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  1. What a great Christmas gift. Just watched ‘death comes to pemberley’ loved it, but felt that the actress playing Elizabeth (Anna Maxwell Martin)was wrong, she acted well, but was nothing like the Elizabeth of my imaginings. Does anyone else agree, disagree?

    • Lisa, we had a huge discussion about this on our facebook austen variations page after it was shown in the US. You might see if you can find it – but if you can’t, pretty much everyone agreed with you! 🙂

    • I too agree! I thought after 6 years of marriage there would be a closer connection. I felt as if they were recently married! I love Anna Maxwell Martin but you are right, the ‘fine eyes’ were just not there. I wasn’t that happy with Mr. Darcy either. The hair was wrong! However, Lydia and Wickham were perfectly cast and portrayed! I actually had sympathy for Lydia!

    • Already looking forward to the New Year with new book releases! This homage to Jane in January is icing on the cake! Thank you!

      I also want to say that I too didn’t think the bedroom scene in ‘Death Comes To Pemberley’ necessary. They could have cut out much earlier. Jane herself would have been shocked!

  2. What a wonderful way to help dispel the winter blues. :-). And isn’t the First Anniversary of Austen Variations in January? Looking forward to more missing P&P scenes. Thank you for your kindnesses and generosity you lovely ladies and wonderful gentleman.

  3. There are a whole lot of us who thought the part of Elizabeth was miscast, Lisa G. I read the book and thought it was not the author’s best effort and the bedroom scene added in the movie – not necessary. There was no chemistry between ODC on screen.

    Looking forward to all the celebratory events coming up. I only discovered this site and many other JA and JAFF sites in late December and in January last year after I bought myself a kindle and got the notice from Abigail Reynolds on her site about the books on sale. It has been a very busy year for me reading all the WIP and scenes JA didn’t write (Persuasion), etc. And I have loved meeting many new-for-me authors. Kara, you are an “old” favorite, but still looking forward to your newest book.

  4. Happy Birthday Ms Austen! You have added so much to my life through your words. Wish you were still around to see the love you endear to you all these years later. Would you blush or pump your fists?

    Looking forward to the celebration in January. Can’t wait to see what goodies you have planned for us.

  5. I’ve been a “lurker” rather than commenter just lately but had to stop by to join in the celebrations!

    Re: DCtP – totally agree with comments about the casting of Elizabeth. Anna Maxwell Martin was lovely in North and South (and a certain Mr. Armitage was totally gorgeous, but that’s a completely different subject!) and I have nothing against her acting ability but I thought she was wrong in this. I thought the casting of the Wickhams, Matthew Goode and Jenna Coleman were the best things about it.

    Can’t wait for January, though. It sounds like you lovely authors are being exceedingly generous again, just as you are with the Christmas giveaway. I already have a lot of those items so haven’t put my name in the hat yet for them.

    Once again, thank you for your generosity and….Happy Birthday, Jane!

  6. Sorry for being late to this virtual celebration. I wish Jane many happy returns and thank her for gifting us her novels, letters, stories and unfinished manuscripts for us to read and ponder the fates of her wonderful creations. I too am looking forward to next month where there are more missing scenes from P&P to read,

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