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  1. I love Maria Grace’s Regency Interpreter posts. Her observations are like getting the movie with director commentary. So many things that would have escaped my notice as significant are really important back them.

    As to the Darcy Brothers, I loved this segment with so many interesting happenings.
    Finally meeting Monty was great. Sorry, anyone who can defend Georgie and go on about younger sisters just doesn’t sound like true rake material. I think some reputations can be exaggerated at the very least. Wickham in a flower shop? That is beyond my ability to speculate unless he’s hoping to smooze another rich young lady or widow.
    Yep, Anne’s announcement ought to travel well and won’t give Lizzy room to back out now not that she seemed to be going there in her thinking. I can now see Darcy’s other relations descending though.
    Well done Georgie! Brave girl to tell Elizabeth the very hard things that she needed to hear.
    As to Lizzy, mortification is inevitable and I can see that tying up her pert tongue for a while, but now Darcy really needs to shine if he is to press his suit with her nice and softened up. Same with Theo, really…
    Honestly, I can sense how things are starting to converge with Wickham, Monty, extended relations, family and the main players all coming together like this. Sparks will fly, oh what fun!

    • Hi Sophia! Maybe Monty encourages the rake label himself to keep the mamas at a distance – for now. Will have to wait and see how his future is written! All of your ideas are well thought out! We do have the voting to consider also – it looks like we all go to the theatre!
      Wonder what is playing – a comedy or farce?

      How about this pairing? Will they all fit into one box?
      Liz and Will
      Anne and Monty
      Jane and Charles
      Georgie and Theo

      How many ladies will stop by and flirt with Darcy, Monty, and Theo? Will any flirt with all three?
      Will the Ton know about the engagement/courtship/understanding in advance?

      • Regarding Monty, you’ve got to admit, that the poor guy, taller than everyone else in the room, good looking, an athlete, and titled, is going to draw an awful lot of attention from the fortune hunting crowd. He’s got to protect himself somehow…

    • I agree, Sophia, we’re heading into my favorite segment of any story, when all the pieces are coming together for the final big push.

  2. I’m a bit behind in my Austen Variations reading but re Darcy at Meryton – I’ve always assumed he was a bit jaded about mankind as he has just recently sorted out that mess at Ramsgate that really threw him. It makes him suspect the motives of these strangers and really he is preoccupied by his sister’s recent escape. Let the poor man recover his spirits in peace. He feels he has to appear in public so no one suspects what happened with Georgiana, but his heart is at Pemberley with her, and he is grieving his inability to prevent the whole Wickham incident and give his sister the protection he feels he owes her.

    • Hello Beatrice! You are correct on Darcy being dejected over Ramsgate, then add Caroline pressuring him, he was not in the best of moods that night! My silly tease is how he could be perceived by an outsider from his hauteur and disdainful looks – which I severely exaggerated! He does take his responsibilities very seriously. Darcy did believe, at that time, the people at the Meryton Assembly to be far below his station – and it shows in his behavior. His snubs that evening would have been recognized and not forgotten. It can be very difficult to reverse a first impression. In someways I wish Jane Austen would have stayed with that title! Thank you for commenting!

  3. Yea, I agree…poor Mr. Darcy….he really just wanted a corner to hide (although being the tallest how could he hope to hide),,,not be the center of attention. He’d rather arrive early and stay away from Caroline, Caroline must be fashionably late…well maybe not “fashionably.” All Darcy hears when he walks in are the whispers of his monetary worth…it’s the London mamas and daughters again….maybe he was hoping he wouldn’t hear that here. If Charles hadn’t been torturing him about dancing he would never have made the comment that slighted Elizabeth, but then there’d be a different story. I do love Maria Grace’s insights about the movies.

    Yes the ton’s reaction will be either disbelief or to laugh at Lady Catherine, as with her superior attitude to all, she is not popular in the ton and so will be glad all her scheming has fallen through. Some may try to visit Darcy House (Georgiana and Anne) to try to find out who Darcy’s betrothed is. I think Lizzy will somehow find out about the ton know about the betrothal and be furious with Darcy for trying to force her hand thinking he let the cat out of the bag, Maybe Wickham follows Anne from the florist all over until they get to The Gardiners and somehow Wickham gets to see her and he tells her the news of the betrothal is all over town, although he may bide his time now that he knows where she is and wait to pounce…Of course Darcy has to suffer and so does Elizabeth….maybe Wickham kidnaps Jane….that would hurt Darcy because it would also hurt Charles and Elizabeth and Georgiana since all are entwined…As to why Wickham is in the florist’s…perhaps he is trying to butter-up another heiress.

    If Elizabeth doesn’t yet know the “betrothal” has been announced to the town maybe she’ll receive Darcy with some warmth but embarrassment and listen to him. Maybe he could mention that although she & Jane are so close he doesn’t see the same relationship with her other sisters. He has seen how she tries to direct Lydia’s behavior and the resentful looks she give her, that her relationship is more parental.

    I believe Anne and Monty should get together, after all Anne would then have some fun. As for his behavior with Anne…he wouldn’t do anything, ass, even though, he is considered a rake, it is a fabrication to get all those matchmaking mamas Darcy has had to deal with to LEAVE HIM ALONE!!! And besides he has too much respect for Theo to harm someone close to him, not that he would.

    • Hi Deborah! Fortunately for Mr. Darcy he did not make as bad an impression as I pretended! You are right where he walks in and right away it is the same as always – whispers and stares – maybe even pointing at him. Anyone would want to hide behind a plant! The dances in the movies are portrayed differently – Keira Knightley and Jennifer Ehle play Elizabeth very differently. I wonder which version Jane Austen would have preferred?

      The gossip crazy Ton! I picture them hounding him at the theatre when Monty takes the party to see a play. Georgiana was quite brave in her confession to Elizabeth – that may be a turning point in Lizzy’s opinion of William. Hopefully she will be more receptive to him and wait for him to fully formulate his replies. If she can recognize that he needs more time to respond than most people that would help their communication. I have no idea where Abigail will take us with Wickham – there are so many variations for her to choose from! He will be up to no good – that is certain. Wickham is so bent on revenge, his actions go off in a self-destructive direction. If Wickham is after flowers at the shop, he is more likely to steal them than pay! Not a nice person.

      If Darcy talks about her family behavior, will she agree or get angry again – from embarrassment of the truth. It is sad that they both have to act as parents to their siblings rather than brother and sister. If they can talk rather than argue, there could be progress in their relationship?

      I think your idea of Monty-rake being a fabrication will be popular with the readers. He is off to a good start in relating well with Darcy. What a surprise for Theo! I like all your comments! They will be of interest to the writers!

      • I think Elizabeth will not give him the time to formulate his answers but become impatient and very upset if not angry. The reason I feel this way is because my husband of 26 years and my 19 year old son both need time to formulate answers and even though I know this and love them I grow impatient. so how can Elizabeth who does not know Darcy that well have the patience and know he needs time to formulate answers.

        • Since in this story they are getting along better, maybe Darcy can relax, smile, and make short responses. If he does not have his barriers raised all the time that may help. After Elizabeth talked to Georgiana, I have hopes Elizabeth can now start recognizing her feelings for Darcy. If they can stop bickering and taking instant offense, they may find a middle ground. Darcy and Theo need to find some common ground also.

          • I think, perhaps, that now that Elizabeth has really seen how mistaken she has been, she will be a little more apt to listen for more than just those things which support her pre-drawn conclusions.

            • Also, Elizabeth may dislike being backed into a corner, but she is smart enough to recognize when she doesn’t have a choice in the matter and to make the best of it, at least now that she thinks Darcy is at least redeemable. 😉

  4. Poor Darcy is right! It is hard to know how to perceive the Meryton Assembly, other than the insult to Elizabeth. Until later when we know the real Darcy can be think about what is going on in this mind. One thing though, Caroline Bingley would send any man that wasn’t crazy or as drunk as Mr. Hurst behind the ficus.

    • Hi Maggie! Being a lurking wallflower myself makes it easier for me to empathize with Darcy – believe me, the ficus plant looks good right now. LOL Caroline is so blind and determined! I will be surprised if she does not show up at the theatre. It would be funny to see how Monty reacts to her. Even worse would be Lady Catherine and Caroline at the same time! Thanks for commenting!

  5. I’ve always had sympathy for Darcy at the Meryton Assembly, being dissected by strangers (“ten-thousand a year!”) and targeted by matchmaking-mamas as well as Caroline. Worst of all, he is still dealing with leftover emotions from Ramsgate and thus does not want to dance. I wonder how he would have behaved had Georgiana accompanied him. I suspect Caroline would go overboard in her flattery of Georgiana, so that Darcy would scratch Bingsley’s name off the short list of Georgiana’s suitors.

    I want to chain Maria Grace so that she is forced to give me historical reviews of period drama movies. I always learn something from her posts!

    So, Monty might be advertising himself as a rake in order to avoid women… I could believe that. But I am having trouble believing Monty would match with Anne, who is barely out from her mother’s thumb. How about a friendship instead, with Monty giving Anne lessons in how to navigate the Ton? This would give Theo a chance to see his friend in action, as protective of his sisters (and Anne) as Darcy is protective of Theo and Georgiana.

    I think Anne needs more time out in London, making the acquaintance of several gentlemen. She and Georgie are both rich heiresses, although only Georgie has experienced being sought for her fortune.

    Lizzy needs to see Darcy being chased by women at balls and around London, so that she can appreciate his discomfort at the Meryton Assembly. So far, she has only seen Caroline trying to catch him.

    Thank you for leading this discussion, Dave!

    • Thanks, June! I do wonder if I drive my friends and family to distraction when we watch movies together…although listening to my P&P ‘lecture’ did end up earning my son an ‘A’ in that unit in HS English….

    • Hi June! If Georgiana had accompanied him? He would be hovering over her like a big protective eagle. Since he would control introductions, they would be few and far between. That would be a good excuse not to dance, having to be near Georgiana. Sounds like a miserable evening for them both! Caroline trying to act the Mistress of Pemberley regarding Georgianna would likely drive Darcy right out the door, with Georgiana in tow.

      Totally agree that Maria Grace is a fountain of useful information! I always pay attention to her posts!

      While Monty may be self-advertising, it may not always be to push women away, but just so those interested understand the consequences of their interest in him. I agree with you on how Monty would be supportive of Anne, recognizing her naivety much like his younger sisters may be. Still wondering what adventures are in store for Anne, dragging everyone else along!

      That is a good point on Elizabeth seeing women chase Darcy to the point of his exasperation. Maybe at the theatre next week?

      Thanks for commenting – very insightful!

      • Dave, what if Georgianna had accompanied Darcy? She is as painfully shy as Darcy is and has just gone through a traumatic event which has pushed her self esteem and self worth back a few years. Darcy, who loves his sister dearly would want her to recover as quickly as possible. He is a man though and does not quite understand that she might just need time and girlfriends. So in an effort to both keep up appearances and teach his sister about her place in society and improve her disposition because she is desperately depressed, he brings her to a country dance where they can practice without the threat of embarrassment from the ton. He puts on a brave face and pretends that meeting new people and awkward social situations dont bother him. He dances with his sister and allows her to dance with Bingley and Mr. Hurst and in an effort to always be close by and be a good example to his sister he dances with Elizabeth and Jane while Georgie dances with his friends.

        • Evie, actually this sounds like a good plan with altruistic goals. They would both struggle with the evening, but if successful, could bolster both their confidences. The point of Georgie needing girlfriend time is so true since she is always surrounded by adults – the Bennets would give her an abundance of new experiences! Seeing his sister relating to Lydia would put a real twist in Darcy! 🙂

  6. I, from the first time that I read Pride and Prejudice, have always felt sorry for Darcy. He is trying so hard to follow the rules, and he is not in a happy state. The only part that made me want to smack him was his dealing with Bingley and Jane—it was just so underhanded. (Yes, I abhor disguise, too). I can also relate to not being in large groups of new people knowing that they would be looking at you. I hate many social situations and avoid them when possible. I usually end up silently watching on the sidelines, and if I am not in favour of the people I am with, I do get cranky. However, I am not as hard to draw out as he was—a good friend (such as Bingley, Mr. not Miss) keeping me company or introducing me to others is all it takes, but I don’t have to worry about being a single, rich good-looking guy in a roomful of husband hunting females and their loud and obnoxious (Mrs. Bennet) mothers.
    Now, on to the Darcy Brothers….Monty doesn’t strike me as a rake, but it could be what he has been. Hasn’t he just taken over as the head of the family? I also wonder how young his sisters are. Are they out yet? Has he had to deal with rakes approaching them? Perhaps seeing his actions portrayed by another man who is approaching his sister(s) gives him a different perspective. I can understand him portraying an image to keep the ladies at a distance and their mamas and papas from considering him as a good candidate.
    It may do more good to have Theo speak to Elizabeth about his relationship with Darcy. She may not wish to believe Darcy. She confused as to who he is and not exactly trusting at this time—which may make her more reserved and quiet in his presence for a time while she is thinking. (Teasing and taunting will return once she starts to sort things out and stops feeling so guilty for misjudging him.) I do believe that Georgiana has started the process of her comparing the brother’s relationship with that of her and her sisters. I don’t think Darcy will say anything (does he ever?). I think he will let his actions with his brother speak for themselves.
    And Wickham—well, who can really predict what he is going to do? You know he is not in that shop to buy flowers for some sick elderly woman…that would involve normal human emotions…his are not of that variety….his are of the twisted, self-centered sort. Wonder if he is curious as to whom Darcy is betrothed? Imagine his surprise—and vengefulness—when he realizes that the girl he had befriended and flirted with is now Darcy’s! Now how could he cause pain to Darcy (and that girl) using this information?
    Thinking about the possibilities has been fun, but I can’t wait to see what happens next—whatever it is.

    • Hi Eileen! Aren’t Darcy’s behaviors the product of his upbringing? He was so absorbed with running the estate, he missed observing others and how they dealt with social events – then he discovered how to push others away with his mask. Convenient at the time, but now he is paying a big price for not practicing those social skills. I would think Elizabeth will have to be patient when he slips back into old habits.

      On Monty, you may have a really good take on his situation. Previously a bored heir in waiting, now up to his chin in responsibilities. Wonder how much training he had before assuming full responsibility? In his talking to Darcy, he seems to be comfortable with his position – otherwise Darcy would have reacted differently. If he has three sisters to bring out in society, maybe they could share the experience with Georgiana? Monty and Darcy could take turns scowling at suitors.

      Elizabeth is as stubborn as Darcy – she seems to be slowly coming around. Now if Darcy can stay away from the foot-in-mouth disease he often suffers! Really hope Georgiana and Anne get to have fun adventures – that would help extend this story!

      I do worry about Wickham – he is capable of trying anything – blackmail, kidnapping, compromise. More angst ahead, but with Darcy, Theo, Colonel Fitzwilliam, Monty, and Bingley… Wickham is outnumbered and had better be fleet of foot. You know he is not smart enough to just walk away!

      Thanks for commenting and adding extra ideas!

  7. Ah, yes, Dave, we are the product of our upbringing as it mixes with our natural bent…until we choose to be our own person. Perhaps that is where Darcy is right now….he needs to be himself, although, I am not sure if he really even knows who he is.

    I have to admit that Anne kind of annoys me right now. Sorry. I hope someone (perhaps Georgiana or even Elizabeth) takes her in hand and guides her as she explores the world that has opened up to her. She definitely has potential–just needs guidance.

    Could you imagine Darcy (tall) and Monty (taller and a boxer–so more muscular?) standing around the young lady you wish to ask for a dance? 🙂 A picture of bodyguards comes to mind. Or bouncers at a club.

    • Eileen, I have sympathy for Darcy as he is stressed over Elizabeth’s lack of matching feelings. For who he is, being so open with her and his brother is a major adjustment – too much rejection could send him back into the shell. Yes, I agree he is confused on how to put all back into a nice neat package. Surprise! Elizabeth will not fit in a confined vision – his envisioned package will have to be greatly enlarged to give her room to be herself. He will be happier with the result I think.

      I can understand being annoyed with Anne’s behavior. I picture her as a small caged bird who has escaped and now sees no limits. What with eagles and hawks in abundance in the Ton, she will need guidance and protection. Will she recognize limits and accept help? She is a de Bourgh – she has seen how arrogance always gained whatever her mother wanted. So far she has been willing to go along with what Georgiana has insisted upon – will that continue? The writers will determine her destiny – with our help. LOL

      Vetting suitors will stress these two men, hopefully Elizabeth working with the girls will circumvent their overwhelming presence – otherwise suitors will be few and far between. The women will find a way!

  8. Just a quick note to say thanks to you, Dave!!
    I’m running from appointment to meeting today but have enjoyed reading your thoughts and those of the wonderful commenters whenever I’ve been able to snatch a few moments. Great insights 🙂 .

  9. Great fun reading the Meryton Assembly from Darcy’s perspective 😀 what with the ficus, the handkerchief and the sub-standard cider! As always, love your input, Dave!

    I’m really looking forward to see what’s happening in the next ‘Darcy Brothers’ chapter! There were so many leads loosely cast around! Wickham – yes, what is he doing in a flower shop? Monty – fun to see him bonding with Darcy over how difficult it is to look after younger and ungrateful siblings! Anne – go Anne! As for Darcy and Elizabeth, surely there must be another spanner due to be thrown in the works, she’s already running out of reasons to dislike him! (Hang on, they haven’t invented spanners yet, have they? That MUST be good!!!)

    Pls don’t enter me in the giveaway, I’m peeking at the Theo Darcy magnet as I write 🙂

    • Hi Joana, glad you stopped by! I was awfully hard on Darcy today – all in fun and pushing us out of the box a little. Never hurts to test your perceptions. – we all look at these characters a bit differently. The writers keep tossing out tid-bits, loose ends, and then hints in their comments – how many are testing the waters and how many are red herrings?

      Am looking forward to the time when Theo’s character and steadfastness are challenged. Theo and Darcy have been dancing around each other, adjusting their perspectives of the other – but not a definitive bonding. In my opinion, they still need a major crisis to pull them together with Georiana into a really tight family bond.

      Gee, I wonder who could cause such a crisis? 😉

  10. Love your commentary, Dave. A much appreciated male point of view. 🙂

    Wickham. He now knows that Darcy is betrothed, but he has no idea who the lovely lady is. He can approach his good buddy, Theo, to try to get the information. You know Wickham thinks he’s smarter than Theo and can worm his way back into his good graces. And Wickham now also knows that Georgie is in London. Will he try something with her in order to ruin her in order to ruin Darcy’s good name with his betroth’s family (who he will assume is a lady of the Ton?) as a way to hurt Darcy? I don’t know. I’m just taking a flier and running with it and not very well. That’s why I read and you all write. And if he follows Anne & Georgie to Gracechurch Street he will easily figure out who Darcy’s lady is. Does he still think he has Lizzy wrapped around his little finger? He has such an ego.

    Monty – not sure what to make of him yet, although my first impression is I LIKE HIM! Tell us more about him. He brings to mind Pamela Aiden’s Lord Dye, a secret agent acting like a rake in order to gain access to important political information.

    • Hi Sheila! It sounds like you have Wickham’s number. His desire for revenge clouds over his common sense. Being such a drag on society, I have no idea what he could do for a worthwhile, redeeming life. If you asked him what he wanted out of life, I think his answer would be, ‘More.”

      For Monty, I started out picturing him better than Wickham but somewhat morally corrupt – we always need bad guys to fight! The writers seem determined that he is working out to be a good person – hopefully a work in progress since that would add more to the story. I too like Lord Dye and hope the tantalizing hint of a new book about him being in the works is true. Of course these novels can take years to develop so, patience!

      Thanks so much for commenting – I think you nailed Wickham’s character!

  11. Hi, Dave, Liked the “eagles and hawks” metaphor and believe that is just where Anne would stand. Don’t know that her observations of her mother will help in a larger society. Lady C. was very much in control in her own home for the most part but would she have had anyone’s ear in society as many would be her equal? As to Wickham…maybe he is flattering/cajoling a shop girl to get information from her sister/brother who works for a lady he wants to “know better” or to have them garner something from that person, i.e., information as to where they will be at a certain time, etc. Am not familiar with “The Regency Interpreter series” but it sounds like something I should check out. Some authors (won’t name) have depicted rakes as changing their ways when they meet a woman like our Lizzie. Bent on her ruin but turn into suitors when they find themselves fascinated by pert/sassy personality who doesn’t faint at their wealth or status or good looks. So Monty could change (even though he doesn’t come across as a rake in this chapter) when/if he meets the right woman.

  12. Hi Sheila! My thoughts on Anne were that with her total lack of knowledge about the Ton, she would rely on what she does know – her mum. When you think about it which person is wrong the most often – Lady C or Mrs. Bennet? A tie? 🙂

    Whatever Wickham is doing, someone else will come out the loser. Someday he will get what he deserves – wonder who will do the honors? On rakes, I pulled a Wikipedia description of rakes and they had it split into groups based on personality. Was not encouraging on reforming a rake – a low percentage chance of success. Basically the rake had to want to change, could not be coerced.

    You are right on Monty not having the appearance of a rake within this writing so am suspecting he simply was a bored gentleman who through gossip got the reputation. It is up to the writers to fill us in on his history! Actually, I also suspect the writers started this story with only a skeleton biography of Monty and are filling it out on the fly each week. Just guessing based on hints here and there in comments. That is part of the fun with The Darcy Brothers – we just wander wherever the muse takes us.

    Thanks for commenting!

  13. I rather like Monty for Georgiana and Richard for Anne. I’ve always liked Richard for Anne. A night at the theatre to form some lasting friendships is not a bad thing. And to the suggestion about that Caro show up at the theatre, I think that is an idea rife with possibilities. Perhaps Caro thinks Darcy is engaged to Anne, and doesn’t realize it is Lizzy… I don’t know. I aslo enjoy less Wickham angst (though we will need to know what he does with the information he hears… maybe attempt to abduct Georgie from the play, and Monty saves her. What? I like white knights and the hero to the rescue.) I like the angst to come from the misunderstanding between Darcy, Lizzy et al. But a night at the theatre with people he is comfortable with and likes/loves, could show a really casual side of Darcy that would be enchanting to Lizzy… well, it would be enchanting to me. 🙂

    • Hi Cindy! Richard being a second son has always been a natural fit – keeping Rosings in the Fitzwilliam family. You are right on Caroline – she would naturally assume Anne/Darcy. When told it is Elizabeth/Darcy that would be an apoplexy in the making.

      Angst seems to be the one thing all we readers have a problem deciding how much is enough. Like you said, Wickham angst is more stirring than conflict between Elizabeth and William. I guess we will just have to wait and see where the writers take us! At least by commenting, they have our opinions!

      The theatre group should provide some real entertainment for us all! Now if Darcy can just relax… 🙂

  14. I am concerned for Anne. She is wholly unprepared for the mean London streets and definitely the Ton. While she knows and understands the proper civilities for entertaining in her drawing room I am afraid that she will get into trouble while out and about. She is very blunt and may easily offend those madams with gentil sensibilities. Her gaffes may prove worse socially than her confinement. I understand that her family is easy to overlook her shortcomings but the ton is a different story.

    I see her going a bit to wild for comfort. Will she get into some sort of accident? Will her nievity put her in harms way or worse, a compromising situation? Will she fall for the first bloke to tell her that she has a lively spirit? Will she run away with him to prove a point to her mother? And speaking of her mother, how did she manage to escape her clutches. I know that Lady Catherine won’t go down without a fight.

    This is all very unsettling to me.

    • Hi Evie! All we can truly do is trust the writers! There may be some angst spots for Anne, but I do believe in the end, after some society bumps and bruises, Anne will come out whole. Everything you wrote matches my concerns. You can imagine her and Georgiana paying calls to society matrons and doing a Darcy foot-in-mouth.

      Possibly Lady Matlock can take Anne under her wing and help Georgiana at the same time. The men will be useless when it comes to the politics of the drawing room. You bring up a good point and I bet the writers are taking notes to protect Anne – in the long run. She does need to have some trying experiences to change the shape of her character – at least a little, in my opinion. 🙂 That said, I do want her to spread her wings and experience life – she has been cheated for so many years. I would imagine Lady C is packing as we write. 😎 Thanks for commenting!

  15. Hello Dave,

    Wickham always sets off warning bells — no good can come of him, so I’m cringing a little bit and waiting to see what he does to cause mayhem. What could he possibly be doing at a flower shop but lurking to opportunistically create trouble, unless (if I put my “Jane” bonnet on), he’s found a knack for flower arranging and wants to embark on a responsible career??

    So if you look for the positive, Monty is possibly a reformed rake, or one that never really was a rake but encouraged the reputation — for some reason. (Maybe to deflect attention from his more sensitive side!) I like to think he’s actually a good guy, since he takes the well-being of his sisters so seriously!

    Anne will hopefully, at worst, just turn into one of those harmless bumbling people who accidentally create havoc in their wake. She means well after all. And maybe when Lady C sees how her daughter has blossomed, is healthy, and fully embracing life, and has a personality, she (Lady C) will do a complete turnaround and stop being an overbearing smother-er and instead support Anne in her new found confidence.

    I think Georgiana said it best with Lizzy, reminding her that her own sisters don’t have perfect relationships — and Lizzy is not even the head of the family with such responsibilities for her sisters, so how does she expect Darcy to turn things around with Theo, so quickly? In P&P, Lizzy seems to get the right mindset about Darcy when she’s been humbled by realizing she was (stubbornly) not aware of all the facts. So I’m looking for her to do a little sheepish apologizing as well.

    • Hi Kathy! Very logical ideas! Oh my. Wickham as a flower arranger – that is a picture! Well, it would be a good front for the gambling hall out back. You would have to buy a bunch of violets for admittance! “Sorry gents, I have to stop playing cards and go check on the flowers. Oh, all right – one more hand.” Wickham is Wickham after all. 🙂 Flower arranging would give him great opportunities to chat up the birds!

      I agree with you on Anne creating havoc – am hoping none is serious enough to tarnish a reputation. Would Lady C figure out a way to take credit for Anne’s new health? Really hoping Anne has some serious party time in the near future!

      Elizabeth seems to have turned the corner regarding Darcy, so if he lets her talk first all may be well. Just looking at her disconnects his brain and mouth, but he is doing pretty good lately! When she finally enthusiastically endorses the engagement, he can relax and be his natural self. Then the writers can get busy writing all the lovey dovey mush stuff. 😉

  16. I think I need to flip back to The Regency Interpreter posts to recall Darcy’s actions. Did he really push his friends forward cos I don’t remember he did it.

    Back to The Darcy Brother, I’m worried that Wickham is up to no good with Anne’s information that Darcy is engaged. I hope nothing untoward will happen to Elizabeth as she needs more time and rest to recover from her injury. I would not wish him to meet Georgiana either and cause a scandal. Would it be better for Anne to deal with him and then Sir Monty and Colonel Fitzwilliam can play the hero’s part and rescue her. That’s my guess.

    • Hi Lúthien! No, I do not think Darcy actually hid behind his friends, but he probably wanted to! All that Meryton post was for fun, over exaggerating Darcy’s behavior. He really was not happy that evening!

      Your guess on Wickham matches mine! Wondering if Sir Monty and Colonel Fitzwilliam will vie for Anne’s attentions? She deserves to have a couple safe, eligible men focusing on her. Who would help her sort out her feelings – ahh, Elizabeth! Another twist in the tale! Thanks for posting!

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