Having a Ball at the JASNA AGM by Shannon Winslow — 18 Comments

  1. I found this interesting. When I was in my early 20’s I was part of the Society of Creative Anachronism (dressed in medieval attire, ate medieval food & danced those dances). In some ways this is similar, but I like the learning aspect that is brought out here. The news clip was very informative as well. One day I’ll get to a GAM, hopefully soon.

    Thank you for sharing this information.

    • We all like a chance to dress up and live a little of the fantasy once in a while, don’t we? Thanks for your comment, Deborah.

      • Yes we do. As you and others have reiterated my husband Aldo would not dress up to attend. As for dancing….never would he and sadly I trip over my own feet.

  2. Lovely post it is something I could only ever dream of doing! Lovely bonnet I dread to think what mine would look like, I would imagine not fit for purpose! Yes I too would love to do the dancing but do not think there is anything near me. My mum teaches kwadril it is a St Lucian folk dance that was derived from the quadrille but we live 60 miles apart so it’s not feasible. Thank you again for sharing

    • Hi, Tamara! When I searched on the internet, I was surprised to find how many English Country Dance groups exist. I hope you discover one near you too.

  3. It was so much fun, and so wonderful to meet many authors and others in the JA community I only knew through the internet! Our dinner together was great, wasn’t it? It was fun to go back to it through your post (and the video clip!)

  4. I am glad you all had so much fun! Your dresses were great. I agree though I couldn’t get my husband into Regency garp much less ask him to dance where you might hold hands. What a dweeb. Great post!

    • Haha! Yes, sad but true. I couldn’t help feeling a little envious of the women whose husbands were there and fully participating. The only way it would happen for me is if I made an outrageous bet with him and he lost. I’d hate to think what I’d have to risk in return, though!

  5. Those two husbands sound like mine. When we would attend wedding receptions, he considered his duty done if he danced one slow dance with me, which was him swaying back and forth. He is a great athlete but will have nothing to do with dancing…even drunk, in college! LOL Sounds like you all had a great time. Would be so over-the-hill exciting if I were to actually meet the authors I read here and on my kindle and in paperback. I would be in awe. You are so talented. The hat and the costumes are lovely.

    • Thanks for your comments, Sheila!
      I fear I would disappoint your high expectations, however, if we ever met. I’m pretty ordinary. I’m thrilled when people enjoy my books, but certainly no need for awe in my case! *blushing*

      • Please, the fact that you can come up with the imagination, first of all, and then to create conversations and thoughts in period pieces is so beyond me! We all have our talents. I do crafts & needlework, sometimes sew (made Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls for children and nieces), etc. I would still like to meet as many authors as possible. I only attended one National Convention, in NYC. Retired so budget is limited. I read and re-read books, sometimes just the “good” parts before I go to bed. LOL Kindle makes that difficult as mine does not bookmark.

  6. Shannon,
    It was such a blast to finally get to meet you (and several other Austen friends!) for the first time at the AGM 😀 ) . What a packed conference it was!! You’ve just brought back lots of wonderful memories… Thank you for the fun flashback!
    p.s. I thought you did an excellent job on your bonnet 😉 .

  7. I loved reading this. Sounds like more fun than the conventions I attend! Not that musicology is not exciting, of course.

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