends, please. I really do think it’s my best book, but often overlooked because it’s not P&P.

      Yes, Venice will always have a special place in my heart. Luckily, I had more than 90 minutes to spend there – about 10 days. Wonderful!

  5. I’ve taken that same bus trip myself and I agree that the time in Bath was far too short. There is simply too much to see in the town, even if you are not an Austen fan! You certain saw far more than I did. Kudos! I hope your next trip there yields more time and plenty of Austen inspired goodness.

    • We were supposed to go to Windsor instead of Hampton Court, but they diverted us because the queen was there, which was fine. All very enjoyable, but I couldn’t believe they allowed so little time in Bath! Let’s hope we both get to go back for a longer tour, Wendy.

  6. We loved Bath, but took a train and spent far more time touring than you did. I didn’t mind the water at all, but I am on a well and sometimes our water tastes similar to the Spa water. Even though we spent the majority of a day in Bath I would love to go back and explore more in depth.

    • I wish I had just taken the train like you did, Kristine, since I ended up dealing with public transit anyway. The good thing was that I did see some other interesting places, and I got a story out of it too. I guess there’s always more cool things to see than we have time for, though.

  7. In 2014, my husband and I visited Bath from New Zealand. We were so lucky to see Lady Maybury in costume from 1760, standing in front of the Abbey. She took us on a wonderful walking tour of Jane Austen’s Bath which took only 1-1/2 hours. It was fantastic, and very inexpensive. She had an extensive knowledge of Jane’s books and her life. After that we had the rest of the day to visit the rest of Bath’s attractions. We hope to repeat the experience next year, when we come over again. She’s worth looking out for!

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