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  1. Marilyn, I can’t buy any more books just now as I have too many unread ones on my kindle and I am re-reading paperbacks to post reviews but the two books mentioned in this old post are going to be on my “wish list”. I have enjoyed the 2 I read and the WIP on line. Don’t know if you’ll read this since it is a very old blog but wanted to, again, say, how your writing appeals to me.

    • Sheila,
      May I just say again how much I appreciate you?! Thank you so much for the compliment of reading my stories and wanting to read more! (A word about According to Jane — that is one of my steamiest books, so be forewarned!) And, btw, I always reply to comments whenever I see them. Even if I can’t get to them the day a blog essay is posted, I check back whenever possible to respond to readers who are kind enough to leave me messages 🙂 . So, thanks for sharing your thoughts, both here and on Amazon!

      • I do not mind sex scenes but it depends on how they are handled and the context. I discovered Abigail long ago and have all her books and she is not shy about adding such scenes. And back in the 70’s before this JAFF genre came to my attention I was reading historical romances which had sex in all of them. (My favorite: Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, née Kathleen Erin Hogg (June 3, 1939 – July 6, 2007), was a U.S. writer, pioneered the historical romance genre with the 1972 publication of her novel The Flame and the Flower.) I have Linda Berdoll’s JAFF books. Have not reviewed them online but they are X rated and maybe even XXX. I laughed at certain descriptions and even read one aloud to my adult daughter. And then there is Mr. Collins’ cucumber in The Scenes that JA Never Wrote. I LOL’ed and had tears in my eyes. So you will not put me off with that warning. The 2 books and WIP have proven to me that you will give me some interesting reading. BTW: I am from the generation which had bra burning, draft card burning, civil rights protests, etc. Make Love, Not War…so I have been around and it is hard to embarrass me but I do know my tastes. Enough said.

        • LOLOL, Sheila!!
          Well, I’m very glad to know this! Thank you!! And I’m thrilled that you found the other books/WIP to be interesting reading — *hugs!* As for Kathleen Woodiwiss, I have several of her novels, including The Flame and the Flower! She left a tremendous mark on the world of romance… 🙂

  2. Thank you for reposting this and thank you for that story. I must say my husband is the person who 3 years ago read Pride and Prejudice and asked me if I had ever read it. I told him I hadn’t and he said I should so I did and became hooked. So, I have to thank him for introducing me…an odd turn of events…at that point we had been married 23 years. I also love family history and have been researching our the family trees. On his mother’s side and believe this, or not, he is decended from the Darcys who came to England with William the Conquerer or I shouyld say the D’Arcys. So, I guess you could say I really do have my own Mr. Darcy.

    • Oh, Deborah, I *love* these stories about your husband!!! WOW! Not only are you married to a real D’Arcy/Darcy, but the fact that he was the one who introduced you to Austen’s work is worthy of a full romantic swoon 😀 . How cool is that?!! Thank you for sharing this with me! <3

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