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  1. I am happy to donate but can’t decide what I want for a prize–either entries into Grand Prize 2 or 4, or a role in Abigail’s next book. Would it be bad for someone in the US to sign up for #4 and take the chance away from a person who lives elsewhere? I have to think more.

    • Ruth,
      I’m seconding Monica’s comment — you are so thoughtful 😉 . But definitely choose whichever option is the one that works best for you. It’s all going toward a good cause so anything you decide to do will be greatly appreciated!

  2. Ruth — feel free to choose what suits you best. The prizes, are a sign of the Austen community’s appreciation for helping Jane Austen House. We have the option of substituting e-book versions of the prizes for international donors so don’t worry about taking anyone’s place. Thank you for being so thoughtful!

  3. I, too, am very happy to donate. But right now am overwhelmed by all the selections – how very generous of all the authors, soap makers, sewing kit (hussif), makers and other sundry items. I will have to take some time to decide. But thank you for giving us all the chance and your dedication to this Jane Austen site.

    • Sheila, thank YOU!
      The Austen community is such a kind and generous one. We’re lucky to have so many people who want to help on all sides. Thanks for being one of them! 🙂

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  5. This is a good opportunity to stock up on books/e-books while donating for a good cause. I will definitely think about it. Thanks for the contribution towards the JA community.

    • Lúthien, you are wonderful and have been so supportive of all of us in so many ways!
      Thanks for being such a kind and thoughtful member of our community for these many years ;). xo

      • Thanks for the compliments, Marilyn. I’m spoil for choice as there are so many prizes to choose from. I would love to win the Regency Life set but since I’m international, it is out of my reach. 🙁

        • I wish we could make it international, but unfortunately the international postage for it would be prohibitively expensive, especially since each piece would have to be mailed separately from each donor. Even with books, it often costs more to ship a book than the cost of the book. 🙁

          • I understand the situation, Abigail. I too have posted books to my international blog readers and it’s more expensive compared to several years ago. I wish postage charges would not go up so much.

  6. I’ve just done my bit! Grand Prize Draw No. 4 sounds a good one for me.

    Hoping to persuade hubby to go to Chawton next time we visit our friends in Southampton. Mind you, still waiting for the visit to Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey) which we almost drive past on the way south!

  7. I have donated and chosen. The ebooks and audiobooks are wonderful…. My only downside to them is I already own most of them. Hope that makes all of you happy. All the other choices are phenomenal.. You folks are so generous. I’m sure AV’s goal will be surpassed. 🙂

    • Ooops. I realized that didn’t come out the way I meant it when I reread it. I meant that I hope you’re happy I can’t wait and usually purchase the ebooks as soon as they’re released. Then they go on my TBR. 🙂

      • I’m glad you can’t wait to get the books! But apparently you aren’t the only one, since there’s been almost no interest in the level donations. Everyone seems to want cameos or the raffle. Then again, given how many amazing items have been donated to the raffle, I’m only sorry I can’t enter it!

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  10. I kept forgetting to come back and do this! Bad me!! Done today. Whew.

    Since I have nearly all the books and I’m allergic to specialty soaps…I guess I’ll go with #4. Great thing you guys are doing!! Thanks for putting it out there!

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  12. Just read on FB that donations have reached 95% of the target. Well done everyone!

    And if there’s anyone reading this who hasn’t donated yet, go on! You know you want to!

  13. I would really like to be entered for the “Jane Austen Said It Best mugs” drawing. What is better than to drink some tea out of a Jane Austen cup when reading Jane Austen (-inspired) novels :)? Thank You! I am glad I heard of this fundraiser and had the opportunity to support the house museum. Maybe one day I can even visit it in person.

  14. I would love to be entered for Linda Wells’ set of books. I just can’t have enough of her stories!

    I’m glad I could support this cause, I think some things should be preserved for future generations.

  15. Just tried to say I would like #4 as I am in the UK, in an email to Maria but it keeps telling me her email doesn’t exist!

  16. Good to hear about it. After pondering and delaying, I decided to do my part and donate to the cause. I attribute it to the 4 free e-books for all donors and Jane Odiwe’s elegant Regency brooch which I like to win.

  17. I’m so glad that I finally found time and placed my donation for this admirable cause.
    I would want to be entered for the #1 prize. But what will it happened if I don’t win the raffle prize and offered (one from the next 60 prizes) a book or an e-book that I already own. Would I be able to pick or exchange it?
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  18. Brilliant news that we’ve reached the target! Everyone, readers and authors alike, have been so generous. Thanks especially to you lovely authors for all the sumptuous goodies you’ve put into the various draws.

    Are we all really going to get 4 e-books each? That’s fantastic! Luckily I only own one of them as an ebook already (the P & P 200 anthology). I have a couple of the others on audio but it’s always good to have a print version as well, even if it is e-print.

    Thnaks once again.

  19. So glad to see that the target was reached! Wonderful!

    Grand Prize 1 would be my choice for the raffle, or GP 2. The brooch donated by Jane Odiwe is so lovely for the other. As a positive, I already own most of the books and have enjoyed all the ones I have read…thanks to all of you.

  20. Made it just under the wire today!
    I’m happy just going into a general drawing for whatever comes up! Giving truly is its own reward (but I’ll still enjoy the ebooks, LOL…)
    Thank you very much, Abigail Reynolds, Maria Grace and all the AV authors coordinating this effort — a herculean effort, but the ultimate reward will be visiting to Chawton House knowing that we have contributed to its maintenance and its future!

  21. Same here, glad I remembered to check the site! Thanks to all the AV authors for organizing this effort! I’d love to be entered for grand prize #2 if it’s not too late.

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