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    • I’m thrilled that you enjoyed Pulse & Prejudice! If you have an eReader, be sure to get your Halloween reading while this dark, bloody, and sexy sequel is on sale. Good luck!

    • If you have a Kindle, this is a great time to get both of them – 2 books for under 6 bucks! 🙂
      Best of luck in the giveaway!

    • Thank you, Sheila! And thank you for your lovely review! (Any chance you could figure out how to post it on Amazon??? <3 )

      • Amazon and I have had a long argument about that. It seems on son-in-law used my computer (which he has never done before) to print something out from Amazon and didn’t close his account. So when I opened Amazon it went to his account (which I didn’t even think to check on) and I posted the review under his name. When I realized my review was posted under someone else’s name and had him erase it Amazon refused to post my review saying I copied from another account and even questioning my relationship with the author. I don’t know what else to do.

        • Well, we do have an “intimate” relationship. 😉 LOL! I appreciate your trying! Just tell your friends how awesome the books are – word of mouth is worth 20 reviews! xoxoxo

          • I am waiting for a call back…again. But ways to get around the system have been mulling around in my mind…like posting under the e-mail address I use on my cell phone or having my daughter post the review under her name but at the end put in a disclaimer stating that she is posting for me but wondering if Amazon read that would they pull “her” review?

            • Sheila, I really appreciate your efforts – I know how frustrating Amazon can be! – but please don’t go to the trouble. As I said, as you loved it, just recommend it to your friends!

    • Thank you, Linda! I hope you’ll give them a try – if you can handle the, um, “sax and violins” in Dearest Bloodiest Elizabeth!

  1. Oooo, great excerpts! I loved the first book, and I recently purchased the second one. It’s on my tbr pile as we speak. 🙂

    Thanks for a chance to win a hardbound copy!

    • Thanks, Kristine! I couldn’t resist. I’ve never read or seen any of the Twilights (mainly because, after raising three daughters, I have no interest in angst-ridden teenagers!) but my daughter told me how the vampires glittered.
      I’m surprised that no one has asked why I made the dwarf dhampir Lutheran! It’s because when I first started this project, I was reading this book about Martin Luther, and it had all these crazy-awesome quotes of his! So I had the dwarf use them when speaking to both Darcy and Elizabeth. My interpretation of an erudite Elizabeth has her familiar with Martin Luther, so she uses his words against the dwarf. Believe it or not, THIS IS a quote from Martin Luther: “He is the white devil…a glittering Satan.” Just too irresistible!

  2. Colette, I have “Dearest, Bloodiest Elizabeth” and am really looking forward to enjoying it. I have read “Pulse & Prejudice” but I must have borrowed it, because I do not have it. Unfortunately for me, I want to read it again, before starting DBE, so I’d be very happy to win a copy of that, in your giveaway here.

    • Best of luck in the Giveaway, Ginna! If you have a Kindle, Amazon has Pulse and Prejudice for only $2.99, so now’s the time to grab it!

  3. Hi Colette! Great to see this next volume is out! The excerpt looks really interesting, as well as eerie and sinister!

    Clearly it’s time re-read Pulse and Prejudice. I could never bring myself to read the Twilight series, and was not in to vampire novels but I really enjoyed yours. Looking forward to Dearest, Bloodiest Elizabeth!

    • Thanks so much, Kathy!
      As I mentioned in a comment above, I never read or saw any of the Twilights but because I have no interest in angst-ridden teenagers after living with 3 of my own!

  4. I’m still a bit unsure about vampires. I can cope with werewolves, no problem, but I just have a problem with the “undead” thing – same goes for zombies. However, as I thoroughly enjoyed the film version of P&P&Z, maybe I should rethink the vampire thing too. The two excerpts are certainly enough to whet my appetite.

    • Thanks, Anji! Give Pulse and Prejudice a try. Because Mr. Darcy hates what he considers his “curse” – and the adaptation is primarily from his tortured point of view, there really aren’t any “undead” moments. He IS a gentleman vampire, after all! 🙂

    • Thanks, Nancey! My mother-in-law’s book club read Pulse and Prejudice (at the suggestion of one of her friends, who is also one of my beta readers). The great thing was that, since it is not truly JAFF but a standalone adaptation, no one needed to be familiar with Miss Austen’s classic to enjoy it. I do think my MIL was somewhat embarrassed by the more sensual scenes in the section entitled “Beyond Pride and Prejudice,” which veers from canon just to give us a taste of the passion, lust, and desire that simmers just under the surface in the original, but maybe if her daughter-in-law hadn’t been the author…

      Now Dearest Bloodiest Elizabeth is not bound by canon (although the characters remain true to themselves, and it is written in Austenian language) so it is filled with sensual scenes of passion and lust, plus more violence. You may want to read Book 2 yourself before recommending it to your club!

  5. OOO! Looks like fun! I am wondering what you mean by ‘coming into his own as a vampire’. Guess I’ll have to read the book, huh?!

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