Fantastical Austen: Pemberley: Mr. Darcy’s Dragon Ch 2 — 32 Comments

  1. I really love this delightful story. It adds a fascinating element to a much loved story. In my younger days, I loved anything to do with ghosts, vampires, haunted houses, witches, etc. I never really paid any attention to dragons because by the time anyone was talking about them, my children were in middle school, and they weren’t overly interested. If there had been something like this around, they might have changed their minds. I know my daughter and I would have! I love it that the characters are essentially the same, but with an extra layer, and dragons. This is one of those that I want to never end. I love the way Lizzy handles the dragons. Since she has always handled Lady Catherine, Miss Bingley, and Darcy so well, I should have known that dragons wouldn’t make her bat an eyelash. Yesterday I told myself that I couldn’t buy an more Kindle books this month. Today I told myself that when there is a new Maria Grace book, you forget yesterday and buy the book! If anyone is looking for me later todayI will be reading this book. I think we already know who stole the dragon’s egg, so it will be interesting to see how Lizzy deals with him, and if she figures him out sooner. This one is such a delight. I read nothing but fairy tales until I was eight or nine, so my inner child thanks you. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Mari! I’m sorry to disappoint that it is only a preorder. But, on the other hand, it is a definite promise about when the book will be out, and I’ll continue posting MOnday chapters until then. 🙂

  2. I didn’t read that closely enough. Pre-order, sigh. I guess I won’t be reading today! But if you want to know what I will be up to on Halloween…

  3. One of my all time favorite series is Anne McCaffrey’s “Dragonriders of Pern”. I have everything in that series that has been written by either her or her son.
    This story has captured me in the same way the McCaffrey’s books have. I hope you plan on many books in a series. And I also hope they are not just for Kindle. Would love to have them grace my bookshelves. They will have a special place right beside my Pern books.
    Thanks for this new story!

    • Thanks so much Sandy. Right now I have a minimum of three books planned–it will take that long to get through the entirety of Pride and Prejudice. After that I’ve kicked around ideas for a couple of more, so it could grow to 6 or more. Frankly, Persuasion is screaming for dragons…

  4. LOVE!!!! I love dragons. I think as a young girl, I wanted to be one or own one. I was fascinated by Asian dragons (I am Korean). Their colors, their lore. sigh….

    • They are absolutely fascinating, aren’t they. It’s amazing to me to see how they occur in mythology world wide, but with so much variations and differences in character. I love them too!

  5. I almost didn’t read this as I have zero background in dragons. However, I gave it a chance and must say it is a lot of fun. I doubt that fluency in dragon lore is common to many Regency writers so I give this “two thumbs up” and will be watching for more!

  6. Yay! You have no idea how much I needed something fun! This totally made my day!!! And makes a great early birthday gift to myself as mine is later this week! Can’t wait to read this story!!!!!

  7. I want more!!!! This is looking like a deliciously good read. Trying to imagine how Elizabeth gets out of marrying Collins as we know he can’t hear dragons. Mary is finally having a significant role in a story, and not just in a sequel. Thanks for this chapter.

  8. I’m enjoying this immensely. It reminds of my favorite mystical fan-fiction story I read years ago, Disenchanted. I hope, like that story, Elizabeth and Darcy will work together sooner rather than later. Lots of possibilities here. Thanks for sharing, Maria.

  9. I’m loving this story! I wonder if you will have a glossary of all the dragon-lingo and a cast of dragon characters?
    There is a tiny typo near the end of the chapter: “f course Mama would direct her favorites to him.”
    Best of luck with your story!

    • I’m thinking about doing that. I’m also including entries from Elizabeth’s commonplace book on my website that will talk about more dragon details. Thanks, Carol!

  10. I can’t wait to read more!!! This story is absolutely amazing!! I am hooked, completely and utterly hooked! (Goodness, now I sound like Mrs. Bennet!)

    Thank you, Maria, for another lovely chapter!!

    Susanne 🙂

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