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  1. Yes, Shannon, it is. I picture Mr. and Mrs. Bingley as deliriously happy, Mr. and Mrs. Darcy as grounded and already maturing in their marriage, and Georgiana Darcy as being a lot less shy and reticent. Well done!

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Patty. As for the pic, I believe this is a publicity still instead of an actual scene from the film. I can’t recall a view exactly like this, and I’ve seen it a hundred times or more.

      • Shannon, you’re right about that photo being a publicity still. I have a copy of the book The Making of Pride and Prejudice and I seem to remember that somewhere in there, someone said that they devoted an entire day to publicity shots, so that it wouldn’t detract or divert cast or crew from the business of filming. I love that particular shot of Colin Dirth and Jennifer Ehle.

  2. Happy Anniversary, everyone!

    Love the new look and I can’t believe its been a year. I love the idea of little stories about the anniversaries of some of the Austen couples.

    Shannon, what a delightful scene for the Bingleys and Darcys. I can totally imagine that talk of house hunting would be interspersed with reflections back even as they prove to be happy, content couples.

    • An author can’t get away with 300 pages of happily-ever-after in a novel; there must be conflict. In a short piece like this, though, we can just let them be happy! Thanks for your comments and your good wishes, Sophia! Time has really flown by, hasn’t it?

  3. Oh, this was such a nice vignette! As you say, it’s difficult to write anything of any length without some conflict or other, but this tiny slice of heaven was just right! 😀

  4. Haven’t had time to read the story yet, got an early start for work today! I’ll make time this evening after dinner.

    Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Anniversary – *confetti*, *champagne*, *chocolate* and, of course *cake*!!

    Yesterday was my first anniversary at AV, according to my WordPress account. I discovered you just after the launch, quite by accident, through Abigail’s blog, (which I also discovered by accident) and have been hooked ever since. Keep up the fantastic work!

  5. What a pleasant idea for celebrating your anniversary. I like this first item, and the way it ends. I look forward to reading more posts on AV, and the changing topics in the next few weeks.

  6. Love this vignette about the first anniversary of our delightful couples. I can picture both the Darcys and Bingleys enjoying their anniversary together at Pemberley. Fine dinner, fine wine, and great company.

  7. Congratulations to you all! I have thoroughly enjoyed the efforts of your first year together. Thank you.

    Loved the look at the Bingleys and Darcy’s. 🙂 Eagerly awaiting my second favorite JA couple’s story…and all the others of course.

  8. Yay! One year! As the newcomer to the group, I am thrilled to be here in time to be in on the party, and I look forward to the Anniversary Celebrations to come!
    Nice work on the shared anniversary, Shannon!

  9. Happy anniversary AV. It was so great to have found you last year! January 27th of last year was my first anniversary on AV. Thank you ladies and gentleman for such fun adventures over the last year.

    Thank you so much for the vignette, Shanon. It was such a sweet scene. I love Georgiana’s words to the couples, “May every blessing of marriage be yours now and in the years to come. May you in turn be a blessing to your children and to many others, as indeed you all are to me.” I can picture the Bingleys and Darcys spending their first anniversary together and in the way described….”all partaking in a delectable late supper and a particularly fine wine selected to accompany it.” A beautiful way to wake up this morning.

  10. Yaaay! Congratulations to all the authors at Jane Austen Variations! Absolutely loving this new look for the Blog!

    Lovely story, Shannon! What a great idea to have anniversary couples! Looking forward to reading more over the coming month.

    • Happy Anniversary Everyone!
      I so enjoy this blog and all the post. I look forward to the days they show up in my inbox. What a great year. Thanks for all the great reading…including today.

  11. Happy Anniversary!
    I love the idea of celebrating with the 1st anniversaries of these couples.
    Your story is pretty much as I imagined the Darcy’s and Bingleys to be..Thanks!

  12. Thank you for the lovely peek into the lives of our two happy couples, Shannon!

    Happy Anniversary to Austen Variations! I hope it’s the first of many yet to come!


  13. I can picture this quite nicely! Wonderful excerpt.

    Happy Anniversary Austen Variations! Thank you for all coming together to bring us more of our favorite obsession, Austen!

  14. Happy anniversary AV! Here’s to many more.

    This is pretty much as I’d expect these couples’ anniversary to unfold. A bit of celebration with those you love most in the world, and big celebrations in private.

  15. Happy Anniversary to you all, and thank you for thinking of us as you celebrate. Love the first story, Shannon. Joy said exactly what I thought….all characters are where I expected to see them one year later.

  16. Wow! What a flood of lovely comments I woke up to this morning! I THANK YOU ALL on behalf of my fellow AV authors for all your support throughout the past year and for your well wishes on our anniversary. You keep reading, and we’ll keep writing!

  17. Congratulations you creative wonderful writers who have become such a pleasant part of our lives and entertained and educated us so well this year!

    Shannon, what a lovely picturesque and perfect anniversary celebration you have given us for The Darcys and Bingleys! I do look forward to upcoming stories of our famous couples… BUT, where is Anne and Capt. Wentworth? Why Mary and Charles, instead??! Or did I miss something. I can’t wait to read about the Eltons… which one of you gets to write that one… or the Collins’ anniversary!? 🙂

    Best wishes to you all!

    • We only had room in the schedule for 8 posts, Carol, and the authors who signed onto the project got to choose whichever couple(s) intrigued/inspired them most (Diana has the Eltons on the 10th, Leslie has the Collinses on the 17th). As for Anne and Cpt. W, watch in March for some “epilogue” posts as the Persuasion200 project wraps up.

  18. Happy Anniversary indeed! I could picture them all in my mind so perfectly! That was such a delightful post. Thank you!

  19. Happy Anniverary, indeed! I have come to adore Austen Variations, and I can’t believe that you’ve only been in existence for one year.

    You have accomplished so much, and I’m so proud of you!! And of course, I love all of your writings; they truly have become my delightful interludes in a world of homeschooling my boybarians, teaching writing and literature online, and grading essays. Thank you!!

    Susanne 🙂

  20. What a lovely way to celebrate your anniversary! Congratulations on your first year and what a wonderful one it has been!! It has been a privilege to be able read all of your offerings, so thanks a million!!!!! And may you have many more years and stories to come!

  21. Happy Anniversary Austen Authors! I can’t tell you how happy I was a year ago to see this collaboration come to life, and it has exceeded my hopes and expectations. It is so generous of the authors to shre their hard work with us, trusting use nough to take some risks. I also so appreciate my fellow readers for their fun and insightful comments. I feel lucky to be a small part of this virtual community!

    Lovely vignette of the Darcy/Bingley anniversary. So much love and happiness and hope.

  22. Everyone has been so kind and generous in their comments! We appreciate all of you so much! Thanks for being a part of our blog and our anniversary celebration!

  23. Happy Anniversary! I have had a great experience as a reader on your site.

    Really enjoyed seeing the Darcys and the Bingleys have such a harmonious first anniversary celebration, free of meddling relatives like Lady Catherine or the Wickhams!

  24. Happy Anniversary!! I especially love the new drawing in the header.

    What a great idea to visit the anniversaries of Austen couples—I look forward to reading them all 🙂 .

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    Yes, I believe when two people are in love, and that’s the relevant word: LOVE, life is good and all things make sense when you do it together.

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