Fantastical Austen: The Devil and Mr Darcy — 33 Comments

    • I’m sure Darcy, as clever and intrepid as he is, will find a way to outsmart the devil. Perhaps we need a sequel, to find out…

      Thank you for the comment, Joanne! Happy almost Halloween.

      Katie x

  1. Oh please let Darcy resolve this somehow as I know he will want to spend all eternity with his Elizabeth. I’m sure there must be some way round it? Let me know if you think of one Katie.

    • Thank you, Nancy! I’m scribbling out an idea for a sequel right now. Darcy will have his day. I’ll try to post a follow up by Halloween… xx

  2. A thought just occurred to me. Could the Devil be a spirit form of Wickham in disguise, out to wreak his revenge on Darcy in diabolical form?

    Love the story Katie but you simply can’t leave it at this point!

    • Ooh, that’s an intruiging idea, Anji! And yes, you’re right – I think I need to (1) continue the story and (2) give poor Mr Darcy a break. Stay tuned…

      Katie x

  3. Hopefully you will write a sequel getting Darcy out of this predicament. He surely doesn’t belong to HELL! Colin Firth as Darcy sends too many female sighs to HEAVEN!

    • Ah, Darcy! And yes, Colin Firth will always be Mr Darcy. 😍 I started a follow up to the story and I hope to post it by Sunday. I can’t leave Darcy in such a terrible fix!

      Thank you for commenting, Carol. x

    • Your wish is my command…thank you, Kathy. I’m so glad everyone enjoyed my story. Even if they didn’t love the ending. Lol x

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