Chapter Thirteen – Fitzwilliam’s Folly — 16 Comments

  1. Well! I’m not exactly sure what’s happened now! I was convinced that Elizabeth would have gone back this time but it looks like it might be Ellie again 😱. I hope she read enough about Lydia to be able to help Darcy to find them before she was totally compromised! And she was holding Tom’s hand so will she be holding Darcy’s when she lands or wakes or whatever? 😉.
    Oooh this started out exciting and is just getting better and better. I really hope the news Darcy received about Wickham was before the ‘elopement’ and that he somehow gets to Wickham in time to ‘wipe the smug grin off his face’ (or maybe Sends an express to the Colonel and he deals with Wickham before he meets Lydia leaving her untouched!)
    I would like to know how many chapters are left but I suppose that as you are writing as you go along that you don’t know either? I can only hope that Elizabeth will finally get back to Darcy’s time and we get to know something of their happy marriage. Also I’m hoping that Ellie and Tom get together and we get some insight into their happy life together! SO! I’m sorry to say that you may still be writing this next year Leslie 😱 but rest assured that I will still be reading it 📕💖💗😍😘

    • LOL! There are still about 12 plot points of sorts in the story arc, so possibly 12 more chapters? Kind of depends on how they end up going, whether I skip ahead a little on some points, etc. I realized I did that on Lydia’s history a bit, but that was workable so I let it go. I wrote Chapter 15 this past weekend and I can assure you, there’s definitely a bit more to the story! Glad you’re loving it so much! Thanks, Glynis!

  2. Oh my, so probably Ellie went back to 1813 and Elizabeth is still trapped in the future! I want ODC to meet, Leslie! Maybe Ellie will persuade Fitzwilliam Darcy to go to the future to help Elizabeth come back? Or am I going crazy? lol. Looking forward to more!

    • I’m so glad you like it! Lord Byron and Lady Caroline Lamb had a messed up relationship, though! I was looking for a bit from one of his poems or something and found the quote from that letter. Definitely when things were good between them! LOL! Thanks, Caitlin!

  3. OMG! Leslie how can you leave us here? Right when it gets interesting?! And seriously left us hanging with the nearly kiss! That was plain evil! 😱😱😱😱😱 But oh this just gets better and better! 👍🏻👏🏻🍀😍 I think I missed my email about this chapter today…
    now someone is going back to 1813 and hopefully to beat that smug smile off from that ass****’s face before he ruins Lydia! Stupid foolish girl! And I’m dying to see more of Tom and Ellie hopefully when they have somehow managed to save Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth’s HEA and then work on their own! 😍 Loved how teasing and sweet Tom was with Ellie, it is a good indicator of what their relationship will be once they actually get a relationship started 👍🏻👏🏻 Can’t wait for next week Leslie!

    • We’ll have to see when things begin to go Ellie and Elizabeth’s way. You just never know when that might happen. Tom has always been a bit teasing, so I couldn’t resist having him get a little flirty with Ellie. She needs someone to be that way with her. I’m sure Greg wasn’t! Thanks, Sophia!

  4. Oh, my!! Yes, at least Ellie was saved from a header into the mud! But I do wonder what has been happening in 1813 while Ellie and Elizabeth have both been in 2017.

    Such an intriguing story! I truly have no idea as to what’s coming up next…which I find so exciting! (I can only hope that Ellie runs into Wickham in 1813 and gives him a kick to his privates that may prevent his fathering children…or any more natural children, knowing him! 😉 )

    Thanks for writing and sharing this amazing story with us, Leslie! You are a gem!!

    Susanne 🙂

    • LOL! I’ll see what I can do about the kick. I’m so glad I’m keeping you in suspense. I’ll just have to keep the surprises coming. No pressure there 😉 Thanks, Susanne!

  5. OMG! You left us falling down this huge precipice. When we get to the bottom will Fitzwilliam Darcy be there catching Ellie or Elizabeth? If Ellie meets Wickham, I hope she uses her 2017 “charms” to de-charm him by rearranging his manly parts so that they no longer function. Loving this story. I hope ODC get to see each other soon.

  6. That inscription is lovely but, of course, reminds us of the circumstances as to that “romance”. So much is touched on here: wondering how stopping the elopement of Wickham and Lydia is going to affect the future. And, as said, wondering if holding his hand makes a difference to who goes back in time. I can’t imagine Tom going back and meeting his ancestor – what a mix-up that would be. Would Darcy from the past be able to accept the concept of time travel and if Elizabeth comes back to her own time and remembers it all how he will react to her tale. Tom and Ellie are cute together…even with morning breath. Thanks for this chapter.

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