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  1. You have lunch money? Why don’t you come over here and sit next to me? Hee Hee. Lucky you to live in such a wonderful place and to have “breathed the same air” as our Jane… Welcome to this batch of Janeites – I find the people, the comments, everything to be very kind encouraging and enthusiastic, and hope you will too.

  2. Thanks Julie, for the welcome.
    Haha. I’m showing my age, ‘lunch money’ is becoming a thing of the past. Kids around here pay for school lunches by way of their fingerprints on a touch-screen reader now! No need for cash.

    • Oh, dear – fingerprints does make it a little harder to take a kid’s lunch money, doesn’t it? Lovely to meet you – looking forward to reading lots from you!

  3. Hi Caitlin. I’m so glad you managed to survive your first day and that everyone played nice. I have Ardently on my wish list and will definitely be reading it soon and I really really enjoyed The Coming Of Age of Elizabeth Bennet. I do love it when they get married early in the book. I look forward to more posts and short (or long!) stories 😊

    • Hi Glynis
      So Glad to hear you liked The Coming of Age. I love the early marriage scenarios too, it gives a story such great tension when they are forced together, with no promise of escape.
      I hope you enjoy Ardently if you get to it.
      Thanks for the welcome

  4. Welcome. It is wonderful to have you here. Both books are on my wish list. I enjoyed being introduced to you this morning and look forward to reading more of your posts.

  5. That was a lot of fun! I don’t have lunch money these days because I eat a late breakfast, and because I always have a book in my hand, so who needs lunch? I am always delighted to see a new author, and after that delightful introduction, I went over to Amazon just to have a look – which is the adult equivalent of being five years old and turned loose in a candy store. I bought Ardently and got a sample of The Coming Of Age. If anyone is looking for me later this afternoon, I will be hiding in my room with my books. There may be a large mug of chai involved, and an apple slice. The chai is for me, and the apple slice is for my conure, so he stays away from my Kindle and my chai. 🙂

  6. Welcome! I have to admit it took me a long long time to embrace JAFF. I guess I felt I was cheating on dear Jane.
    Having said that Ardently was one of my favorites and I have The Coming of Age on my KIndle next up.
    Thanks for your stories. I look forward to many more!

    • Thanks Theresa
      I know what you mean, I do wonder sometimes what Jane Austen would think of JAFF.
      I hope she’d just sort of raise an eyebrow in surprise and have a wry chuckle to herself.
      Glad to hear Ardently was a favourite and thanks for the welcome

  7. I absolutely loved “Ardently”! It easily earned a rare 5 Star rating from me on Goodreads. I thought it had to be a fluke. Whose first book is THAT good? Then “The Coming of Age of Elizabeth Bennet” came out and it was amazing – another rare 5 Star rating from me on Goodreads. Keep it up! No pressure 🙂

    Welcome. YOU ARE AWESOME!

    • Thanks Nicole
      And I know you can always be relied upon to be very straight and honest with your reviews, so it means a lot. I’m touched.

      • Correction: Sorry, I rated “The Coming of Age of Elizabeth Bennet” as 4.5 Stars and rounded up to 5. But this was only due to the fact that I liked “Ardently” a bit better. It’s all relative. In this case, to me, it means the same.

  8. Hello, Caitlin ! I adored Ardently and have read it several times. I also have Coming of Age and loved it. Keep writing please, you have a wonderful voice.

  9. Hurray and Welcome! This was my first JAFF site too when I went searching several years ago! I have read and loved ‘Ardently’ twice on my Kindle now and last month bought the paperback! I plan to re-read again and write a review this time! I hadn’t started writing reviews until this year on Goodreads. I did read and absolutely loved ‘The Coming of Age of Miss Elizabeth Bennet’ and wrote a review. So looking forward to anything else you may write…short story, posting or novel!

    Glad your first born and yourself have had a ‘brilliant’ first day!

    • Thanks Carole
      Glad you liked both books and such kind words.
      Austen Variations is a great site and the posts are always so informative and entertaining. I feel very inexperienced and a bit of a fraud amongst such good company. But they’ve offered me such a warm welcome. I shall have to grow into my role here.

  10. For me it’s a pleasure to get to know other authors through their extracurricular posts on these JAFF sites. I very much look forward to reading your offerings here, Caitlin.

    • Thanks Joy. Yes, it’s been lovely getting to know fellow authors, and meeting people who are just as crazy about Austen as you are!

  11. What a great first post! – and I loved Coming of Age for many reasons as stated above and because it was a fresh new look at our dear characters! Ardently is on my wish list now and I look forward to hearing more of you as we go on!

  12. Welcome, Caitlin!!

    I just finished reading The Coming of Age of Elizabeth Bennet a week or so ago and posted reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. Eventually the reviews are posted on my blog, so I’ll be sure to tag you when I publish it there. I absolutely adored your book, BTW.

    After a school year of non-stop teaching (homeschooling our youngest–the only one yet to graduate high school, teaching 15 students Expository Essay all year long at our homeschool co-op, and teaching nine online courses in writing and literature this year at Brave Writer), I rewarded myself with two months of Kindle Unlimited this summer…with the promise-to-self that I’d review every book I read there to be sure that the authors were properly compensated with plenteous reviews. After all, I’ve been able to read more than 40 books for only $20. Can’t beat that! 😀

    So welcome to Austen Variations, Caitlin!! So glad you’ve joined this merry band!

    Susanne 🙂

  13. P.S. I just went to Goodreads to follow you, Caitlin, and realized that I have also read Ardently as well as The Coming of Age of Elizabeth Bennet. And I also loved Jo Baker’s Longbourn–so brilliantly written with such unflinching realism.

    ~Susanne, who will stop bothering you now, LOL! 😉

    • Hi Susanne
      You may bother me all you want LOL. I look forward to seeing the review on your blog. I have a KU subscription too, it’s great value if you read a lot of books. Thanks for the welcome

    • Hi Barbara
      Thanks. My little part of Kent really isn’t that pretty, but it’s nice to be within travelling distance of some great Austen locations.
      take care and glad you liked the post

  14. I am late to the “welcome party,” but you know I am an ardent admirer of your work! I am thrilled to see you join this group. I have no doubt that your talents will shine and that you will add your own kind of bright sparkle to their offerings.

    Congratulations! You deserve all the praise and kindness sent your way.

  15. What, Leslie, you mean I have to write another post?
    Only kidding, of course. Very much look forward to being part of Austen Variations and couldn’t have happened upon a nicer bunch of people.

  16. You know I’m a huge fan of your novels, Caitlin, and I’m also a huge fan of Austen Variations, as several of their members have been instrumental in helping me with great advice and friendship over the years. That’s aside from being a huge fan of their novels as well. You found a fantastic home! There’s a great deal of value added for the author and reader from this particular group of authors dedicated to quality in their craft. Have fun along with them!

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  18. Caitlin,this was a lovely article,hopefully the first of many!!

    Have read your three books and although ‘Ardently’ and ‘Even More Ardently’ were fabulous reads,I was just blown away by ‘The Coming Of Age Of Elizabeth Bennet’!

    It was such a beautifully crafted story,that I,like many others,found utterly compelling!! You simply have a wonderful way with words that cannot but envelop the reader from first page to last!

    Best of luck with this new venture!!!

  19. Welcome to Austen Variations Caitlin! You’re such a talented writer! I loved both of your books and can’t wait to read your next novel and see what other projects you’ll be working on!

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