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  1. Love the fundraiser. I own most of these but still purchased three books. Thanks so much and best wishes for Hurricane Harvey relief! Jen Red

  2. My dear authors,
    Thank you for setting this up for such a noble cause. As a Houstonian, I appreciate your assistance for providing support for the rescue and charity groups. Abigail, I own all your books but the selection is fantastic and I will be buying 3 books as well.
    God bless you all.

  3. Abigail I would love to donate $100 and claim your cameo. If I donate through americares with your link will I not have to send a receipt? did I read that right?

  4. I will take Amy’s cameo if it’s still open. (I was going to try to be in every one of Abigail’s books, but found this too late. Haha! I could have been Elizabeth’s best friend, since she’s seen me so much in Abigail’s stories) LOL! I will make a donation anyway, because I understand the devastation these storms bring.

      • Well, I’m certainly near her enough…haha! I am hoping she will throw me in the way of Darcy’s rich friends…oops, I forgot I’m already married! Haha! Well, thanks to all of the authors for doing this, and I’m so happy to have more reading material!

  5. What creative ideas for a good cause! One of my dearest friends lives in Houston and, thank God, I was finally able to reach her late this afternoon. I will shift some $$ around to buy some books and truly regret that I don’t have enough to be a “big giver”.

  6. Such an honorable cause. Thanks to all the authors participating. Our son just recently moved from Houston, and we will not miss all the times I was biting my nails over his safety. Now, we’ve been worried about all his friends we’ve come to know and love down there in the greater Houston area. I’ve been thinking again about Jack Caldwell’s trilogy set in New Orleans. Thank you authors. I’m off to purchase the books I don’t already have.

  7. Many thanks to these fabulous authors for this generous offer. I already own many of the books, but was able to pickup one I didn’t. I am so happy to know I can contribute in a small way. Thanks again and our prayers go out to those caught in the path of this storm.

  8. Oh yay!! What a giving heart ya’ll have! I was able to purchase four books that I didn’t already have (I have all the rest!). I will treasure these books and the big hearted folks who penned them!

  9. This is such an amazing idea, is it available internationally? Do I just purchase the books through my regular kindle amazon app in Australia, or do I need to click on the book on this page? So generous of you all. x

  10. I would love to take the cameo in Shannon Window’s book. This is a great way to raise funds like you folks did for Chawton House a while back.

  11. Thank you, Austen Variations, for allowing me to jump in and participate in this worthy cause. I have many friends in the hurricane area. I hope other authors do the same.

    I would love a cameo appearance in Kara’s, Shannon’s, and Leslie’s upcoming stories. How do I choose just one? Oh, my! I’ll use my highly scientific method – eenie, meenie, miney, mo. It’s Kara Louise’s story for me. However, in the pattern of Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables who longed to be called Cordelia, I much prefer Jocelyn to Joy. I also want to look and dance like Heath Ledger’s love interest in A Knight’s Tale, sing like Celine Dion, and have a Regency closet filled with garments like Elizabeth Bennet after she married Darcy. I do hope this is not too much to ask from this gray-haired grandmother. Oh, maybe that’s a better plan. I could look like Helen Miran and be as wise as a woman who has already experience many years of life. Yes, I do believe I prefer this sort of character. Whatever you decide. I’m game.

    • Thanks so much, Joy! Jocelyn it is! (Do you know that Jocelyn was one of the names I had picked out if I ever had a girl – which I didn’t). Do you want your last name? Now we have to figure out which character I can name after you. I’ll let you choose. In my current WIP, I have a manservant and his wife (if you would like to also choose the husband’s name), and while she may not sing like Celine Dion, I do have her humming.  Not sure she fits the other criteria. 🙂 The other book I am working on has a long time acquaintance of Darcy’s and her parents. You could be that long time acquaintance, or, as with the other, I can name her mother after you, and you can decide if you want a specific name for her husband, if you want. You let me know! Now you have more decisions to make. 🙂 Thanks!!!

      • Oh, these both sound really, really good. I’d love any character, including a manservant and his wife. Please feel free to use my last name (King) or maiden name (Malone). My husband is John. However, if you would like, his grandparents hailed from England. They were Thomas and Mae King. Wouldn’t that be a lovely name for a couple? The choice is totally yours. I’ll be happy with whatever you decide.


  12. I would like to claim a cameo from LL Diamond, Monica or Caitlin. I used the crowdrise page to donate just a few minutes ago! now… off to buy some books!

  13. And this is why we love you all! There is one book I don’t have, so I will go ahead and purchase! Our thoughts and prayers are with all those dealing with this disaster. Take care.

  14. Great thing you all are doing! I have purchased a couple books I didn’t have on my Kindle yet. I truly wish I could spend more but I can’t… Fun to see though!

  15. The cameo is such a lovely idea. I’ve been donating to other causes (like the pet/animal rescue groups) so can’t afford to do one of those, but I did buy a book! Thank you to the authors and readers for their generosity. I hope everyone in Texas stays safe! I have been sharing this blog post on social media as well.

  16. Great idea! And along the way you helped me to decide which books I will read on my holidays in Greece. I already own more than half of the list above but now it’s time to get the rest of them 🙂

    Greetings from Germany – Eranna

  17. So glad you set this up to help the victims of Harvey (a real villian). I was able to donate and also buy a book I did not have – woohoo!

    I was in Dallas and preparing to go into Houston on the 25th to visit relatives .. needless to say that part of my trip was cancelled .. relatives are wet but unharmed, thankfully

  18. How very generous of you to set up this program, and how generous of all the authors involved. I have already donated to a pet-rescue group, but will be sure to purchase at least one JAFF book.

    • Hi Michelle,

      Thank you for taking my cameo offer to support the folks suffering from Harvey. I am in the midst of a new work (The Darcy’s Meet Frankenstein) and I will insert “you” into the 1816 portion when Lizzy interacts with Mary Godwin.

      But…i would like you to tell me about yourself…something that will help me create a character of some dimension (more than Alfred Hitchcock walking through the back of the shot while carrying a string bass!). Reach out off this site through me on Facebook using messenger. I will then send you my email…

      Unless you want to post the background here (??).

      • Perhaps about 11 or 12 yrs ago I got a little disgusted with myself for never having read Jane Austen. I know…which rock did I crawl from under? But I hadn’t so, after seeing and loving and watching again and again the recently produced movie versions I’d had enough of my own laziness and made it one of my New Year’s resolutions. Started with one of books I’d never seen a movie of (mistake) Northanger Abbey. Oh my gosh. After years away from classics readings in college and many years of minimalist literature, short stories (due to raising a small gifted very demanding child who was advancing through grade levels of reading beyond his years, and had his own reading needs) I grabbed what I loved and could read relatively quickly. Namely yearly anthologies of short story honors winners that helped me find authors I liked. Back to Austen. After getting used to her language, (I’m not dumb, I just wasn’t used to it anymore) I needed more, MORE. Before the success of Kindle, and my owning one, the local library had a couple of Carrie Bebris’s works. I was really hooked and couldn’t wait for more.

        Anyway around the same time frame I had come to the end of my rope regarding most all of the reading I had then been reading. Sad, depressing books…yes, historically valuable, but you can’t change history. Still love history. But prefer to view it from further away than WWI & WWII.

        Ten years ago we were in a motor vehicle accident and I had a long time recovery. Knowing my love of Austen, my husband (who thank God did not sustain more than very minor scuffs and bruises) started getting me JA books, an annotated P&P, her letters, a history of her times and later another couple of annotated JA works. That’s part of me. The part that relates to Austen.

        • OK…and…other hobbies, fascinations? Favorite foods? Places to visit? Pets? unusual quicks?

          Complete this sentence: “My friends would be surprised to know that I _________”

          • This answer is long on coming, I realize. Between life and um…life, it’s been a smidge overwhelming here. :/ So…hobbies? Besides reading???! Needlework and gardening. Fascinations? History, the natural sciences. Favorite foods? I’ll try almost anything once. Places to visit? The UK. Pets? Cats, it’s always been cats. Quicks? I’m thinking you meant quirks. Hmmmm. That’s probably a question for someone who knows me.
            And lastly: Surprising my friends. Countless times I’ll be talking to a long time friend or family member thinking I’m conveying something really really important about myself and they come back saying “Really? This just in?” Happens all the time. Apparently an open book. Kind of disturbing.

            • But feel free to just my cameo whoever and whatever comes out of that fascinating storyteller’s mind of yours. Gads, saying that I hope I don’t end up being another Lady Catherine or Caroline Bingley. Eewww. Ha.

            • Actually, you first appear as the barge captain’s wife. Later you will be Lizzy’s lady’s maid. Probably repeating myself. But, thankfully, Lady C has been disposed of (see THE KEEPER). Miss Bingley is leaving for America shortly to return in 1836 as Mrs. Johnson, mother to Thomas. That will be detailed in a side novel “The Education of Caroline Bingley.”

            • Hi…
              Think I am going to have you in twice. Right now, you have appeared as a barge captain’s wife on the Canal de Briare. Probably will have you as Lizzy’s lady’s maid, too, since you seem to have an aptitude for needlework.

  19. It has been lovely for we JAFF readers to do a little something to help the hurricane relief needed right now. It was a bit tough to decide whether to donate to something immediate or an organization who I believe will be there for the years to come, because this will strain our resources for years to come. I’m wishing this platform may be repeated some time in the future, for continued support. Obviously Abigail Reynolds, you have devoted a deal of time and effort coordinating this and you have my thanks for that. So asking for more now is awfully presumptuous. But thank you for all you’ve done.

    • Yes, the people of Texas and Louisiana are going to need help for a long time. Based on past experience, Habitat for Humanity will be a big help in the rebuilding phase, which is why we listed it as one of the charity choices. We’ll have to see what we can do in the future. This is our third fundraiser – we did one for Superstorm Sandy and one for the Jane Austen’s House Museum, so I hope we’ll be able to do another one later on. I think we probably all feel helpless looking at the pictures coming out of Texas, and hopefully this fundraiser has helped us feel like we could do a little something to help.

      • I would say that whatever charity you choose…check it out on Charity Navigator. For instance, I looked at United Way Houston…4 Stars/over 91/100. Same for United Way Brazos County. They are local and will have the “shortest” route to move the money to where it is needed most. Hatlo’s Tip ‘o the Hat to AR. Super work keeping us in the loop.

  20. This was a wonderful idea. Thank you . Although I own many of the books, I did purchase some which I had read on Kindle Unlimited and would so enjoy reading again. I wanted to say that I appreciate authors who have their books on Kindle Unlimited as it allows me to read more of the JAFF novels. I view it as my Lending Library that was available as a subscription during the Regency Period. I think that Jane Austen would approve. I assure you that I go to the 100% so the author receives all the money that is due. Again, thank you for this wonderful gift you have given to Harvey relief.

  21. Just picked up four books I didn’t have and two causes will benefit. As well as contributing to your amazing fundraising campaign, as a UK resident I’m registered with the charity portal easyfundraising. A small percentage of everything I buy from Amazon goes to my chosen cause which is Jane Austen’s House Museum in Chawton. It’s a win-win situation.

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