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  1. OMG!! Wow!! That was absolutely beautiful. Swoon… where is my fan? I’m going to be useless for the remainder of the evening. Dang… that was amazing. I love it when Darcy says something that leaves Elizabeth speechless. Heck… I’m speechless. Thanks for this excerpt. Whew!!

  2. Wow Jack that was beautiful! I never knew Darcy could flirt that well! But boy did he make me fall yet again for him! I hope to see THE COURTSHIP OF ELIZABETH BENNET at some point on the market! That was too good not to finish! Please let your muse out to play with this idea some more!
    It takes a man of great feeling to write such beautiful stories! Well done!

    • As someone said below, this statement wasn’t flirting. It’s not even a marriage proposal. It was a declaration of the truth as Darcy sees it. As far as he’s concerned, this is a fact.

  3. In my humble opinion you should immediately drop all other stories and finish this one!!!
    I love stories where Darcy and Elizabeth get together early and this speech was……….. well it left me speechless as well as Elizabeth.
    I’m begging your muse to forget all other stories 🙏

  4. My goodness!!! Just as well that I’m sitting down while reading this or otherwise I’d find myself in a faint!! Oh,what beautiful,heartfelt,totally disarming but truthful words to have uttered to Elizabeth!!! Be still my beating heart!! Yes,Jack,you have got to finish this story…..clear everything else from your mind and treat ys,your loyal readers,to this story. ☺️🎈

  5. Wow. What a lovely pre-Valentine treat! Flirting? Bah! This is a great declaration! I long to see what could throw a spoke into the wheels of such intense and open courtship! I wish we could command your muse to focus on this story until it’s all fleshed out.

      • Well, to do something stupid after *this* woudl be really killing the character. So it has to be something stupid by Elizabeth? Mischief by Wickham? In canon D&E both make mistakes based on their own character and can share the blame as well as the character improvement. I wonder if this can happen in your universe… In any case, Rosings Park ought to come first! We’ve been waiting for a very long time for it… (not to be nagging, that is, just a little push)

  6. Love this story, but I’m still waiting for those other books you promised Jack. This one is lovely but it can wait. However if this one takes precedence, I won’t miind at all. Is that confusing enough?

  7. Jack I agree with the other ladies, you MUST finish this one first. You have left us all with our mouths open and speechless. Please give your Muse a push in this direction and finish this story. Enjoy the up coming Holidays.

  8. Ditto head here!!! Jack, that was as good as “the letter” in Persuasion. Heart wrenching, gut griping, tear inducing! Thank you for a lovely start to my day. I look forward to reading more.

  9. It takes a real man to finish this up and get it to the quivering masses, Jack Caldwell! Darcy is HOT HOT HOT I must say, not his usual silent, broody self. Get to work or ten lashes with a wet noodle will be coming your way.

  10. You are such a tease!!! You just can’t leave us hanging wondering if you will write this into a full blown story!!! Who would want those words, spoken by Darcy, to just linger out there and not know what happens next? Oh the ‘Muse’ is with you 150%. I am looking forward to whatever book is next…another book in the Three Colonel’s saga??? Rosings???

  11. I sincerely hope that this amazing scene will have a book around it at some point, a book that we can all enjoy. I understand other projects having precedence, but I do hope that you can work on this one from time to time. Darcy’s declaration is perhaps the most romantic statement of enduring love I have read in all of Austen (including variations, sequels, etc.) You just out-Austened Austen!

    I hope to read the entire work in the future. This scene is absolute **magic**!! And for a man who has a difficult time baring his soul, he does so here beautifully, eloquently, and with complete honesty.

    WOW. I was utterly gobsmacked by this scene.

    Thank you for sharing it with us, Mr. Caldwell!

    Susanne 🙂

  12. One can only hope that the Muse is extra busy inspiring you! I’m 75 and would hate to imagine leaving this life without having read the complete novel. Pity an old man!

  13. Quick – where are my smelling salts? And someone find my fan, immediately!

    Jack, as I wouldn’t want you to suffer harm, or worse, from your Beta Babes (after all, then we’d never find out what happens in the above, would we?), I will take a leaf out of Lady C’s book and graciously allow you the latitude to complete Rosings Park first. But then, your muse must allow you to satisfy the curiosity and pleas of us all. We NEED to read this book!

  14. I want more! Oh my, I sound as petulant as Lydia…
    Will have to content myself with the upcoming Rosings book, I am eagerly awaiting the release.

    Resently read the Crescent City trilogy and I absolutely loved it! Right up there with Pemberley Ranch.

    Thank you for writing all these fabulous book.

  15. Love your excerpt, Jack, and, yes, I want more of this one. This is totally swoon-worthy. So, it takes a real man…? And, yes, I agree that you and a couple of others do quite well with historical romance. 🙂

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